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  1. gliderider22

    Amp play/display/storage ideas

    Hope you all well, been awhile. I’ve got 9 Fender tube amps from dating from 1966 to 1981, champs, vibro champs, Bronco, Princeton etc. you get the point. I was trying to figure out a way to display/store out in the open but other than custom made furniture not sure what to do? Some have...
  2. gliderider22

    Fender tour

    Does anyone know if Fender has a factory tour in California that's open to the public?
  3. gliderider22

    NGFM Crafted in Japan O series

    This one called out to me on a CL, found out the guy was around the corner and after a quick trial made a sweet deal I got this baby to come home with me. It's pretty sweet and the pickups sound amazing. Any ideas on what the pickups might be? I am pretty sure that the pickups and...
  4. gliderider22

    Nashville Recording Studio

    I am looking for a reference into a recording studio in Nashville, TN. I am open, let's see what you got!
  5. gliderider22

    Switch problem, it's sliding

    I have a early 80's MIJ Startocaster with a DM-50 switch that functions electronically properly but it doesn't click into position. I've never encountered this before it's just a slide to the position and then you just let go and hope it's the right spot. Is there a way to correct this...
  6. gliderider22

    Trem Arm Question

    Just wondering if anyone knows when Fender used these types tremolo arms (without the tip) and on what models? It's not the type that goes with the System 1 on the MIJ Contemporary Strats. Any ideas?
  7. gliderider22

    Newport Guitar Festival this weekend

    Edit Edit ----------Sorry
  8. gliderider22

    Have a laugh (ebay)

    ...and there is even a bidder. 1980s Fender Japan 57 Reissue neck Stratocaster strat - eBay (item 170454303193 end time Mar-06-10 18:46:45 PST)
  9. gliderider22

    Wire Resource

    I understand that there many variations in regard to fretwire. Is there a resource that would explain the differences?
  10. gliderider22

    12 String Mod

    Check out this headstock mod. Looks like it works just a bit crowded.
  11. gliderider22

    Clapton doing a T-MOBILE commercia?

    Just caught a T-Mobile commercial staring slowhand, really?! In the ad he's standing in front of a dozen strats and he's getting a call from Buddy Guy on his limited edition Fender cell phone. Did I really see what I think I saw? Holy crap.
  12. gliderider22

    Indentity Crisis

    Check this one out, pretty weird. I kind of like it, just needs another pickup in my opinion.
  13. gliderider22

    80's MIJ Hardtail?

    Does anyone know if they did a hardtail Strat in Japan mid to late eighties? Thanks!
  14. gliderider22

    Buffing out the Strat

    I have used steel wool on my Strat to fix a chip, what do you use to buff this area? I have built up the area and used the steel wool to get it smooth and flush. Will I have to use more poly at the end? Thanks!
  15. gliderider22

    Filling in a dent and a chip

    Does anyone have experience filling in a dented area that caused a thin layer of poly too crack off? In the past I have just added small amount of poly until it's built up to level. Once level, wool it and polish it. Could I use a small amount of wood filler? Anyone have any other ideas?
  16. gliderider22

    Trem cover for MIJ Contemporary Strat?

    I have a MIJ Fender Contemporary Stratocaster with an E5***** serial number which I have owned for many years now. I never had the trem cover. My question is, what's up with the indented area around the outside of the trem cavity? If I wanted to buy a cover what size and where whould I find...
  17. gliderider22

    Phish'n Miami New Years

    Went to see the band at the American Airlines arena the last few nights and they just get better everytime. I've been seeing them live since the 89' with a hiatus from 1997 to 2003. Tonight the New Years show! Just thought I'd share and see if there are any other Phish fans out there...
  18. gliderider22

    Strat Pack Concert

    Just changing some channels on the TV and stumbled on "The Strat Pack Celebrates 50years of the Fender Stratocaster" concert. I just caught the end, David Gilmour's performance. Looks like I'm going to have to see when it's playing again or purchase the DVD. The channel in the US is Palladia...
  19. gliderider22

    travel guitaring

    I travel somewhat often for business and also for pleasure, I am out of town quite often and being away from my Strats is difficult. I have acquired these travel guitars over the years to save my sanity while I'm away. Great for hotel rooms, waiting in airports and even in the plane (if it's...
  20. gliderider22

    nut on my new used strat

    I recently purchased and received a new (used) Strat from a reputable national music store. When I received the guitar the nut was split in the middle. The guitar is playable but the nut doesn't have much life left in her. Now I am not one to complain but I am also not one to sit in silence...
  21. gliderider22

    1966 Fender Telecaster Neck

    1966 Fender Telecaster Neck stamped - 3APR66B It's missing the nut, tuners and needs a new truss rod nut. The neck is in fine shape, frets are still good and the decal is in good shape. Anyone know what it's worth?
  22. gliderider22

    Fender MIJ Serial #s

    Why are some of the serial #s on the headstock and others have it on the bottom of the neck? Just curious, thanks!
  23. gliderider22

    Hardtail Strat

    I am looking to get a hardtail strat, any ideas or recommendations? Anything that I should stay away from? I need some guidance.
  24. gliderider22

    Wiring 101

    I am a complete novice when it comes to wiring and electronics and I have a question for the experienced techs out there. I am looking to wire 1 pickup to a volume control and to the output. In the past I have gone from the pickup to the output successfully but have not added a volume. Please...
  25. gliderider22

    70's Strats

    What are some of the years/models of 70's Strats that have been recreated for a reissue? Also, I have noticed many of the 70's era Strats have natural or just stained bodies. Where there colors available? If so, examples?