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    Two Rock Amp Owners Club

    Why settle for mass produced when you can go custom for a few dollars mor
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    Trying to straighten neck by adjusting truss rod

    There is no way this guys not trolling. If you took an impact wrench to you neck, you deserve anything back that happens to you.
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    Pending NAD

    It's like a fender/ dumble cross
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    Pending NAD

    Equal parts too lazy and ignorant.
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    Pending NAD

    It's taken two years, but the wait is down to days. The Bludotone is finally inbound. Feast your eyes, and soon your ears.
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    If you have more than one amp...why?

    I've got Allasandro super reverb Mesa jp2c - two of them Fender twin custom 15 And! My bludotone will be here this month!
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    Anyone re-profiled a neck?

    Muscle failure.
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    Undo the format changes?

    Bender is great...
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    Undo the format changes?

    Ok I'll go start my own forum, with black jack and know what? Forget the forum.
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    Undo the format changes?

    I vote we undo this mess.
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    This new format.

    I hate it.
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    Anyone re-profiled a neck?

    Eating through poly is gonna take forever with just 100 grit.
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    Anyone re-profiled a neck?

    Shinto rasp, a spoke shave, sand paper and ur left hand are you really need.
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    Best Hendrix Song? (A Poll)

    Doovoo kid or something like that.
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    Tiger Strat, yea or nea?

    That looks bad and you should feel bad.
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    Custom leather handle for Mesa Express

    I'll one up you. Custom face plates for jp2c. More on the way.
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    Proper pricing?

    I've played several prs guitars with solid braz necks, you just need a stout pc of mahogany for Balance
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    Proper pricing?

    I've got a Brazilian rosewood set neck blank that I'm to scared to, and more importantly not skilled enough to attempt to use. Any thoughts in its value? It's dark chocolate brown, with excitement tap tone...I wish I had the guts to cut Into it. Neck would come our flat sawn.
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    Your thoughts on this 1976's black / maple neck strat please, thanks.

    Hate it. The headstock is big and stupid, three bolt is garbage, pickups are probably junk, and the saddles are pot metal. You fully deserve anything bad that happens to you.
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    Good TS+drive pedal

    Red dirt's exactly what you need. It's a TS circuit with way more gain.