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  1. Forpie

    $tring bla$phemy?

    I think spanking new, there’s not much difference… You really feel the difference after they’ve been played a bit… some keep their sparkle longer, some wear out quicker, some feel more smooth, some feel more elastic etc etc etc
  2. Forpie

    Am I the only one who thinks high-end Strat model verbage seems funny now?

    I lost interest when they moved from the Standard… all these names are nonsense to me
  3. Forpie

    Anyone heard of a Navigator?

    had he wrote the word “custom” 1 more time I would have considered it…
  4. Forpie

    Why are Fender Hot Rod amps so popular when no one seems to really like them ??

    A tone of people bought them so of course a lot of people will have negative feedback on them… it’s just simple statistics. Every backline of every bar and their mother has one… they’re just the best bang for bucks ever… The Honda Civic of amps
  5. Forpie

    Anyone own or try the Katana Artist Mkll?

    I owned the artist for a while and it was great for what it was. I would recommend it to a musician who plays in bands where he moves his equipment often… the weight/tone/volume ratio is pretty amazing but I would suggest something else to a more sedentary player
  6. Forpie

    The feel of a Fender VS the feel of a Gibson

    I love the feel of a mahogany neck… Gibson wins for me… I prefer strats anyway
  7. Forpie

    Get rich quick finally solved.

    I’m developing right now some new technology, I’m pretty much all in on that, this is gonna be revolutionary! a little robot device that tunes your guitar for you! Just replace your tuners with it and voila! I feel like the world is ready for this!
  8. Forpie

    Louis Cato's new tele

    That was clutch @CigBurn
  9. Forpie

    Hotel California… solo…

    That tone was so juicy!! Whats the chain?
  10. Forpie

    Jimi Hendrix signature models

    The Monterey is THE signature model in my opinion…
  11. Forpie

    I had to end the big lie

    Aging is a mitt
  12. Forpie

    Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic.. thoughts..

    They’re cool
  13. Forpie

    If They Were Still Alive Today

    He wouldn’t be rockin such a terrible haircut… I have a feeling he’d be a lot like Booker T
  14. Forpie

    Do you wanna go ahead and

    Legendary Thread Alert
  15. Forpie

    Ever wonder what your neighbors think?

    I turn my 100 Watts pretty damn loud sometimes… never heard about it… I guess it’s a little bit like umm… let’s say dressing up as a pink bunny and clowning in the front yard, your neighborhood knows about it, but they wish they didn’t so they keep it quiet
  16. Forpie

    What is a Stratocaster?

    I’m here for @Bodean ’s lounge
  17. Forpie


  18. Forpie

    What is this piece of paper ?

    FAKE color is off white Wrong rectangular shape Made of Birch while period correct is made of elm
  19. Forpie

    It's not them, it's you.

    I drove pass a high school last week during lunch break and there was at least 200 kids outside, eating and hanging out In the front yard… I expected to see a bunch of zombies all looking at their newsfeed on their phone but it wasn’t so. Actually, at one point during the crossing(about 1...
  20. Forpie

    I don’t lust after much…..

    Lexus has a couple of similar cool models if Mercedes is your only hold back LETSGOOOOO
  21. Forpie

    Forum trends

    We need more of that eye candy please
  22. Forpie

    Is it against the law to shoot cold callers?

    I have the luxury of owning a phone I don’t have to answer to.
  23. Forpie


    So which side of that list is the good side?

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