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  1. J-Mart

    $tring bla$phemy?

    Regular $6 EB's for me too. I like to change them every month or so. Lately I've been able to feel and hear the difference between new and used strings.
  2. J-Mart

    This does not help my GAS

    Mine arrived yesterday. So much sweet gear
  3. J-Mart

    Anyone own or try the Katana Artist Mkll?

    My son has one and for low to moderate levels it flat out sounds awesome! Mic it up and you will be surprised. No BS. I'm thinking about getting one for myself.
  4. J-Mart

    I'm interested in this

    I'm interested in this
  5. J-Mart

    Feels Like A NGD!

    Great shielding work. Really clean. Hngd feeling.
  6. J-Mart

    A tree fell on my Mustang GT about an hour ago

    Freakin Bummer
  7. J-Mart

    I quit because it’s too loud….got me thinking…

    So we had a band meeting discussing this very topic... and I said... "hey, my buddies on this forum.. from all over the world... go through or have went through the same stuff."
  8. J-Mart

    Stratocaster Buzz

    lower neck pickup flush to the pickguard, see if that helps any.
  9. J-Mart

    I’ll just lay this grenade here…

    I like it, man. That album is pretty badass.
  10. J-Mart


    Happy new, new day brother! Let us know how your show goes!
  11. J-Mart

    Happy Birthday Ron!

  12. J-Mart

    Teaching My Son to Level, Recrown and Polish frets...

    Awesome looking guitar. Wish I had the guts to do some fret work.
  13. J-Mart

    Setups: by the numbers...or by what you hear and feel?

    Numbers first.. then adjust to hear and feel
  14. J-Mart

    New Build in the works.

    Damn, you are a savage! Nice build. Looking forward to the finished product.
  15. J-Mart

    Many threads about string gauge… what about pick gauge (ie thickness)…

    Cant go wrong with those mean greens.
  16. J-Mart

    For Sale (3) TAD EL34B-STR Brown Base Tubes (untested, unmatched?)

    My favortie kind of tubes for my DSL. I have another spare set. If not I'd be all over it.
  17. J-Mart

    Got ear wormed on the way to the store

    I actually really like that song. I've been listening to a lot of similar music on Sirius Xm's 1st Wave. Kinda burned out on all my old faves, and most new rock doesnt do it for me. 🤷‍♂️
  18. J-Mart

    What color pickguard goes good with red stratocaster?

    I dig mint green and parchment
  19. J-Mart

    What's better in a phaser pedal? More knobs or less?

    Thanks for the First, Thanks for the great review. I had long been wondering about those mosky pedals and if there were any drawbacks to them. Now, I figure that popping is it. Secondly, Im sorry that your pedal has that issue what a bummer.
  20. J-Mart

    If you had to keep only two pedals on your board...

    Damn, I hadn't thought about a tuner! You guys are good.:sneaky:
  21. J-Mart

    Pickups in different guitars

    +1 to what @3bolt79 says. It will be similar in what to expect it to sound like.....won't sound exactly alike.
  22. J-Mart

    If you had to keep only two pedals on your board...

    A good drive pedal and a delay.
  23. J-Mart

    20 year guitar hiatus: Budget guitar build

    I've done the same. Squiers have come a long way and are fine guitars for the money.
  24. J-Mart

    Miracles DO exist!

    I actually did just that the other day.