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  1. didger

    The best band gig you ever had was...

    'Tis lovely to hear everyone's stories! It's hard for me to pick one best out of lots of different contexts, but the first thing that comes to mind is playing Zeppelin tunes in a planetarium dome theater, in sync with 360-degree animation surrounding us. It was such a cool environment to play...
  2. didger

    Dark Side of Oz

    OK, so for legal reasons, we officilly no longer perform along with the entire Wizard of Oz. Now we perform with a video collage celebrating the history of Pink Floyd and all things Wizard of Oz. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. :p
  3. didger

    Dark Side of Oz

    Yeah, she was a find! When we did the whole album as a quarantine project (including @amstratnut and his son in cameos), I was referred to a woman in another state who could do it. When I had to find someone locally, it was quite the challenge. I found one perfect candidate who was of course too...
  4. didger

    Dark Side of Oz

    Unfortunately it happened during Eclipse, the big Dark Side finale when my lead vocals were very important. But I ducked over to the laptop, tapped it, and went back to the mic. That's in fact why at the end of the promo video it shows the Wizard of Oz for the first few seconds of the last clip...
  5. didger

    Dark Side of Oz

    Ha, thanks for remembering! I really thought that potential. Oh well. I guess that was my last gasp at trying to "make it" and now I'm just the old dude playing covers. :P
  6. didger

    Dark Side of Oz

    Thanks! The production side is crazy. We're in sync with the entire movie. We gotta be right on the whole way, or else 'The End' won't come up right as I sing "high" in the line, "mother, did it need to be so high?" That's what it's all about. So it's in-ear monitors with click and cues for the...
  7. didger

    What’s your band’s name?

    I'm pretty proud of my geeky name for my main cover project, The Discographers. I'm also playing with a party/wedding/corporate band called Shuffle. It's a 6-piece, but we often end up playing in different configurations of 3, 4 or 5 of us, and come up with a new name every time. Options have...
  8. didger

    Dark Side of Oz

    Hey, thanks! Yeah, I've been soooo busy and don't have time for lollygagging around the internet, but wanted to share this here. I started teaching guitar a bunch and got recruited into a wedding/corporate/party band which also lead to some good solo gigs. I still ain't gettin' rich, but I'm...
  9. didger

    Dark Side of Oz

    A few weeks back, I finally got to put on a big show I've been working very hard on. The full 'Dark Side of the Moon' and another hour of Pink Floyd tunes in sync with 'The Wizard of Oz.' It was so fun! We didn't have great camera coverage as the person I had coming to do that of course got...
  10. didger

    Buying physical movies (and music)

    Oh hey, thanks for asking. I have megabusy Tuesday and Wednesday schedules and just saw this. Yeah, it's the first two releases at They're both Halloween-themed. 'Tis the season. If you don't know them, Howlin' Wolf Records does mostly indie horror...
  11. didger

    Buying physical movies (and music)

    A record label just released a set of CD's of horror film soundtracks I did in time for Halloween. I hope they know what they're doing! It feels weird to me to even try to promote them on social media.
  12. didger

    Can someone explain this to me? (Music rights)

    This has been pretty well-covered, but just to put it succinctly, there is no one correct answer for all cases. It's a negotiation depending on the personalities involved. fretWalkr's comment about just copyrighting lyrics and melody is kind of the old school way, and leads to some people...
  13. didger

    Annoying (but good) Amazon

    But if everyone thought that way, how would Jeff Bezos ever get to go to space?
  14. didger

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    My old band had a kind of spacey folk song with a green screen video of us floating around in space. I was pleasantly surprised to get a comment on YouTube from the Future Folk channel, of course saying simply, "Hondo!"
  15. didger

    How much do you use the caged system?

    Yeah, I just read this thread thinking, "most of these people just looked at an intro to CAGED and dismissed it," until getting to your post. At first it indeed seems like a rigid way just to learn chords all over the fretboard, but nope, it's really a smart way to learn the fretboard for ALL...
  16. didger

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    Have you seen his film 'Wrong?' SOOO weird and random. I was at the Sundance premiere. People were walking out while I was loving every minute. It was the funniest after film Q&A I ever saw. One guy kept trying to ask serious questions about the choices made in the film and the writer/director...
  17. didger

    Took a lesson yesterday.

    I had a similar experience recently. A local music instructional business advertised for a new guitar teacher. I looked at their social media, saw kids playing classic rock, and thought, "yeah, I got this no problem." Did a Zoom interview with the owner who said he wasn't a great guitarist. We...
  18. didger

    Does having locking tuners decrease the value of a guitar?

    I for one would pay a more for an identical guitar with lockers, but I couldn't guess what percentage of other buyers would. I would say though that you could probably make a little more by selling the lockers separately. You could probably get close to retail for a used set of lockers in good...
  19. didger

    Post me some punk stuff you like.

    The crowd so joyously singing along on this one seriously moves me. It's like church.
  20. didger

    What is Roger Waters’ problem?

    Man, those notes... definitely written by a friend of Roger's to please him. The name "Roger" appears 13 times. "David" shows up twice, "Nick" and "Richard" once each. It's all about his genius ideas and winning the rest of the guys over to them. And frankly, I don't know who Mark Blake is, but...
  21. didger

    All 3 LOTR flicks in a row

    If it wasn't the extended editions, it doesn't count. You gotta go back and do it again.
  22. didger

    Free pizza is the best

    Next Tuesday I have my first gig playing solo at a great local pizza place. I do get paid, but I also get a pizza as part of the deal, so I'm just gonna proudly say I'm playing for pizza.
  23. didger

    I have lost track!

    My brain went to Starbucks. I'll have a decaf Vintera grande, please.
  24. didger

    I have lost track!

    True. I'm glad I don't need any new ones.
  25. didger

    Why didn’t the LSR roller nut stick around?

    I've had an LSR on two Strat partscasters. I sold one of the necks, partly because of the LSR. I would let go of the other, too, except that it's got a rare black-painted headstock to match the rest of the guitar. It's OK and indeed there are never any tuning issues at the nut, but at least on...