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  1. oldrank

    I suck... Learning Texas Flood note for note.

    I can fake that I know how to play my guitar pretty well. I can improvise just about any song into chords n make it sound decent but I know I really suck when it comes to playing songs note for note. So, I have challenged myself to learn Stevie Ray's Texas Flood. I have been working on...
  2. oldrank

    A couple Fender strats NGD

    I have been playing a Squier Affinity for about 4 years and it had become my number 1. I love that little guitar. About 20 years ago I owned a beautiful cream Fender Stratocaster. Time got tough in between jobs and I sold it. It has haunted me ever since. I tried to cure my gas with various...
  3. oldrank

    Thrift store guitar in action

    Here is my 15 dollar thrift store guitar in action. I tuned it to G and tried to improvise a little blues. Forgive my mediocre skills...haha
  4. oldrank

    Found this today

    Picked up this guitar today at a local thrift shop for $15. From what I can figure out it is a Sears Roebuck parlor guitar from 1969. I put some new strings on her and put her in my collection. She plays well n has a deeper sound than I would expect. This is now my oldest guitar. Anyone...
  5. oldrank

    Highly Suspect

    Any one else really enjoying Highy Suspect.. Thank you for keeping rock alive. I think they are going to be epic..great sound!!!
  6. oldrank

    Oldranks random attempt at music

    I figured I would start a thread of my attempted musical ramblings. I have made a commitment to myself to improve my guitar playing skills this year. Some songs may be stuff I just record on a whim. Others may be an actual attempt to put something solid together. I am just a guy that like to jam...
  7. oldrank

    Daddys Home 1958

    Channeled some vintage blues.
  8. oldrank

    Nutshell cover

    I got messing around with Nutshell today n laid down a few tracks. Just my simple version to keep me entertained for a couple hours. One of my favorite songs to play. Recorded it on Audacity again. Im learning a few things. It was fun !!!!
  9. oldrank

    A small break through.

    I think I had a little break through today. Ive been playing at least an hour everyday since January trying to push myself into new water. I been watching some Eddie Van Halen videos n practicing alot of licks. Something clicked tonight n I just got into it. Im starting to get some solid solo...
  10. oldrank

    Another original

    Here is one my brother and I wrote.. I messed around with it tonight..a little choppy but I at least got it saved n have something to mess with.
  11. oldrank

    Bullet for $99

    GC is having a Presidents day sale n had a couple HSS Bullets for 99 bucks. They have the metallic black and sun burst.. I just ordered a metallic black one. It should be here in a few days!!!! Free shipping too!!
  12. oldrank

    original song

    I wrote this song yesterday messing around with audacity. I was playing with the metronome n freestyled some lyrics over a simple beat.. laid down a couple guitar tracks in here it is.. nothing special. Hope it works.. I have a new laptop n just took a pic of the ceiling to cut the video.. I'm...
  13. oldrank

    new guy

    Hi everyone. Im a crappy guitar player from Michigan. I found this site a few weeks ago n have been following since. I am 42 and I have owned a few strats over the years. Most were sold off some lost in relationships n a couple stolen. I currently own 4 guitars. I have a squier affinity strat...