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    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    Wow! 100 pages, great idea @Ebidis
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    I am working on bringing one back now. I loved them in the 80s.
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    Kid Rock fans?

    This hit the nail on the head!
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    What ACTUALLY kills weeds?

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    Rip Kelly

    I always read his posts. I think most of us would like to have more of his outlook on life. Gone too soon. I think he would have agreed with something I say often... “drive fast, take chances!”
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    The scariest storms on the planet...

    I grew up and lived north of Abilene TX for my first 30 years. Saw several tornados and was WAY too close to a couple. They can cause terrible destruction.
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    The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Owned?

    My 1976 Jeep CJ-5 with a factory AMC 304 ci V-8. I have a 2021 Wrangler JL now that is pretty cool but nowhere near as cool as the CJ-5.
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    Guess that movie quote game!!

    Give me a Diablo sandwich, a Dr Pepper, and make it quick I’m in a ___ ____ hurry!
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    What sounds better?

    The best dots are made from the wood from the screen door on the house SRV grew up in down in Oak Cliff.
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    Does Ebidis playing a copy "relic" guitar make it lose its value?

    Value goes down. A relic playing a relic ruins the guitar for all of us hacks. Once the guitar knows how it should be played it won’t sound good for us that think relics will help our tone.
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    what a croc!

    I’m a hey dude shoes guy in my old age.
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    Please reply to this thread before you read the title.

    When am I supposed to reply to this thread?
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    Song lyrics that mimic an event in your life

    An empty glass That last cigarette Its closing time And I’m drunk again - Gary Stewart This was me many times in my younger life due to women troubles.
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    Quotes that made you stop and think…

    “Don’t ride your working stock and don’t work your riding stock” old cowboy I once knew.
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    New to me rimfire

    You can not go wrong with a CZ rifle. I have several from 22lr to 30-06. All are great with my favorite being a 527 in .204 Ruger.
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    Josh Allen

    I’ve always been a Mahomes fan, him being a Texas guy, but I haven’t paid much attention to Josh Allen. He is one heck of a quarterback/all around player.
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    Me too but I grew up too far in the middle of nowhere to find much trouble. Mama probably would have stopped me anyway.
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    Strat-Talker Undergarments

    Sometimes I wear my “Home of the Whopper” underwear. It might be misleading but I can still dream.
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    Remember when cars used to come stock with baby slingshots?

    I wish we would’ve had one of those hammocks when I was a kid. It had to be more comfortable than sleeping on the little “shelf” behind the top of the back seat where the rear window sloped down.
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    a new medication

    Best of luck to you Helter, I know the process of trying meds. Good thing is that when you get the right person who gives you the correct meds it can be a great thing.
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    Your #1?

    My 2010 Hwy 1 Tele w/Lollar pickups.
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    In case I'm sleeping tomorrow night...

    Happy New Year!