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    No Fender Strat

    Charvel, although they’re owned by Fender.
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    Yamaha Revstars

    Been watching and listening to a lot of Masayoshi Takanaka lately and really love the look of his old Yamaha SG. Got me thinking about Yamaha Revstars, which have sort of a similar vibe. Anybody have experience with the humbucker equipped Revstars? Are they really heavy? How thin/chunky are...
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    I like my iphone. Yes, somewhat expensive, but it’s like shoes, a mattress, a pillow: it’s something I use quite a lot on a daily basis, so I’m okay spending a little more to get something I really like.
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    Painting over a Fender poly finish with a brush

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Still debating between doing the brush painting route versus the tape and spray (a la evh) method.
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    Painting over a Fender poly finish with a brush

    I have a polar white Fender player Strat body that I'm going to use for a partscaster. I really don't like the polar white and am toying with the idea of simply painting over it with a variety of colors. But not spray painting -- more of like an artist would paint on a canvas with a paintbrush...
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    Marshall DSL40C vs DSL40CR

    Thinking about grabbing one of the Marshall DSLs. I see that they discontinued the DSL40C and replaced it with the DSL40CR. There's a used DSL40C in my area for a little over $500. Does the DSL40CR offer that much more than the DSL40C? I don't care too much about the cab simulated output or midi...
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    New Jerry Garcia Custom Shop Replica

    Very cool. Not the 20k price tag, which is stupid. If I could have one famous guitar that I had to keep (ie, forgetting about potential resale value), it would be a tough choice for me between Jerry’s alligator strat and EVH’s frankenstrat.
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    Had to leave the Stratocaster behind

    Explorers are cool. Never owned one but have played a few and like them. You can play metal on a strat. All you need to do is put in some humbuckers. Plenty have done it. But explorers work great too! Pretty much any guitar with humbuckers can do metal.
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    Bridge humbucker for partscaster / pair with cool rails

    I'm putting together a partscaster with some spare parts I have laying around the house. Will be a fender player Strat body with an all parts maple fingerboard neck. I'd like to put a humbucker in the bridge and already have a Duncan cool rails for the neck. There will be no middle pickup, and...
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    EVH Wolfgang Standard Replacement Term

    Awesome, thanks again!
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    EVH Wolfgang Standard Replacement Term

    Thanks, that video was extremely helpful. Two follow-ups: 1. What’s the name of the tool you were using to clean the threads out? 2. Do you know of good replacement steel saddles that would fit?
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    EVH Wolfgang Standard Replacement Term

    Thanks, this is very helpful info!
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    EVH Wolfgang Standard Replacement Term

    What model was the nickel one you used as a replacement? Was it a drop-in with no drilling or routing required?
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    EVH Wolfgang Standard Replacement Term

    The FR on mine is black. I'm actually hoping to get one in chrome.
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    EVH Wolfgang Standard Replacement Term

    Just picked up an EVG Wolfgang Standard - the matte black one with the roasted maple neck. Love it, but the one flaw is the trem. The little tuners on the trem are not smooth, and the trem just feels kind of cheap overall. Does anybody know of a direct drop-in replacement? I don't want to do...
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    Mexican Bullet Strat

    The body is sort of strat-ish, but in addition to the different headstock, there are only two pickups; only two knobs; there’s no trem; string through body. It seems more like a mix between a tele and a duo sonic.
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    Guitar Center

    The GC near me will give me discounts sometimes if I ask. I’ve been going there for years and they don’t have a lot of staff turnover, so they know me pretty well and know I spend a fair amount of money there and am easy to deal with. For used items they sell, they told me that they don’t have...
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    Calling All Guitar Adjusters: What was your game changer?

    When I learned not to be afraid of adjusting the truss rod. When I first started playing everyone warned me not to mess with the truss rod and that only a professional should do that. Which is nonsense.
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    Right, I meant the exception being the Vintera 70s models.
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    One giveaway is that most vinteras do NOT have a trussrod access hole in the headstock. Most standard MIMs do. One exception are the 70’s strats, which have the bullet truss rod on the headstock.
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    Which year should I aim for?

    Yep, the current Player strats are fantastic. Not all of them are set up properly in stores, but if you find one you like there’s really no need to change anything out. Great value, and they play and sound as good as USA strats.
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    Which year should I aim for?

    Really hard to give you a specific year, because we don’t know what specs you like. Do you like vintage saddles? Modern? Lower output pickups or noiseless? I will tell you that in my experience, American strats from 2013 to the present are great guitars, by and large. Not saying that stuff...
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    American Standard Strat - Issues with chord tuning even if guitar is in tune

    Sounds like it’s the nut. It could also be that it’s not properly intonated, but if it’s going out of tune that low on the fretboard (ie, that close to the nut), that suggests to me that the nut slots need to be adjusted. Here’s what I would do if I were you: 1. Put on a set of new strings...
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    Why is Creed don't have wide appeal to rock n roll fans like Nirvana?

    When did any of them ever run around accusing people of selling out? They may have and I’m simply not aware of it, but I recall Cobain stating that he wasn’t happy with Nevermind because he thought was kind of a sellout production. Nirvana wrote great songs, simple as that. Were they...