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  1. T Bone Slort

    A tree fell on my Mustang GT about an hour ago

    As a Mustang owner I feel the pain! Hope you can have her repaired.
  2. T Bone Slort

    Hurricane Fiona - Don’t wear your best shoes!

    Not going to be your typical mauzy safe!
  3. T Bone Slort

    The history of the kilogram

    Well I for one was out of high school or any other school long before the Metric hit our fair shores. Having said that, I consider my self as partially bilingual, I can speak in Metric and Imperial...mostly.
  4. T Bone Slort

    how to know when your journey begins

    One word...Suspenders :whistling:
  5. T Bone Slort

    A pup is a dog

    And I'll take a Ford F 150 :)
  6. T Bone Slort


    No we are heading south from Calgary to jump on The Crow’s Nest No3 through the Kootenays ( the highway I tuned the Mustang’s suspension for😎) then on to the coast. Hope all is well with you, I’ll catch up to the rest of the thread.
  7. T Bone Slort


    Oh that is scary scary stuff man. We have been visiting our kids and grandkids in Ottawa for the last 3 weeks and are on our way back to BC now. Been keeping an eye on the fires along our route and yup… fires! Our other kids and grandkids are also in central BC, always a worry. Here’s hoping...
  8. T Bone Slort

    Back Again - in hospital with fluid around the heart

    We are all pulling for you Ryan. Never give up!
  9. T Bone Slort

    Because you know you want one.

    Does green plastic really have the best tone? Inquiring minds need to know.
  10. T Bone Slort

    New Strat

    Very nice...congrats!
  11. T Bone Slort

    One word song title transference

    Baker Street - Jerry Rafferty
  12. T Bone Slort

    Wife had covid and pneumonia

    Thanks man! We are pretty much over it now, in fact we are in the middle of a 12 or 14,000 KM road trip. My only problem is that I’m not used to the heat in Ontario anymore and will be glad to get back to the west coast.
  13. T Bone Slort

    Wife had covid and pneumonia

    Hope all goes well for you and your family. The lingering effects of covid can be nasty even when the symptoms are gone. My wife and I contracted covid, even after our shots and two boosters, mid July. Took me 9 or 10 days to get going again, the was wife out for more than 2 weeks. I lost my...
  14. T Bone Slort

    Grandpa’s WWII photos

    Visited the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa yesterday. The flyers in the Great War had to be nuts to fly those kites. Ground crews in both conflicts deserve a lot of credit for sure. My dad was in for a full 5 years RCNVR, served in the Atlantic & Pacific and had huge respect for the flyers...
  15. T Bone Slort


    Pure evil :whistling:
  16. T Bone Slort

    One word song title transference

    Ball and Chains - Etta James
  17. T Bone Slort

    What does your favourite guitar strap look like?

    Yet another Bo strap. This is an old shot, it's much darker now, I love it!
  18. T Bone Slort


    Great old city, enjoy!
  19. T Bone Slort

    One word song title transference

    I Can't Stand the Rain - Booker T & the MG's
  20. T Bone Slort

    Gotta find a new jobby job

    Life is too short to work for an asshat for too long:oops:
  21. T Bone Slort

    Way, way, way Back

    Yes a bunch of guys who worked together at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Toronto. 1957 I believe and it stayed on the charts for a very long time.
  22. T Bone Slort

    Finished my bathroom remodeling, praise be

    Beauty!! Is that a mini bidet?
  23. T Bone Slort

    St James Infirmary

    One of my all time favourites. Your version is done with the grace and solemnity it deserves. Well done my friend!