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  1. Rbert0005

    Thinking of changing my stock white pickguard...

    Do yourself a couple favors before you do the swap. Measure the pickup heights Buy some pickup springs and chuck those rubber spacers. They are a real pita to deal with.
  2. Rbert0005

    Stuck neck

    Here it is. I will be trying the suggestions soon. Robert Cray
  3. Rbert0005

    Stuck neck

    Too late to return it to SW. I’ve had it for a while, just been ignoring it. It is fine with the 10s on it, but I want to go to 9s.
  4. Rbert0005

    Stuck neck

    I’ll move it around
  5. Rbert0005

    Stuck neck

    New guitar, the neck does not want to budge. Heel adjustment of truss rod. I tried backing the screws out some and hitting as hard as I dared as to not damage the threads with a 1 1/2 lb lixie hammer. Nothing What do you guys do in a case like this? Bob
  6. Rbert0005

    What pot shaft sizes are common/standard on a G&L ASAT?

    Simpelist way to know is by measuring them.
  7. Rbert0005

    NGD American Performer

    That’s my favorite color on those. Enjoy
  8. Rbert0005

    New Aerodyne Strat

    No contest at all
  9. Rbert0005

    New Aerodyne Strat

    No way am I a fan of oversized routes. 👎
  10. Rbert0005

    79-81 crooked bridge

    With the amount of crud on everything, does it really matter?
  11. Rbert0005

    NGD a little different

    Pups are 58/15s. I had those in a different guitar and let it slip away, now I am back. There is a small block to support the bridge, other than that it is hollow.
  12. Rbert0005

    NGD a little different

    The pups in it sound as good as it looks.
  13. Rbert0005

    NGD a little different

    I’ve been looking at it for a few weeks and couldn’t hold out any longer. PRS Hollowbody II
  14. Rbert0005

    Neck Pocket Gap in a Fender Custom Shop Strat 59 LTD is this normal?

    I wish I could have some of that gap on one of my Strats. Short of doing something I don’t want to its neck will not budge. And it’s heel adjust trem rod.
  15. Rbert0005

    First strat - is this normal for the volume/tone knob?

    I guess you didn’t know what you were buying. That’s the was they are setup.
  16. Rbert0005

    New phone, clearer pix!

    Now take you pics outside and you’ll be golden. Bob
  17. Rbert0005

    The Most beautiful Stratocaster of them all ?

    No, Aerodyne Strat made in Japan. Bob
  18. Rbert0005

    NGD I think I have bought my last guitar! Lake Placid Blue Strat classic series

    When the honeymoon is over you can start all over :)
  19. Rbert0005

    Neck Screw Depth

    You do realize that .7” is just about 3/4”?
  20. Rbert0005

    GRD - Guitar Rescue Day

    You still need to polish the frets that’ll get the fingerboard to pop out.
  21. Rbert0005

    New (to me) Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster on the way...

    You must have it by now. Where are the PICS?
  22. Rbert0005

    NGD...60s Vintera Stratocaster

    I had to check to see if mine was still here. Got this one a couple weeks ago. I have the same opinion of it.
  23. Rbert0005

    The Most beautiful Stratocaster of them all ?

    Wasn’t made in America, but

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