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  1. VentilatorBlues

    WTT: '57ri Strat for '62ri

    Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here. I've missed y'all. Anyways. I'd try Reverb, but I figured this may be a better shot at having a meeting of minds on a trade. I have a 1994 US Vintage (AVRI, as it is colloquially known) '57 reissue Strat, in gracefully-aged black finish. This...
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    '67 Pro Reverb has an appointment with my tech tomorrow...

    ...And don't even try to talk me out of it. :razz: I'm having a Super Reverb/Bassman OT put in my Pro Reverb. Don't worry, purists - I bought one wound specially for Allen Amps by Heyboer with a 2-hole mount, so the mod is completely reversible and non-invasive. Not that I'll be selling this amp...
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    NAD: '64-5 Ampeg Rocket R-12

    Posted this over at TDPRI as well. I've been looking to get into one of these old Ampeg guitar amps for a while, and found a deal that was too good to pass up, so I sold my Pro Jr and picked up this little guy. 12" speaker, handwired, 15-20ish watts. Original RCA 7195 power tubes, and a really...
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    PSA - Great deal on BF Pro Reverb

    Somebody jump on this now... $899 in Chicago, IL. 1965 Blackface Fender Pro Reverb
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    Good deal alert - SF Princeton Reverb

    $550 - nice deal for someone around Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, maybe worth a drive for someone a little further out. Fender Princeton Reverb 1979
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    NAD + New Speaker Day - Pro Jr and Weber Alnico Sig 10-S

    This is a bit of a delayed NAD, as I've had my Pro Jr since Sunday, but better late than never. This is actually Pro Jr. #2 for me, as I owned one for a few years and foolishly traded it away. I really missed having a small amp that could legitimately cut in a small club setting, yet was easy to...
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    NGD: Epiphone ES-175 Premium

    Just picked this up today after selling my Epiphone Broadway earlier this week. For those who maybe haven't seen them yet, this is not the same guitar as the discontinued Epi ES-175 - it is much truer to the Gibson in design and sound. The Gibson '57 Classic pickups sound amazing in this guitar...
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    PSA: GREAT Deal on Blackfaced '70 Twin Reverb

    Not affiliated with this seller in any way, just thought this may be a good deal for a fellow Strat-talker. $650 OBO shipped for a '70 Twin Reverb in great "player" shape - tough to beat that!
  9. VentilatorBlues

    Eminence Lil' Texas Review; aka "PSA For Owners of Big Heavy Fender Amps"

    Just picked up a pair of Eminence Lil' Texas speakers for my Pro Reverb. The sound of the Weber Californias is wonderful with this amp, but at 11lbs apiece, this amp was just not fun to move around. Lighter-magnet, inefficient ceramic speakers aren't really an option for me, and I had never...
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    NGD: Gibson WM-45

    Check it out, here's my new-to-me Gibson WM-45. This guitar is apparently a 2001, and was part of Gibson's sadly-discontinued "Workingman's" series. It is, for all intents and purposes, a J-45 minus the sunburst, and with slightly more basic cosmetic appointments. I think it's lovely - it's...
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    Blackface Pro Reverb/Tele [email protected]

    Just because! :wink:
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    Deal alert: MIJ Elite Epiphone Les Paul

    Check it out, 2002 Epiphone Elite Les Paul, made in Japan at the Fugijen plant. Has had a headstock repair, but even still, this is a steal IMO.
  13. VentilatorBlues

    NGD: Classic '50s Tele!

    After foolishly selling a JV-era MIJ Tele a couple years back and being without a Tele, the call was too much. I miss the feel, the no-nonsense setups, and above all else the sounds of a classic 2-pickup Tele. So, I snagged this Classic Series 50s Tele and have just been so happy with it! I...
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    Just strung up my '62 AVRI with flatwounds....

    ...And I'm loving it!!! :cool: I used 10-48 Chromes, and while I prefer TI flats for my archtops, the brighter Chromes are perfect for solid body Fenders. They still sound Stratty, but a little more robust in the low mids. Plenty of twang and sparkle for classic country or jangly indie rock, but...
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    Killer deal on '72 Super Reverb, Chicago Area

    1972 Silver Fender Super Reverb for Sale ****, I'm thinking about making an offer and driving down myself... Somebody pick this thing up quick before I do something foolish! :wink:
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    New speaker and NOS rectifier tube for my Pro Reverb!

    I've had an old Weber Chicago 12 with a nasty voice coil rub sitting around all summer waiting to be re-coned. Well, I finally got around to it, and the good folks at Weber were happy to rebuild it into a California for me, since the speakers share the same basket and magnet size. I just bolted...
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    Great deal on Non-Master Volume Pro Reverb

    Somebody buy this. $650 for an all-original, classic, 40W SF Pro Reverb? Duh. Do it. You won't regret it! (Not affiliated with seller in any way, just an unabashed Pro Reverb fan) Fender 1973 Pro Reverb Guitar Amp | eBay
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    NAD - Silverface Fender Vibro Champ!

    Not much of a story here; this showed up in a local shop significantly underpriced for what it was, and I just had to scoop it up! It's all original and really clean for a silverface - original Sylvania tubes, Oxfart speaker, etc. After doing a little reading to make sure it was safe, I swapped...
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    NGD - MIJ '65 Mustang

    Man, I am really defecting to the world of offset Fenders lately... sorry guys! This thing turned up locally and I had to pull the trigger; traded a bass cab, a couple speakers and some cash for it. Well worth it. What a beauty! I was a little turned off to 24" scale Fenders after having a Jag...
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    "Strats suck for jazz", "Strat bridge pickup is thin; sucks", etc etc.

    I'll just leave this here.... Quentin Warren is the guitarist.
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    Cool '68 Custom Twin Reverb Demo

    Ok, basically everything 'til about 2:06 sounds like your basic run-of-the-mill spanky clean Twin ... until he flips over to the "Custom" channel. Man!! This thing gets way gnarlier than I expected it to! Fender '68 CUSTOM TWIN REVERB Trial movie by CLOUD9STUDIO - YouTube
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    New Speaker Day - WGS G12C/S

    True to form, the sole remaining, tired old Oxford 12L6 in my '67 Pro Reverb started producing an audible voice coil rub almost immediately after I got the amp. I had yet to try a WGS speaker i disliked, so I figured I'd give their G12c/s a try. It's based on their G12c (vintage Jensen C12n...
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    New Bedroom Amp Day ;)... It's a 1967 Pro Reverb!

    After some frustrating gigs where I completely ran out of headroom and was essentially trying to play jazz with a balls-to-the-wall AC/DC sound, I decided there was just no way around the fact that a Deluxe Reverb is not an ideal "one-size-fits-all" gigging amp for me. To be honest, I was...
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    NBD: '89 AVRI P-Bass

    It's official... I have my holy grail guitar, an AVRI '62 Strat, and now I have my holy grail bass- a USA Vintage '62 P-Bass! I'm set for life. This thing with flat wounds plugged into an Ampeg = the Bass Tone to Rule All Bass Tones! The neck fits like a glove, and plays fast and smooth. The...
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    Help With Jensen Speaker Identification, Please?

    Anyone know anything about this speaker? Seller states it is 8Ω. Any ideas?