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    That deal you thought might never come in 2016 is here A MIM Deluxe Nashville for $ 499 (less the discount I know you guys can wrangle). This is a huge value. Run, don't walk to your favorite store or to GC, or if you like to gamble, order a...
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    Beware this Special Edition Classic 60s MIM

    Fender Special Edition '60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar | GuitarCenter This is a nice guitar, and it is nice to find such guitars in stock at Guitar Center for a change, but this juxtaposition of a bright yellow with the typical strong Mint Green modern pickguard, is vomitable in person. The...
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    Fender USA Nitro Satin Stratocaster $ 799

    Fender USA Nitro Satin Series Stratocaster Electric Guitar Honeyburst Maple Fingerboard | Musician's Friend How about this, guys? The Rebirth of the Highway One, but with better pickups, etc?
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    Squier VM Jazzmaster Special $ 179 at MF

    Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Special Electric Guitar 2 Tone Sunburst | Musician's Friend Anyone liking the looks of these? Indonesia (Cortek), right? :idea::idea:
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    PSA on closure, Reston Best Buy

    Normally I recommend against buying CVs because of their origin (trade reasons). But right now there's a really sweet CV Strat, 3 piece alder body and flatsawn neck, no shop damage or issues, marked $ 199 and I bet you could get it for less. For one of ya'll who need a Strat having had to sell...
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    Musicians Friend not Strat friendly

    Latest catalog, with one of the Avett brothers on it (Seth) has adverts for: $ 499 MIM Standard Strat; And maybe 3 Fender Strats of $ 1,199 or more. And that's all. Unless you count the Pawn Shop with the S body at $ 799. About 150 pages. What's the deal? Are they supposed to sell themselves?
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    American Special ---- Surf Green

    American Special Stratocaster® | Fender American Special Series | Fender Electrics Give me a good reason why you are not going to buy this guitar. Can you? :razz:
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    Do you think trem springs are a wear item?

    Yes or no? Do you eventually replace the trem springs on your Stratocaster or S style guitar? I was thinking about occasions when I do change them, as well as thinking about the percentage of instances where I replaced the springs or strut assemblies on different cars. If you sell or trade...
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    Daisy Guards the Telecasters

    She keeps them from roughhousing amongst one another. It is how guitars get rusticated, if you're not careful. :razz:
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    To those with the 2012 tummy cut American Standard

    Telecaster. Would you pop the control plate and/or pickguard off and tell us how many leads you have from your Twisted Tele neck pickup? Much obliged.
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    American Special FSR Ash Body SSS Strat

    Trans blonde finish, maple board: Fender FSR American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar | Musician's Friend Pretty cool, eh?
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    Cool USACG project S body

    USACG - Web Specials - Bodies Body #6. Ash, 2 piece, 4 pounds 3 ounces (nice weight). These are some great prices; I wish they'd been this low when I was buying a lot. If you have the money, go for Body #1. Nice
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    What type of bridge does this 12 string Strat MIJ use?

    Vintage RI Fender 12 String Hardtail Strat BODY Guitar $60 OFF! | eBay Does this use the ubiquitous Gotoh 12 string bridge? Much obliged.
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    Favorite song by artist Jackson Pollock

    I just wanted to poke fun at referring to Bieber and Gaga as artists. Made me think of when they get Elephants to paint in artists colors. :grin: I know I've hurt someone's feelings (and I'm sorry!) but I thought it was food for thought and worth saying. They're stars. Stardom is what...
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    Lefties near Falls Church, VA

    There's a Guitar Center there (one of 2 in Fairfax County) with 3 used lefty Strats for sale. The one I think is especially worthy of being checked over is a MIM Standard SB "Partscaster" with a premium MIJ JV style Fenderjapan neck on it. Chunky fat neck, Gotoh vintage tuners and very nice...
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    2 + 7/32nds mount spacing, 2 + 1/EIGHTHS string spacing

    Just saying, Mr. Callaham needed to do one. Heck. He already had done one. $ 200. Man, I sure wish I had some cash handy!
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    Are some CV Strats undersized?

    I played a CV Strat in a store ($ 248 ) and it felt very small to me. The neck was perfectly quartersawn - the wood was beautiful. I am not gonna offer a review because the strings were not that good, but I can't get over how tiny this guitar felt. Neither the guitar I played before or after...
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    Best Buy String sets sale 2 + 1 = 2

    I mean, buy 2 sets and get another free. Example: D'addario EXL 115s for $ 3.99 times 2 divided by three equals $ 2.66 per pack. That's about the best you can do. In the store; over the 'net and free shipping. I got me some in my hot hands already. Store = sales tax.
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    New Classic Player Colors?

    Red for 60s and Black for 50s? Or are these just export market guitars?
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    Nitro topcoat Am. Standards at Wildwood

    Wildwood Guitars | Fender | Limited Edition American Standard Thin Skin Stratocaster #US10105575 Vintage White Vintage white Nitro lacquer, 150 pieces available total. The neck is still Urethane, just ambered. Single ply pickguard, thankfully NOT mint green with this yellow body color. The...
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    1954 SB (original) brokered by Bill Callaham

    Callaham Vintage Guitars and Parts (1954 Strat +) Very nice.
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    Please show me your Gold Anodized Strat PGs

    :) I have a new 8 hole Fender brand gold anodized pickguard and I'm not feeling the love I expected for the original project I bought it for. It is very VERY "brand new" and almost reminds me of a mirror pickguard in some ways. I am not selling it; I just need some inspiration for where it...
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    New 2010.5 version American Deluxe

    The one with N3 pickups (replacing the existing SCNs) and a passel of new colors. And from what I hear a compound radius ( 9/5-X ) fretboard as a new feature. I was so sure Fender would upgrade the Deluxe within a year of replacing the "Series" with the Standard, and had pretty much given up...
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    Glendale 3 barrel Strat Hardtail Bridge Anyone try this bridge yet? Any observations, comments? Much obliged.