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  1. Belexes

    Looking for a strat with these specs

    One of these... '97, '98 California Series. They are not getting cheaper however. People are listing these way too high. Model Name: California Stratocaster® Model Number: 010-1400-(Color#) and 010-1402-(Color#) Series: California Series Body: Alder (Made in US, Painted in Mexico, Assembled in...
  2. Belexes

    Fender california stratocaster

    I have the strat in CAR and the tele in Vintage white. I have seen a few come up not long ago. I will keep my eyes peeled for one.
  3. Belexes

    Who is your all time fav strat player

    It's a tie... Uli and Ritchie.
  4. Belexes


    Candy Cola?
  5. Belexes

    Your #1?

    Hard to say, probably this one. The PV59s in it sound great and the neck feels great!
  6. Belexes

    Big Apple Strat, where have you been all my life

    I believe the PUPs on that Tele are unpotted. I have one. That might be the reason why?
  7. Belexes

    Uli Roth post #4

    70s Scorpions all the way!! It doesn't get any better. Uli can still do it like no other in his latter years.
  8. Belexes

    Great Footage of Uli

    Naw, that is Rudy Lenners. Uli Jon Roth is in my opinion, one of the best strat players ever. I been listening to him for many years and I still can't get enough.
  9. Belexes

    Great Footage of Uli

    I have never seen this before. Great footage of the Scorpions with Uli. Get some good closeups of him playing that Strat.
  10. Belexes

    New Strat in the morning

    It's gonna sit for a while at $900. :)
  11. Belexes

    Ongoing search for the perfect bright blue metallic Stratocaster

    I love OTM, sometimes it looks blue, sometimes looks green. I love colors that look different in different environments.
  12. Belexes

    Red Strat Thread Start

    Red ahead! 1998 California Series Strat in CAR.
  13. Belexes

    Go Bananas

    Vintage White Tele and Oly white Strat.
  14. Belexes

    Olympic whites .. how many versions?

    Yeah parchment pick guard. Aged White covers and knobs. CS 69 PUPS.
  15. Belexes

    Olympic whites .. how many versions?

    You could have different shades in the same year. My RB sig below. I picked the one with the lightest body.
  16. Belexes

    Let’s have some fun! Show me your MIM guitars!

    '16 60s Baja and 2020 Ritchie Blackmore sig.
  17. Belexes

    Tony Martin Black Sabbath

    Cross Purposes is in my top 5 of Sabbath albums.
  18. Belexes

    My first Stratocaster guitar hero ...

    Let's hope you went further than Purple with Blackmore. If you haven't checked out Rainbow, you are missing Blackmore's best work.
  19. Belexes

    Frugality Check...Which Cell Phone Are You Using ?

    I don't want to be reachable anywhere, anytime. I live in the country, so I need a landline for internet access. I am not someone who enjoys phone calls. Why would I want to be attached to a phone 24/7? I am not missing anything. I get along the same way I got along in the 70's, 80's, 90's. I...