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    WONKY Screws?

    The way to assure straight holes is to use a drill press. I bought my ElCheepo benchtop DP from Harbor Freight on sale for $139.95. In addition to petfect straightness, it also gives precise control of depth. Haven't drilled a crooked hole since, but now my OCD only makes "it MUST be perfect"...
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    Switch problem

    Just a theory based on fooling with pickups sonce the 70s, but have you considered two possibilities?: 1. There is a less-than complete connection SOMEWHERE in the windings. My experience with winding continuity is that they either work or they do not work, but a comparison of resisistance...
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    Politics anyone?

    I very much enjoyed the Parrott Show, but as long retired but still licenced RN, my favourite has got to be the Naughty Chemist Sketch.
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    NGD - ok, so I used to hate Teles

    I must add, that somewhere out there is a video of Glenn Cambell playing Malgenia on a Tele. FANTASTIC!!
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    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Q. How many guitars does every player need? A. One more. If I had to choose between my '82 '52 Re-issue Tele, my '04 IndyCort Affinity Strat, my '12 Epi LP, my or my '61 Danelectro, I would likely need institutionisation for the foreseeable future. ANY therapeutic interventions...
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    6÷2(1+2) = x Solve for x

    If so many people cannot tell the difference between ÷ and × , I despair for our planet!
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    Sloppy syntax and spelling.

    What do you mean by "complete fiction"? What do you mean by "authentic person"? You are (not your) too (not to or two) young to (not too or two) remember as much of Dylan's career as we (not us) senior citizens. Dylan first gained popularity as a folk-singer in the NYC coffee-house scene...
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    Sloppy syntax and spelling.

    There their they're To too two I see this one with increasing frequency: It's an "everyday" occurance vs. It happens "every day." "Where is that at?" If my mom heard anybody ask that, she would always answer, "It's right behind the at." The one I hear from service workers: "Of course"! But...
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    Sloppy syntax and spelling.

    Eyem hiley edgimakaydid, an kin awlweez yooz kyrekt spilling, gramir, punkshuashun ant sintack's buy tidday'z innernet standurdz. Eye holt too asosyate digreaz an uh batchilirs digrea, ant eye lernt two right en hi skule, tue giunyire kollitchz’ an uh magire yunnyvercity, ant my spilling...
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    Shredder Guitar Owners Club

    3bolt79, WOW, I'm really impressed with your investigative powers! Maybe you should try for a stringer job with Fox "news." I have no problem trying to be anonymous. Anonymity is only for Russian-inspired terrorists, and too many of the “shred-or-die” homicidal responses to my...
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    Shredder Guitar Owners Club

    Those of you who canNOT remember to flush the toilet are jealous of those who can. Noise is noise, quite irrespective of how many feel otherwise.
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    Shredder Guitar Owners Club

    "Those who cannot shred are jealous of those who can"?? Every bit of equal merit: "Those who forget to flush the toilet are jealous of those who do not." Since "shredding" is nothing but noise, why would any sane person INTENTIONALLY listen to it, OR try to emulate it?
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    Shredder Guitar Owners Club

    I cannot imagine how BC Rich could make such excellent guitars look so butt-wiping hideous, unless tbey were intended for disgusting punk noisemakers like Johnny Vomit and The Dry Heaves. Appropriate only for the racket of "shredding", each guitar looks like some dreaded disease A friend gave...
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    Shredder Guitar Owners Club

    Since this thread is deadicated to music, the subject of "shredding" has no place on it. The thread begins with THREE qualities of HIGH quality instuments for the very LOW quality of "shredding" and goes on to list FOUR TIMES as many of those obnoxious characteristics. Being difficult to...
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    Fix screw holes with toothpicks.

    Yes, you can use any old hardwood toothpics to get the job done. However, for the FINEST tone, you MUST only use toothpics made of Black Forest Fiddleback Maple aged minimally 10 years in carefully monitored climate conditions. StewMac may list the World's-Best Tone Toothpics in the...
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    What type of music do you find relaxing?

    Music to relax to? Although there is much to be said for The Love Theme from The Attack of The Killer Tomatoes, my favourite relaxing music is Johnny Vomit and The Dry Heaves.
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    Fix screw holes with toothpicks.

    Yeah, but they're pretty tough on the gastric mucosa, bowel wall, and just wait 'til those spicy ones get to the hemorrhoids!
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    Having to pass a sweet Tele

    Wrap the Tele in butcher paper. Ship the kid home on Greyhound with the wrapped Tele as part of her checked luggage. That should free up plenty of space to travel home with your new girlfriend (and her crackpipe) in comfort and style. You're welcome.
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    Any fans of the pearloid pickguard here? Show me! Or tell me how ugly they are :)

    This one looks like it should only be picked up with gloved hands, and would likey give a rash to my buckle.
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    Any fans of the pearloid pickguard here? Show me! Or tell me how ugly they are :)

    If I had a perloid toilet seat, my wife would have to visit the corner Texaco station several times a day, while I would meet my early demise from the dreaded malady, rings-around-Uranis.
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    Dirt pedals

    If you were to direct 1/10 of your effort at collecting noise-generating pedals toward ACTUALLY MAKING MUSIC, you may have some chance, however slight, at coming up with something worth listening to.
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    Tremelo backplate... On.... or Off

    If your string holes do not line up and you cannot remount your backplate, you should switch to a different guitar.
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    Tremelo backplate... On.... or Off

    Your tremolo should blocked against the body. If you are pitch deaf, you should play a Tele or some other non-trem guitar.