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  1. Rbert0005

    Stuck neck

    New guitar, the neck does not want to budge. Heel adjustment of truss rod. I tried backing the screws out some and hitting as hard as I dared as to not damage the threads with a 1 1/2 lb lixie hammer. Nothing What do you guys do in a case like this? Bob
  2. Rbert0005

    NGD a little different

    I’ve been looking at it for a few weeks and couldn’t hold out any longer. PRS Hollowbody II
  3. Rbert0005


    Lucked into this unplayed 60s Vintera on a trade. Boy, I really like Strats :) And they all sound wonderful thru my SuperSonic. Bob
  4. Rbert0005

    NGD, but not for long

    I am sorry to say it’s going back to SW. Nothing wrong with the guitar, it just isn’t me. I am by no means a shredder. I am replacing it with a 50s Gold Top Epi
  5. Rbert0005

    I am done with the mods

    Bought a Custom 24 to mod to what I wanted. Install some Seth Lover pups Locking tuners Changed to black pick up rings New knobs and switch tip Sanded and polished the back of the neck I think I am done, maybe 🤔
  6. Rbert0005


    I’ve been busy the last couple weeks. First a CV60 And for something a bit different a Micksel Kelley
  7. Rbert0005


    One showed up at my local guys place. Had to bring it home.
  8. Rbert0005


    I hadn’t turned my Deluxe Reverb on since I got a 68 Princeton a few weeks ago. I had the chance to swap for this bad boy the other day. The fat 50s sound absolutely glorious thru this. Everything else does well too. :-)
  9. Rbert0005

    Sticky neck

    My new Strat has a heel truss rod. Wanted to adjust it and the neck does not want to come out of the body. I did rap on the loosened screws harder than I would have liked, no movement at all. What is the next step without doing any damage? Bob
  10. Rbert0005

    Fed Ex Watch

    Long day ahead. This is coming. Bob
  11. Rbert0005

    MIM Robert Cray ?

    I am about 2 hearbeats away fro buying one without ever seeing one in person. Are there any minuses, save for the heel trussrod? Bob
  12. Rbert0005

    Where do you guys buy your tubes?

    I have a Princeton Reverb that I want to replace the tubes in. I really don't want to pay Fender prices. Bob
  13. Rbert0005


    Picked this up the other day. Figured it would be a good place to put the Seth Lover pups I have into. Time will tell :)
  14. Rbert0005

    Player Plus pups

    Is it my imagination, or are the pups in the Strat somewhat dark?
  15. Rbert0005


    First time I see one this color. I had to make it mine. :-) Player Plus Olympic Pearl.
  16. Rbert0005

    I did it again NGD

    That sweet Goldtop I picked up last week turned into this 59 special edition that showed up used yesterday.
  17. Rbert0005


    Stopped by my regular shop and this was hanging as a new trade in. 2021 build date, plastic on pickups, plastic on the pick guard, in a new hardshell case. Not a mark on it. I do need to get the story on it though. Needless to say it resides at my house now. :-)
  18. Rbert0005


    Finally !!! I moved to SC a year and a half ago and this is the first SSS version that I see at my local dealer. I am liking it a bunch. Bob
  19. Rbert0005

    Fret end burrs

    If I had a beater guitar I would not have to ask. There are some burrs I would like to smoothen out. How much damage, if any, would running some fine paper up and down the edge of the fingerboard? Pao Ferro so there is no poly to worry about. Bob
  20. Rbert0005

    I should be set

    I think I can get pretty much anywhere I want to go with this stuff. Won’t keep the GAS away I’m sure. Bob
  21. Rbert0005

    NGD again

    Stopped by my local shop yesterday and looked into the tech’s room to say hello, and oooh what’s that? “We just took it in on a trade.” 2020 limited edition Mim. Fat 50s in it and a roasted maple neck. Ah, ok, I’ll take it. 2 Strats in 2 days. First world issues :) Bob
  22. Rbert0005

    High fret

    What is safe to use to tap down a slightly high fret? I really don’t want to damage it. Bob
  23. Rbert0005


    Thought I would take a ride by my local GC. Hadn’t been in a while. This was on sale and it had to come home with me :-) Bob Better pics to come
  24. Rbert0005


    I had one of these a few years ago and can’t remember why I got rid if it. This one showed up locally used and the rest is history. Bob
  25. Rbert0005


    Couldn’t pass it up. Comes with Seymore Duncan 59s and JBs. This thing will down right scream, if you want it to. I’m liking it. Bob

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