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  1. HazyPurple

    Duesenberg Les trem...

    Anyone using one? Thinking about getting one for my Revstar. What are the pros and cons? They look simple to fit and no need to make extra holes in body. Thanks
  2. HazyPurple

    Summer's gone...

    Time to put on those jumpers! Here's a photo of some 1/4" shaft control knobs, plectrum included...
  3. HazyPurple

    I didn't catch it!

    Okay, we aren't allowed do COVID threads. But my 3rd wife went to a family 40th birthday party in London and they all caught it. We have separate bedrooms and we socially distance as far away from each other as possible. Me not get it! I don't think I stand a chance of catching Monkey Pox, phew!
  4. HazyPurple

    King Charles iii

    Let's hope he has an easier time than his predecessors... Charles I got himself killed Charles 2.0 had to exile Charles iii? I'm watching, he's had a long time awaiting...
  5. HazyPurple

    Tele' three barrel saddles...

    I received a CV Tele the day before I went on holiday. Now I'm back I'm trying to set the guitar up with Gotoh 'in tune' compensated saddles. It's taken me a couple of hours trying to get the intonation to an acceptable setup but bass E is being a pain. The rest is okay. Is this normal as I...
  6. HazyPurple

    NGD!, (Squier CV ⚓)

    Decided I'll try an Indonesian Squier after being satisfied with the QC ofan Ind' Revstar. I don't have a Tele'. Checked guitar for any defects and all looks okay... There's no contouring so I was kinda expecting she would weigh more than my Strat', sure was thinking 8 1/2 lbs Had to...
  7. HazyPurple

    I think my last guitar...

    ... came from Holland. That would explain why it took 4 weeks. Gotta put up with promotion emails I don't understand...
  8. HazyPurple

    NGD, REVSTAR Std 2.0

    Visited my nearest guitar store a couple of months ago to get a replacement chorus pedal. They had a some demonstrator Revstars in there... had to try the Std 02t and 20, couldn't help myself. Haven't had a 24.75 scale mahogany maple cap guitar with that type of bridge before. Les Pauls have...
  9. HazyPurple

    Fingers crossed 🤞

    Maybe I'll get the tracking tomorrow? Delivery God's please forgive me for all my rock-'n'-roll sins and deliver my guitar in one piece please 👹
  10. HazyPurple

    Vivlex mini pedals

    Been playing around with these little guys and find them quite entertaining... small things satisfy small minds and all that lols But seriously, if space is at a premium, you have small feet and have a small budget. These only cost a little over £20 GBP each and they do a job. The knobs are...
  11. HazyPurple

    Lost and found

    The mystery of the missing Zippo has been solved; It's in the washing machine!
  12. HazyPurple

    Are shrimps rock'n'roll?

    They don't react to provocation because they are they fastest thing in the tank. They survive!
  13. HazyPurple


    Well new second hand GD I've gone full circle, I started out on one of these; Was browsing Market place and this little guitar was only 5 miles away and looking for a new home. The only 'damage' is a little scrap on edge No fret wear, Mum and Dad said they bought for daughter and she...
  14. HazyPurple

    Any Fairies out there?

    Going on the Xmas theme;
  15. HazyPurple


    This is the last one... those famous last words. Lekato looper The box looks like a jewelry box. A loop is a ring, I suppose. Got a tuner inside. Took me 10 minutes to work out the one button operation thing, ended up overdubbing overdubbing dross, but I got there My inanimate...
  16. HazyPurple

    So who won the slime green Strat' supporting member raffle?

    I haven't seen the NGD thread yet. Apologies if I blinked and missed it
  17. HazyPurple


    Boss PW3 I was after a wah that could do a sweep clean without being too bright. The rich switch fits the bill... so far Add some distortion or go-to dirt channel, then the vintage selection cuts thru nicely That Badass led is unnecessary, I can hear it when engaged, like with...
  18. HazyPurple


    WARNING: CONTAINS MINT GREEN SCRATCH PLATE CONTENT! I've gone full circle, from SSS to HSS back to SSS. This time I'm rollin' with alnico II This is how they measure up from the end of the wires; Neck Middle Bridge Neck and Middle are sharing tone 1 and Bridge has tone 2, Sprague...
  19. HazyPurple


    :eek:... Not for me, I'm subscribing again. You bunch are worth £11.49 GBP, that's less than a quid a month. All the best and rock on :D
  20. HazyPurple

    Stormy weather in the East Midlands (UK)

    Barricade the windows and lock the doors! The greenhouse isn't where it normally is. Happy Halloween
  21. HazyPurple


    Blackstar HT-5 Secondhand home use only. Good condition everything works, had good test with Strat'. Has been fitted with a WGS veteran speaker and Philips valve kit. I'm happy, this thing rocks!
  22. HazyPurple

    Cheap clone pedals?

    Ok I get it, cheaper components mean less longevity. But they can sound terrific, near damn 6x less expensive than the real deal they are based on. My question is? I'm using rechargeable batteries instead of sag/swell transient mains adapters, so the cheap pedals should last longer?
  23. HazyPurple

    3 pedals in 3 weeks

    Somebody help me! In the early days of me playing guitar I felt I needed and bought lots of pedals. But after spending X amount of cash on pedals I realized all I needed is an half descent valve amp, or two. That would be cheaper than the pedals that I purchased (that's a jest, almost) During...
  24. HazyPurple

    Todays' task...

    Picking all these blasted ornamental cherries up. I can't stop thinking about Gibson SG's for some reason :thumbd:
  25. HazyPurple

    Is this being practical?

    Johnny Marr guitar