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  1. sicosi

    more photos

    number 2 in production as we speak lol just need to pick a colour ?????
  2. sicosi

    well here she is my home made strat

    thanks to everybody who helped
  3. sicosi

    Pickup diy split coil

    Hi guys is it possible to convert a humbucker which only has 2 wires coming from it ,into a split coil humbucker
  4. sicosi

    soft paint finish HELP))))))))))))

    committed a guitar crime,, sprayed guitar with car paint ,can anyone help, is there anything apart from refinish with proper lacquer ,i can put on my guitar to harden the finish ,i can push my finger nail into it and it leaves marks
  5. sicosi

    Finishing neck first or fret it

    hi building a fender neck and was wondering do i fret the neck first then spray the finish over the whole thing or finish the neck then fret it .
  6. sicosi

    truss rod

    hi first thread, happy new year by the way, I'm building a fender style guitar and am about to router the neck for the truss rod,all the videos on you tube show a curved truss rod, and jigs with a curve in them,i have ordered my truss rod with wd music and my rod is straight, its blue in colour...
  7. sicosi


    hi just joined strat talk,looking forward to finding out a bit more about my strat