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  1. mexipan

    Why are American Originals stratocasters so scarce?

    I love mine, it's an awesome guitar. I'd like a darker neck tint tho.
  2. mexipan

    Curry anyone?

  3. mexipan

    NGD! Fender American original 60s, and question

    Wow, nice fretboard ! HNGD
  4. mexipan


    HNGD, and welcome to the AO '60s lovers club
  5. mexipan

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    That strat is so nice that my boner hurts. Congrats, you made everyone drool.
  6. mexipan

    $850 each.

    I wanna try a PRS soeasy call this time
  7. mexipan

    What's in the box?

    I hope it's not a head this time
  8. mexipan

    Weight Vs aesthetics

    Yes because I don't care about my guitars weight
  9. mexipan

    Tweed Case Recomendation?

    I have a G&G tweed case, can't complain about it.
  10. mexipan

    What's the best starter Strat for under £400

    Used Classic Vibe. The china ones are very nice.
  11. mexipan

    Band name decision

    With tastes like yours, you should consider it.
  12. mexipan

    Band name decision

    @ThebiggestJerk just shut the f up, thanks.
  13. mexipan

    Do any of you prefer the look/feel of a Pau Ferro Fingerboard over a Rosewood Fingerboard?

    No. Never. I want a SRV strat but that Pau Ferro punch me in the face every time I look at it.
  14. mexipan

    Which American Original ’60s Strat finish do you like best?

    Sunburst Shell Pink Olympic White CAR is ugly, I don't understand why people like it so much
  15. mexipan

    Original hardcase ?

    @JDRNoPro thanks
  16. mexipan

    Original hardcase ?

    Not at all, I just want to know if it's original because the '57 AVRI is usually not delivered with this HC.
  17. mexipan

    Original hardcase ?

    For AVRIs from 2008/2009 ?
  18. mexipan

    Original hardcase ?

    Thanks @John C for the infos @Ebidis is it ?
  19. mexipan

    Fender American Classic (Original Replacement)

    So my AVRI and AO used prices will go up again ? :)
  20. mexipan

    Original hardcase ?

    Hi guys, I've got an 2008/2009 AVRI '57 strat with a tweed hardcase with a red interior. Usually it's an orange one. I ran the sn on the fender website and thé right hardcase comes up. I also contacted fender and they told me it's possible according to their stocks at the moment. So I'm asking...
  21. mexipan

    Anyone use a tablet?

    Yes, as guitar pick
  22. mexipan

    Karate, boxing and other knuckle disciplines

    Not every style of karate.