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  1. mshivy

    Eddie Van Halen and the Double Cream Mystery

    I don’t know how many Van Halen fans are on here, but anyway. There’s always been a lot of mystery and interest in EVH’s gear. He’s obviously a fantastic guitarist, but his early sound was really out of this world. He stated he used rewound PAF’s, but I noticed he has at least 6 double-cream...
  2. mshivy

    Show your Teles with Humbuckers

    This one has a DiMarzio PAF I’m debating a nickel cover for it
  3. mshivy

    Poll: Telecaster Switcheroo

    Switched necks on 2 Teles Whaddya like best?
  4. mshivy

    Requests for the International Metal Coalition

    In case anyone hasn’t heard, we got an awesome Metal Band right here on ST @pazman6 - Screaming Banshee Vocals @sam_in_cali and @Mouse - Twin Molten Metal Guitar attack @Robins - low end Rumble master I’m making a request for Rainbow in the Dark I figure you guys could crank that out in no...
  5. mshivy

    Happy Mother’s Day @Mansonienne!

    Happy Mother’s Day to our own @Mansonienne ! I just read it’s not Mother’s Day in France, so the ST community will have to do it. hope your kids know they have a hip, cool, rockin’ mom!
  6. mshivy

    Best Movie Endings:

    What are your favorite movie endings? I love the original Conan ending
  7. mshivy

    Ali- Frazier on ESPN Tonight (Saturday night)

    All 3 Ali -Frazier fights are on ESPN tonight. I’m east coast, they’re starting at 7pm here Nothing like those 2, greatest fights ever I’d love to watch ‘em but for some reason I think I’m gonna get overruled by the 3 women
  8. mshivy

    Butter vs Cream Cheese????

    So, what do you like??? Bagels are awesome Good bagels- bad bagels are just awful
  9. mshivy

    Happy Birthday Rick Astley!!!!

    Who doesn’t love this guy? I know @abnormaltoy @AncientAx and @sam_in_cali are big fans. I think @CigBurn is also planning a cover of this -
  10. mshivy

    Duane Allman's Les Pauls

    Thought I'd share this, cool story. I figure @abnormaltoy and @AncientAx would dig this ( if you guys didn't read it already) So Duane kept the pickups sunk low with the pole pieces...
  11. mshivy

    Stuffed Unicorn as Attenuator

    just though I’d share this for other ST members on a budget You can use a large stuffed animal in front of your speakers as a baffle
  12. mshivy

    Happy Birthday Keith!

    Keith Richards is 76 Damn. He should receive an honorary doctorate in pharmacology. Always will be one of my favorite guitar players. So what’s your favorite Keith riff/ song / Tone? He gets in the rhythm guitar Hall of Fame off Honky Tonk Women alone, in my opinion
  13. mshivy

    How Old Is Your Phone?

    So, how old is your phone? Android or iPhone? Feel free to complain or rave Mine is 5 years old now iPhone, I don’t know what the hell model it is. I don’t want to get a new phone, but probably will need to
  14. mshivy

    There Will Be Fuzz.......

    Ok, so post or talk about your fav Fuzzes. Or Fuzzes you want. Or Fuzzes you need. Fuzz is awesome No icepick treble pickup with a good Fuzz! This is my $34 Biyang - it does that Led Zeppelin 1 sound pretty good, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it
  15. mshivy

    Kelly Bundy is 48.....

    and we are really old..... Happy birthday to Christina Applegate. She still looks freakin’ good. I remember in the late ‘80’s Married with Children caused such an uproar. Now it’s tame Gotta love Al Bundy! He’s awesome
  16. mshivy

    Show Your Tubescreamers!

    today is 8/08 - Do show your Tubescreamers or TS variants I just have the reissue, I have an early TS9 somewhere-
  17. mshivy

    Rutger Hauer Died....,

    Damn. 75 years old Loved him in Blade Runner
  18. mshivy

    Do You Sneak Snacks into the Movie Theater??

    So tonight me and the wife and kids are seeing The Lion King Whoo Hoo!! I can’t sneak candy and stuff in because my wife will tell me I’m cheap and a shanty lowlife So what do you do? Hide snacks in your coat? Under your hat? In your pants? If you just started dating do you just spend the...
  19. mshivy

    My Black Strat ( Gilmour type)

    here’s my Black strat build Fender body- I got it for $150 before they raised the price Allparts 12” radius neck - I actually prefer 9 1/2 but whatever Wilkinson Vibrato bridge Gotoh tuners Tusq nut Fender 57/62’s - neck&middle DiMarzio FS1 - bridge I like David Gilmour though I’m not the...
  20. mshivy

    If 6 Was 9-

    today is June 9 - or 6/09 But what if a 6 turned out to be 9? Talking about the man- So give your thoughts on Mr James Marshall Hendrix To me, strip away the hype and myth-making, and you have one of the most vocal guitar players ever. Even at his most bombastic, there was still a...
  21. mshivy

    Van Halen’s “ Eruption” Butchered by Middle-Aged Soccer Dad-

    That would be me, trying some old Eddie Van Halen in the basement There’s a million people on YouTube who play this better than me, but what the hell Eddie Van Halen was so phenomenal- his chops, that sound, the crazy, off-kilter frantic style he had Every time I hear him he still...
  22. mshivy

    Scariest Horror Movie?

    In your opinion, what’s the best and or scariest Horror movie of all time ? I’m going with The Exorcist-
  23. mshivy

    Single Greatest Rock-n-Roll Song?

    your opinion: What is the one single greatest Rock n Roll song ever? You can’t pick 2!! I’m going with Jumpin’ Jack Flash Greatest rock n roll song by the greatest rock n roll band Yours??
  24. mshivy

    Happy Birthday Robins

    let’s all wish our resident amp guru and super cool guy @Robins a very Happy Birthday Some of us know he’s also a kickass guitarist as well as an amp expert Happy Birthday bro- Hope you get some cool guitar or METAL related gifts!!
  25. mshivy

    Remind Me to Get the Car Inspected-

    I better do this tomorrow, between taking the 9 year old to dance class and then her and the 12 year old each have a soccer game Those tickets are inexpensive Think how much guitar crap you could buy with $115 bucks- All of yous better do what you gotta do to-