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  1. davidrf

    NGD - Another Road Worn! An unplayed 2008! Very rare!

    Hi there, many some of you know, at this point, I'm kinda obsessed with Road Worn. I just sold my 2011 Sunburst and I got this one... an UNPLAYED 2008 (one of the very first ever made, the serial reads july 2008) with frets at 100%, like it came out of the factory just today. So far I've...
  2. davidrf

    I'm not digging the Boss/JHS Angry Driver. Any ideas to replace it?

    Hi there! I currently have on my pedalboard a Boss/JHS Angry Driver, a Joyo TaiChi (kinda like a Zendrive clone) and a Revv G3. I like the Revv and the Joyo, but I'm really not digging the Angry Driver: I 'd like the Blues Driver side to be smoother and the JHS side to be less boomy and more...
  3. davidrf

    NGD - 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    It's been a while I didn't own a Les Paul. My last one was a 2017 Standard T that I then sold inside a few months because it was breathtakingly beautiful BUT sounded pretty meh. Now I'm back with this one: a 2004 Standard in... well I don't know what color it is. The seller said "desert burst"...
  4. davidrf

    Freeway Switch for Strat: how to get tone control in all three pickups?

    Hi there, I just installed a 10 way Freeway Switch in one of my Strats, but following the official wiring diagrams it seems there's no way to get tone control in all three pickups. Am I missing something? I followed the wiring diagram called "5B5-01 3 Pot (N & B Tones) Part 1" at this link...
  5. davidrf

    Road Worn Strats saddle spacing?

    Hi there, I'd like to buy a set of Highwood saddles for my 2010 Road Worn Strat. I'm pretty sure but not 100% sure the correct spacing is 56 mm string spacing or 2-7/32". Also, using google I found conflicting infos, so I don't know. Can anyone please chime in? The alternative is 52 mm string...
  6. davidrf

    NGD - another first series Road Worn!

    Lately I'm on a first series Road Worn Strat buying spree (I bought 3 in a month, I still have two) and as I said in a previous NGD, I'm amazed these guitars are so good. I owned (and own) many MIAs but very very few of them are on par with or better than older Road Worns. that's crazy. This...
  7. davidrf

    How to "road worn" a backplate cover?

    Hi there, one of my Road Worn Strats is missing the backplate. I have a spare white backplate from another Strat and I wanted to relic/road worn it to match the look of the guitar. How would you do that? Thanks a lot!
  8. davidrf

    What's wrong with this wiring?

    It's the first time I've tried to wire a pickguard from scratch, maybe something went wrong. Could you tell me something? Thanks. (I KNOW the colors of the wires does not help, but that's how I did it :( ) thanks!
  9. davidrf

    Strat floating bridge higher on the low E side. What did I screw up?

    For the first time in almost 30 years of having guitars I've tried to set-up a Strat with a floating bridge (I always keep them flat on the body). I followed Frudua's videos but something went wrong, obviously. As you can see, the lower E side is way higher than the high e side, even...
  10. davidrf

    I seem to have worsened a non-set up guitar by doing a full setup.

    It's been a while now that I do set-up my own guitars with pretty good success, but this time I'm a bit puzzled. I got a 2011 Road Worn Strat that still set-up like it came out of the factory except for a new set of strings. The bridge was not set-up for proper floating but it was noticeably...
  11. davidrf

    Here we go again: linear vs. audio

    Hi there, I'm thinking of assembling a whole new mint-green pickguard for my road worn Strat with a set of Vineham's "Smokin 62's". And here it is, the question I always ask myself: linear or audio pots? I know Fender seems to use all audio pots in virtually every production guitar, as far as I...
  12. davidrf

    Weird serial number?

    Hi there, I found this guitar on sale but the serial number does not come up to anything on Fender serial number check and visually it looks pretty weird... What do you think? Thanks The guitar is supposed to be an old special edition MIM standard in a sort of matte blue/purple finish.
  13. davidrf

    NGD! A Road Worn from the past...

    After many years of reading how good the old Road Worn were, I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy one. It's not so easy to find one, and they recently went up (a lot) in price. Still, I managed to get this bad girl here: It's a 2009 in Olympic White. I have to say, I owned many MIA...
  14. davidrf

    Old Road Worns... are they worth their current price?

    It's some years now many people consider Road Worn Strats not only the best model that ever came out from a mexican factory, but guitars that more than often are better sounding than many more expensive MIAs. This is especially true for the older ones, from 2008 to 2014. In recent times the...
  15. davidrf

    Custom Shop Texas Special vs. Texas Special "tex-mex": how would you describe the difference?

    Hi there, I've never tried the "real" Custom Shop Texas Specials, but several times I've played guitars with "tex-mex" Texas Specials, and I also currently own a MIM Deluxe Lonestar with tex-mex. I wonder if someone could try and describe how different the Custom Shop Texas Specials are. Thanks
  16. davidrf

    NGD - better late than never... CP60s

    A few days ago I got my first Classic Player 60s. I tried a lot of CP60s and played one for a long time, but never actually owned one. I was in the market for a Road Worn but then this beauty called me. It's a 2015 Classic Player 60s in candy apple red with rosewood fingerboard. I don't...
  17. davidrf

    What's going on with this guitar? (paint stripping inside)

    I decided to star a little project with my Greg Bennet Avion AV-3. I want to re-finish it with nitro goldtop finish. I proceeded to strip the guitar and this is what I found: - under the black finish there was blue finish (and that's strange enough by itself) - under the blue finish there...
  18. davidrf

    Vintera Road Worn Player?

    I just noticed (correct me if I'm wrong) Fender currently does not offer a "Player" variant on the Vintera Road Worn series. Why is that? Is a Player variant expected down the line? As far as I can remember every "Road Worn" series ever always had the Player variant.
  19. davidrf

    **NGD!!!*** ...this mess turned out pretty good in the end.

    As some of you may know from the thread I bought a 2012 Fender Stratocaster Classic Series 50s in Surf Green some days ago, and it turned out to have a loaded Squier (...) pickguard and some...
  20. davidrf

    Most iconic "position 2" Strat sounds?

    What are, in your opinion, the most iconic "position 2" Strat sounds? In which songs you can find them? Those "position 2" sounds you would tell someone to listen to if they told you they don't know what "position 2" is. The most recognizable ones. AND: what do you use position 2 for, usually...
  21. davidrf

    (Updated) What kind of pickups/electronics I have in this guitar?

    As some forum members know I recently bought a used Classic Series 50s Strat with a replaced pickguard. The seller could't tell what was in there. The guitar arrived today and sadly it looks like a whole Squier pickguard, pickups and electronics. Could anyone chime in? I'm pretty bummed, even if...
  22. davidrf

    Is this guitar a fake?

    Hi there, I found this guitar on sale at a very good price (450€) but I'm not sure about some things. (Please check all the pics in this link) 1) The seller says he bought the guitar used and can't be sure if the pickups are the original ones. Shouldn't be Classic...
  23. davidrf

    Which of your guitars had the most severe tuning issues?

    Since my first guitar in 1995 (Aria Pro II Viper) I owned a total of about 50 guitars. At least half of them were bought new in a store. Out of all these guitars only three had major tuning issues: 1) A 2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded Worn Cherry, bought new from a local store. It had the...
  24. davidrf

    NGD - Fender Stratocaster Player Buttercream (added with mint)

    I just bought this "as new" 2019 Stratocaster Player Buttercream with a mint-green pickguard already installed. It is so weird I've decided to keep it as is. I've found out (in my opinion based on personal experience) the Players indeed are much better than previous iterations of Mexican...
  25. davidrf

    Isn't this Stratocaster Player Sonic Blue actually Daphne Blue?

    This is a Fender Stratocaster Player HSS limited edition in Sonic Blue. I think it looks stunning but that's not the point. I've owned several Sonic Blue Strats (I still own one) but no one was this dark... isn't this more of a Daphne Blue? Sonic Blue usually looks pale... Here's a video too: