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    Strat Ultra compared to Tele and Jazzmaster Ultra

    I love my Ultra Strat burst and it sounds killer with my Dr Z Carman Ghia. I was wondering how the Ultra Jazzmaster and Tele though very different stand along side the Ultra Strat?
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    Mint 1967 Champ

    I may be able to get my hands on a mint original 1967 Champ. What do think about these little monsters?
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    Who uses a DR Z with there Strat?

    Who has a DZ?
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    Whammy Bar

    How many use a whammy bar?
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    Any Dr. Z Carmen Gia fans out there?

    Would love to know what you think of the Dr. Z Carmen Gia for home use.
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    My Ultra Stratcaster

    My ultra strat I just can't put it down, it is a burst and I have had for a month now.