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  1. Bob the builder

    This does not help my GAS

    I used to get the catalog Never bought anything from em Always got a better deal somewhere else Now they don't send em no more 😕
  2. Bob the builder

    So what's on your workbench now.

    Ok Hadda drum roll please.... Ladies & gents the new old black label
  3. Bob the builder

    So what's on your workbench now.

    New ultra noiseless in the player series 1 hiccup Everything's working but the older white knobs look like chit against em and...I can't believe I'm saying this ... so don't black. 😕 What color matches ? . Next up... Player series lectronicals went into the black label. Everything's working...
  4. Bob the builder

    NJ addition

    Hey 👋
  5. Bob the builder

    Are Chord Books and other Guitar Books pointless?

    Anything that helps ya out can't be bad
  6. Bob the builder

    Guess that river

    Did a white water ride down part o that river in the 70's Cool times 😎
  7. Bob the builder

    So what's on your workbench now.

    polished up some of the scratches and got it shielded. Gonna drop in the p/g off my player series tomorrow
  8. Bob the builder

    Need looper lessons !

    Always click on the 1 count Always Play through it... as in don't stop playing on the one till ya get used to it
  9. Bob the builder

    Got CORONA

    Thanks to @grritz And talk about packed well A box... In a bubble wrap... In a bubble envelope.... In another bubble envelope.... Ya could a kicked a 55 yard field goal with this and it would survive 🙂 Thanks
  10. Bob the builder

    Anyone own or try the Katana Artist Mkll?

    Fear of my old man kickin' my azz got me through high school 😉
  11. Bob the builder

    What's the longest you've kept the stickers on your new guitar?

    The stickers absolutely stay on till I get home 🙂
  12. Bob the builder

    Would you make this trade?

    I like my katana but that'd still be a crazy thing to do don't
  13. Bob the builder

    At The Dark End Of The Street

    Can't say I know the song but it sure sounded nice
  14. Bob the builder

    Summer's gone...

    Yup Had to put a hoodie on a few mornings this week
  15. Bob the builder

    Sup G?

    Sorry to hear that
  16. Bob the builder

    NGD! WOOO! 1st T-style!

  17. Bob the builder

    Sup G?

    @Guitarmageddon How you doin' ?
  18. Bob the builder

    No Fender Strat

    does Squier count?
  19. Bob the builder

    A tree fell on my Mustang GT about an hour ago

    Look at the good side At least the car was under it and not you 😉
  20. Bob the builder

    BOSS Katana 50

    Hook your computer up to it You'll be amazed at what you can do
  21. Bob the builder

    table saw question

    Ok 1st off redwood that's sized at 2 x 4 is nowhere near the same thing as a 2x4 for framing. So I was confused by the original question. Answer is still the same though Get 1x4 You may have to order 4/4 and find a local mill
  22. Bob the builder

    Black logo Stratocaster

    @Believer7713 is probably right Mine's a 96 and this is the original PG
  23. Bob the builder

    I had to end the big lie

    Chit you're getting old I'd go back to lying 😉
  24. Bob the builder

    table saw question

    I guess my 1st question just gotta be Why not buy 1x4 ?
  25. Bob the builder

    Black logo Stratocaster

    Traditional series Got 1 My oldest Going through a few changes right now Gonna polish it up + shield it this weekend. Got new p/u's do in for my player series so the old p/s pickguard going on this. Definitely the guitar that started this electric addiction but it's also the one that...