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  1. ThaLowEndTheory

    Very cool man, how does it play? What r the specs?

    Very cool man, how does it play? What r the specs?
  2. ThaLowEndTheory

    Post pretty Partscaster pics please

    Got tons of them, but I'll just post a couple.
  3. ThaLowEndTheory

    Refinishing experts - need some help!

    CAR is just trans red over a silver or gold metallic base. Reranch makes a nice CAR, but pretty much any red toner over gold or silver will do.
  4. ThaLowEndTheory

    SRV replica B'day gift

    No not at all, I love pics of the original and thanks. Pickups are here, but I probably won't be able to get a hold of it until this weekend. Hopefully we can record a little. If so, I'll post a quick track or two.
  5. ThaLowEndTheory

    SRV replica B'day gift

    The final result. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. The fact that my brother loved it was good enough, but to have other guitar lovers appreciate it as well means alot.
  6. ThaLowEndTheory

    SRV replica B'day gift

    Thanks for the compliment, I've never been good at taking pics of the process. I always plan to, but once the parts arrive and dust starts flying I get carried away and forget. I did manage to do better this time, but then promptly deleted most of them from my phone by accident. :mad: I did...
  7. ThaLowEndTheory

    SRV replica B'day gift

    Thanks, I have a set of RH factor Mayer tone pickups on the way. Got some good reviews from some friends, so we are going to give them a shot. My bro has a set of tx specials in another strat that we can switch over if he doesn't dig the factors.
  8. ThaLowEndTheory

    SRV replica B'day gift

    A few pics of the guitar.
  9. ThaLowEndTheory

    SRV replica B'day gift

    My brother's b'day was a few days back, So my sister in law and I decided to surprise him with a neat little gift. We split the cost of parts and I put it together in about four weeks. The body is from USACG, the neck is Allparts, and the trem is Fender. All other parts are from the parts bin...
  10. ThaLowEndTheory

    50's strat weird burst pattern?

    I've seen that type of burst pattern several times from Fender. It's not what most are used to seeing, but nothing to worry about in my opinion.
  11. ThaLowEndTheory

    what do you think of this SRV strat replica?

    Cool, I'm building one now. It will be my second one. Such a pain gettting them prepped for paint. They did a good job.
  12. ThaLowEndTheory

    pic request - show me your strats with bound necks!

    Thanks, it's a partscaster. Sprayed the finish and assembled in my garage. Trans Sonic Blue over ash. Think Mary Kay, but with color.
  13. ThaLowEndTheory

    pic request - show me your strats with bound necks!

    I've used a bound neck on a few strats, and a bound and block neck.
  14. ThaLowEndTheory

    $300 Monterey pop strat?

    The work is a bit of a pain, but I did one myself. Not to hard to DIY with some patience. Says you can send your own guitar there to be painted if you don't want to DIY. Might get a better quality guitar out of it at a cheaper cost if you have one on hand they could finish for you. Or, think...
  15. ThaLowEndTheory

    New EJ Strat Chipped During Setup; Resolve?

    I will agree with the op on one point of his arguement. The shop should let the customer know that the finish is nitro and every screw turned could result in a chip of some kind. That being said, I don't think the shop is owner is a butcher or a fraud. Nitro is fragile and chips, especially...
  16. ThaLowEndTheory

    Is your Strat refinished?

    Something to consider. Some say a finish changes the tone, some say it doesn't. I've done tons of refinishes. Some seem to sound better, but... I've also had one or two that sounded worse. One bass refinish in particular seemed to make the dead spot on the g string worse. For the most part, I...
  17. ThaLowEndTheory

    Please, show me a non cliche strat!

    Thanks, I didn't take many pics on this one. Basically I sprayed a metallic gold base first, locked that in with clear. I then sprayed the burst along the edge with CAR. Once that dried I laid the lace material down as a template on the body and sprayed CAR over the entire body taking care not...
  18. ThaLowEndTheory

    Next Strat Refinish

    Mohawk precat will polish up just fine. Read the instructions on the can and test on scrap before you dive in. Precat isn't as forgiving as regular nitro clear, but it's not super difficult to work with. Get a small piece of wood or something to test on. Spray ur gold, spray car, and spray...
  19. ThaLowEndTheory

    Please, show me a non cliche strat!

    Thanks guys, just strange ideas that popped into my head and worked out in my garage. :grin:
  20. ThaLowEndTheory

    Please, show me a non cliche strat!

    Here's a few of mine. Beam Lace Trans Sonic Trans Coral
  21. ThaLowEndTheory

    Who does non relic Nitro finishing

    There are several guys on this forum that do great work. I'd offer to help, but I'm currently juggling several refins now. Post a pic of what you are going for and we can probably help you find supplies.

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