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    Fender jimmie vaughan strat & eric clapton strat

    I had EC and loved it but sold to get a Ultra Burst that seems to be my keeper upgrade on the noiseless and a much better neck for my taste.
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    Ultra Noiseless vs V-Mod II pickups?

    I have Ultra play through my Carman Ghia and the noiseless love that combo.
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    McCoy Tyner's final album - Guitars (2008)

    He was one of best friends,
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    New guy, new Strat… and amp questions…

    With a break lite a Carman Ghia brings so much tone for home use
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    New guy, new Strat… and amp questions…

    I have a Dr Z Carman Ghia and it does it all for me, great deals on reverb
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    The guy next door complained

    I got a note from a home owners group that my dogs barked all day and night and I must move or get rid of them. Well it my neighbors dogs not mine, but before they sent me this certified letter they also contacted the police. I proved it was not mine. But I decided to move and bought a house...
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    Strat Ultra compared to Tele and Jazzmaster Ultra

    I love my Ultra Strat burst and it sounds killer with my Dr Z Carman Ghia. I was wondering how the Ultra Jazzmaster and Tele though very different stand along side the Ultra Strat?
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    Fender American Ultra?

    Way better after over a year can't put it down, amped the A Dr Z Carmen Ghia
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    Fender Ultra Stratocaster

    I love my burst and with my DR Z Carman Gia it is as good as it gets.
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    Top quality parts partscaster vs Secondhand Fender Ultra

    I love my 3T burst Ultra, I just got a. Dr. Z Carman Gia and wow what a is in another world!
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    California Dreamin'

    I remember hearing it when I heard on the radio when it first came out. It inspired me to move to California where I lived for 35 years. I became friends with Henry Diltze who did the cover photo for The Mama and Poppa's. Mama Cass was the coolest, Michelle was a sexy blonde and John and Denny...
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    Any Alice Cooper Fans?

    Not since Killer,Schools Out was thier sell out, I moved on
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    Fender Ultra Strat

    My has locking tuners and strat buttons factory installed I love mine, it's glued to me
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    The Elvis Presley Appreciation Thread

    I produced Elvis That's The Way It Special Edition, also got to hang out with Scotty, DJ, James Burton and the TCB Band along with Sonny and Joe, Lisa Marie and Priscilla!!!
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    Greatest live concert?

    Grateful Dead with New Riders Scranton PA April 71