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  1. tery


    Billy Ray Cyrus on stage with his daughter Miley Cyrus.
  2. tery


    Miley's dad has a mullet.
  3. tery

    17K what do I get?!?!?!?

    Flowers and a song.
  4. tery

    Hello, 3 Strats from SoCal here...

    Welcome to Strat-Talk :)
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  6. tery


  7. tery

    Happy Birthday John Deacon

    Happy birthday to the Queen and your Dad.
  8. tery

    NAD: Marshall O20C

    Cool :cool:
  9. tery


    No one would notice it anyway.
  10. tery

    Prayers for my parents, Please?

    Prayers from Tennessee.
  11. tery

    Found some killer guitars in Venice

    Have a pizza for us.
  12. tery

    Turkey Dinner

    That turkey came for dinner.
  13. tery

    The sea was angry my friends .....

    Hang ten my friend.
  14. tery

    Simply a proud moment for the band

    Bad too the bone. :cool:
  15. tery

    Happy Birthday @Mouse \m/

    Happy Birthday Mouse!
  16. tery

    Baja "Blackguard" tip...?

    Cool :cool:
  17. tery

    NGD + Is this Ocean Turquoise?

    Pretty :thumb:
  18. tery

    Dinner at a good restaurant

    You might decide to stay there?
  19. tery

    Hello from Belgium

    Welcome to Strat-Talk :)
  20. tery

    Making my presence known ... beyond lurking that is.

    Hi Faith, its nice to see you here. :)
  21. tery

    NAD - Fender Champion 600

    I was just looking for one about an hour ago myself - Congratulations.
  22. tery

    Hello everyone

    The apple don't fall far from the tree.
  23. tery

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Strat-Talk :)
  24. tery

    Hello from Squamish

    Welcome to Strat-Talk :)