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  1. Stratoman10

    I wanna. But i dont feel like it

    I was seriously considering a new Mesa Boogie 5/35. But with the recent price jump and a new cab it's going to run closer to 3K than I can comfortably go I run two stereo rigs in two different rooms. Both have a Blackstar HT20 MKII. The other amps are a Mesa Rectoverb and a Hughes and Kettner...
  2. Stratoman10

    I wanna but i dont feel like it

    I have two stereo rigs at home in two different rooms. I want to see how my Hughes and Kettner Tubemiester 36 pairs up with my Mesa Rectoverb. The idea being that since the Mesa 5/35 that I really want will be almost 3K by the time I get a cab I really can't comfortably swing it. Since I like...
  3. Stratoman10

    For the Rory Gallagher fans out there

    I'll have to check this one out
  4. Stratoman10

    Bixby app in Samsung, Android phones

    Does anyone actually use that annoying app ? That you can't get rid of ? As far as I can tell it's pretty useless as well as annoying but it's embedded so tightly it can't be deleted.
  5. Stratoman10

    Just me ?

    Am I the only one who has to have the master bath door closed when going to bed ?
  6. Stratoman10

    It was bound to happen someday

    My 99 or 2000 AmStd is about ready for a refret. Noticed it had been temperamental lately but couldn't narrow it down. Took it in for a setup and general poking around and just got the good news Not what I wanted to hear but time catches up to everything. And before anyone suggests replacing...
  7. Stratoman10


    Kept having to get stuff out of my car at work. Forgot to lock it. Normally I lock glovebox. Forgot that too. So go out for lunch, glovebox open, wallet gone. Along with new jeans, belt and lunchbag.
  8. Stratoman10


    The cable TV cord has been cut. Now I have about 500 feet of coax cable I dont need and a bunch of HDMI cords. I'll miss watching all the Nationals games but I won't miss that freaking bill every month. It was only 60 bucks less than my mortgage
  9. Stratoman10


    Cut the cable cord a couple of weeks ago. Now I have 500 feet of coax cable and a bunch of HDMI cables im not using. As soon as I find wherever it is I need to return all this equipment to it'll be nice to get all this stuff out of my house I will miss being able to watch all the Nationals...
  10. Stratoman10

    Sticker shock

    Just bought a two pack of 9 volt batteries and an 8 oz bag of Grandma Utz chips in the brown bag Sixteen bucks and change. Ouch !!!
  11. Stratoman10

    Time to admit it

    I think its time to let my vinyl collection go to the used store. I've had a turntable I just cant make room for for more years than I can think of. If it was going to happen it would have by now. Only a few are collectable, an original color version of Some Girls, a flame cover Street...
  12. Stratoman10

    Finding new homeowners ins is fun

    My current homeowners company is not going to be doing business in Va any longer. So the hunt begins. Checking on car insurance while I'm at it. Off today so the fun has started
  13. Stratoman10

    Well shoot

    My birthday is next month. I figured nothing says happy 62 like a new Gibson 335. According to my local Gibson dealer it would take about a year to get here Plan B is a Mesa Boogie 5/35 head. A waiting list there too but my dealer has a small MB order coming, maybe they get that amp...
  14. Stratoman10

    I think I'm going to get my first acoustic guitar

    I mentioned a week and a half or so ago that my friend of 55 years passed. Been friends since we were 6 or so His brother had to clean his house after the ME took the body. Called me Sunday and told me that there was a pawn ticket for his guitar. Nothing special, a Fender acoustic but only 80...
  15. Stratoman10

    Kevin showed up at work this morning

    Had a visitor this morning
  16. Stratoman10

    Random daily observations

    You can take a plastic container and put it in the microwave for a few minutes with no issues Yet if you put the same container on a stove burnet that you forgot was on low heat for just a second, stuff goes south in seconds
  17. Stratoman10

    Not a fun post

    I just found out my best friend passed away a few days ago. He'd been having seizures for a few years but they couldn't figure out why. He lived in NC and I'm here in Va so I couldn't see him as much as I'd like. Shoot, we'd been friends for about 55 years through thick and thin. Referring to...
  18. Stratoman10

    And it begins today

    Who's your team ? For me it's the Nats. Their first draft pick was Ryan Zimmerman, a local guy. They pretty terrible for the first few years. But you could see them getting better slowly but surely. So now I have an ungodly cable bill just to watch them. Orioles are on the same network and...
  19. Stratoman10

    What's your TV vegetation station

    What do you watch, or just keep on when you just want some distraction in the background ? For me it's either Star Trek Next Generation, Pluto TV has a channel dedicated to it, or Fail Army type stuff on YouTube
  20. Stratoman10

    The dream has died

    Neighborette and I were noticing that after the noisy neighbors in the building next door were being awfully quiet maybe there was a breakup on the way. They woke bunch of us up last week fighting after midnight. But no, just saw them in the parking lot all sunshine and smiles. With a new...
  21. Stratoman10

    I dont think this is a bootleg

    Been looking for this disc for prob 30 years. Finally found it around New Years, it finally got here today. With the packaging including 14 page booklet I dont see this as being a bootleg copy. Funny thing is that while I like Nils but not a mega fan. I looked for it off and on for awhile with...
  22. Stratoman10

    It only took about 35 years

    I've been trying to find a CD copy of Nils Lofgren Night After Night disc. If I'd see one it would be between 100 to 300 bucks used. So no, not doing that. Saw a new one on Amazon around Christmas for 22. Apparently its back in print Ordered it right then but they weren't going to guarantee...
  23. Stratoman10

    Does anyone else really not like taking money from friends for small stuff ?

    Saturday night Neighborette and her brothers had gone out, her and one of the brothers had birthdays last week. They were out, maybe ten minutes from the house. They were with some other couple that had to leave due to an issue with a babysitter. I had texted her about something else and she...
  24. Stratoman10

    My favorite MLB player just retired

    Zim was a VB local, great career. I hate seeing him go but he really had nothing left to prove. I won't be surprised if he ends up back with the Nats in some capacity
  25. Stratoman10

    This could be inconvenient

    Looking for rain turning to snow starting tomorrow prob into Sat AM. Probably close to a foot. An inch here is bad enough. Over 6 is paralyzing. As long as we don't get an ice storm with it it will be somewhat bearable. Luckily our condos are on the same power grid as the hospital

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