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  1. StillAlive&Well

    My new tenant ....

    Here's one that came in for a close up.
  2. StillAlive&Well

    I Remember When...(geezer thread)

    I got to see ZZ Top In '71 or '72 for $2.50 in Dallas. Most bang for the buck ever!
  3. StillAlive&Well

    I've came up with a new idea

    Just what this kid needs!
  4. StillAlive&Well

    trip to the dentist!

    Cool! I know the feeling, I get to take Mrs. StillAlive to see the Dr. next Tuesday.
  5. StillAlive&Well

    RIP @heltershelton

    Thank you for letting us know. Rest in peace Kelly.
  6. StillAlive&Well

    Well I Done Dit It

    Congratulations! And being a Texan is the cherry on top.
  7. StillAlive&Well

    Everything I'm going through, and now Fire #2

    Well that sure sucks, could have been much worse. Thankful you're OK. Went through a house fire in '85, wish that for no one. Hope the kitty is alright.
  8. StillAlive&Well

    As if I had a second head

    Was it a little one? Everybody can use a little .....
  9. StillAlive&Well

    Floating a tremolo

    I disagree. Flotation is groovy! Mine are set up to float and I have no tuning issues.
  10. StillAlive&Well

    New houses day!

    Happy House Day!
  11. StillAlive&Well

    Mrs. Just told me Greasy Pete for Dinner

    That makes my hungry hurt :thumb:
  12. StillAlive&Well

    Wouldn't it be better to have knob index markers?

    Chrome Tele dome volume knob, twin chrome chicken head tone knobs.
  13. StillAlive&Well

    Can’t play without a strap.

    Always with a strap for me.
  14. StillAlive&Well

    Lost my string winder...

    All's well that ends swell :thumb:
  15. StillAlive&Well

    Mrs. Still Alive is mad at me

    I like your thinkin' 👍
  16. StillAlive&Well

    What if everything we know is...

    It's Tuesday? Thanks, I'm still working on getting things like that straight in my head. :thumb:
  17. StillAlive&Well

    Mrs. Still Alive is mad at me

    You are correct Sir.