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  1. rich815

    So Kingfish just opened for Buddy Guy...

    ...he was terrific!!! Check this guy out if you haven’t yet. Wow. (aka Christone Ingram)
  2. rich815

    This came out beautifully!

    i really like what this guy did...
  3. rich815

    2003 Fender Highway One. Transparent Red...

    I love this guitar. My current number one. That is all. :D
  4. rich815

    Dunlop Primetone picks...0.96 vs 1.00

    Even though they’re a bit expensive I’ve taken a real liking to these picks. Really nice sound and great feel. I have the 0.88 ones but I generally prefer a bit thicker pick. They offer a 0.96 and 1.00 versions seemingly all things being equal but the thickness. This is amazingly close. Anyone...
  5. rich815

    Billy Corgan: “Paint colour actually changes the sound of a guitar”

    Billy Corgan: “Paint colour actually changes the sound of a guitar”
  6. rich815

    Dinged part of neck....glueing help...

    I have a strat neck coming that’s unused and perfect in pretty much all aspects except it had been damaged in shipping before the seller got it (I’m getting for a very nice price considering the damage). I could probably saw off, round off and sand the last fret and turn it from a 22 fret neck...
  7. rich815

    ‘55 vs ‘59 strat pickups...?

    I see a number of boutique pickup winders selling pickups represented as ‘55 strat or ‘59 strat Classic pickup tone or sound. Can anyone break down the supposed character and differences between these?
  8. rich815

    Steven Wilson tonight San Francisco Fillmore

    Got here early and got standing front row at the stage. I believe he mostly plays PRS but I see a strat in his rack. Big Laney amps too. Start time in 20 minutes, hopefully...
  9. rich815

    ZZ Top - tonight!

    At the Venetian in Las Vegas. (I’m here on a business trip). 4th row, center seats! I love Billy Gibbons. :D
  10. rich815

    NGD: classic aged-white strat partscaster....

    Hello all, Fender American Standard A5 pickups (2001) Fender bridge/trem Squier CV 50’s maple neck (2011) Vintage V6 Alder body Olympia White CV pickguard with pots and knobs (2005) Generic Chinese locking tuners Switchcraft jack Really excited about this one. I used a Chinese-made alder body...