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  1. Triple Jim

    Scuffed Potting Wax

    Interesting. I've never seen a pickup spec like that. I assume they mean that at 1 kHz the resistive component of the complex impedance is 48.24 kOhms. :) They're meaningless in this case anyway.
  2. Triple Jim

    Scuffed Potting Wax

    AC resistance?
  3. Triple Jim

    This does not help my GAS

    I'm pretty sure Sweetwater has spent more on printed material they sent to me than I've spent on gear I've gotten from them. They started sending me the big catalog when I bought one can of DeoxIT from them about 15 years ago.
  4. Triple Jim

    Scuffed Potting Wax

    Are you sure that one is potted? It doesn't look like it in that photo, but photos can lie.
  5. Triple Jim

    Neck Shim?

    My favorite is a scrap of drum wrap. I might try a pick next time. :)
  6. Triple Jim

    My thoughts on the Fender EOB Sustainer Stratocaster

    No insult meant, but you do know that with vintage tuners, you stick the string in the hole in the bottom of the slot, then bend it over, out one side of the slot, and wind, right? With smaller strings it's a good idea to make the first wrap above where the string goes in, and then subsequent...
  7. Triple Jim

    Neck Shim?

    Yes, that's the reason to shim.
  8. Triple Jim

    Refinished Deluxe Strat with duplicolor and minwax lacquer

    It looks beautiful. Is that "as sprayed", or did you wet sand and polish it?
  9. Triple Jim

    First Real Gig, SV20H/1965B

    Congratulations on the gig! Do you have any video clips for us?
  10. Triple Jim

    Billy Gibbons Last Night

    How was the show? I assume you were there.
  11. Triple Jim

    Is it still just ground beef and pasta???

    I know what you mean. My brain is still using 1980 dollars, so to see if something today is a good deal, I have to divide be 3. $18/3 = $6, which is probably about what I would have paid for a dinner like that in 1980. And like you said, we could have had several dinners at home for that...
  12. Triple Jim

    This young man !

    I was struggling to hear him too.
  13. Triple Jim

    "Sanity Check" On This Pickup Swap Plan.....

    I see what you mean now... I misread your post. Anyway, the only reason to swap magnet polarity would be if you want to make a particular pair noise canceling. If you don't use two pickups at the same time (like I don't) then it doesn't matter anyway. :)
  14. Triple Jim


    I sure know what you mean. Whenever we have an Internet outage I get a bunch of work done.
  15. Triple Jim

    "Sanity Check" On This Pickup Swap Plan.....

    You'd actually have to reverse the leads and the magnets to do that so it's still in phase with the others. Or leave it alone and wire it so you can get bridge-neck together and bridge-middle together, and then those two will be noise canceling. I think sjtalon is probably right though. The...
  16. Triple Jim

    Anything in particular you’d like to see .

    Option for 1-3/4" nut width and stainless frets standard. Of course I don't expect either.
  17. Triple Jim

    Anyone familiar with this loaded pickguard?

    I don't see a reason to return it. It's a 3 humbucker setup. If you like, and if the pickups allow, you could even add a switch to split them to single coil. I can't tell from the photo, but the common wire may be there to do that. (typed in parallel with FrieAsABird)
  18. Triple Jim

    Get rich quick finally solved.

    Take it to Shark Tank. If nothing else it'll get a good laugh on Kevin.
  19. Triple Jim

    Bad Technique?

    Excellent! 40+ years ago I stopped by Mr. Henry's in Georgetown (DC) to see if anyone good was playing. I can't remember his name, but an old black man and his band played some of the best blues I've heard. He used only his thumbs on a guitar in his lap.
  20. Triple Jim

    Hello from andy luthier

    I hope Andy Lee is OK. It's been almost a month since he started this thread, and we haven't seen him since.
  21. Triple Jim

    Refinished Deluxe Strat with duplicolor and minwax lacquer

    The Duplicolor color coats I've used are acrylic lacquer. They take quite a while to dry enough to feel hard. Putting clear on it after four days added to the layers that need to dry. It will probably be hard in a couple weeks. When I used Duplicolor lacquer it was on a motorcycle. When it...
  22. Triple Jim

    PSA-Life lesson learned the hard way

    I cook bacon on a charcoal grill. It doesn't spatter, and it tastes way better.
  23. Triple Jim

    Can this be called a Fender Stratocaster?

    Ha, yes. When I was a kid, Dad told me about the guy selling the axe that George Washington used to cut down the cherry tree.
  24. Triple Jim

    Neck finish upgrade

    I was thinking that some sanding with 400 or 600 paper might get you what you want. It wouldn't take much to make it feel very smooth.