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  1. Hanson


    For those who use fuzz pedals, what is your favorite and why? Over the years I’ve had several friends suggest adding a fuzz and learning to control your guitar volume to go from mild OD to saturated lead overdrive tones; all from the guitar. I’m intrigued with this methodology. All you...
  2. Hanson


    Here is song written by myself and recorded with my band, Scandalous Grace. We just finished tracking and mixing this song and have been posting it on several forum sites asking for comments on the mix. I think its close to being considered "Done", but if you have any comments, please share...
  3. Hanson

    NGD Eric Johnson Thinline

    I was keeping my eye out for a trade on an EJ Strat. A Thinline popped up, I offered a couple of guitars at trade value and ended up with this 2019 in near mint condition. This guitar seems to be incredibly well made. The neck is one of the best that I’ve held. My biggest surprise, though...
  4. Hanson

    The Stratocaster Bible

    I seem to remember one of the Strat Talk members who created a website that documented about everything you would need to know about every year Strat in existence. We didn’t tag it as a favorite on my browser and for the life of me, I can’t find the thread. Anyone have this link?
  5. Hanson

    Someday ReMix

    This is a song written in 2015 by my band mate Sean. It was on our first CD. I had always felt like it could have been mixed and mastered better. Well, I gave it a go and started over with the raw tracks. Here are the results. Let me know your thoughts. Hope you enjoy
  6. Hanson

    Please Step Away From The Screw Driver

    Does Willy make a good point?
  7. Hanson

    No Longer Blind- Scandalous Grace

    Hi Gang, Seems like after we put out our last CD of songs, we were some what burned out as a group. We currently have a half dozen songs we are working towards finishing. No Longer Blind: Here is the latest. This is a song I wrote and I have done the mixing and mastering. Let us know...
  8. Hanson

    Antisocial Media

    Here is another original from Scandalous Grace. This song is on our latest CD released on iTunes. The song was written by Sean and is of course, about the antisocial aspects of whats humorously called..."social media". The intro guitar solo was played on my Black Strat and also plays rhythm...
  9. Hanson

    Lonely Road - Scandalous Grace

    This one was written about a year ago and came out with our digital release on iTunes in September. Tracked and mixed in Studio One. We are working on some new songs, which I hope to be able to share soon. Band members are: Performed by Scandalous Grace Words & Music: Michael Hanson Sean...

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