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  1. StratSounds

    We lost a valuable member - Au revoir Ryan !

    He was an institution here when I joined the forum, the human strat encyclopedia. Rest in peace man.:(
  2. StratSounds

    Time to start drinking

    Told you I got started on the hooch pretty early today and had a feeling I was missing something. I forgot about the wife's brother angle. 🤣 🤣 🤣
  3. StratSounds

    Happy Thanksgiving all my brothers and sisters in guitar!

    It's just my wife and I this year so we're being those weirdos who have ham for Thanksgiving. I'm all about it, might have to go sneak an early slice real soon😁. Hope you all have a good one, cheers!🍻
  4. StratSounds

    Time to start drinking

    Yeah, I'm a little confused by the op's post as well, but I started early so maybe I'm missing something. Good luck with all that! 🤣 Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
  5. StratSounds

    A gift from my grandparents

    My nephew sent me one of those last Christmas. I started working on it in the afternoon on Christmas day and finished it that evening. I hadn't messed around with legos since I was a kid. It was fun, but by the time I finished it, I had a slight headache and some serious tension in my upper...
  6. StratSounds

    Well…I think I’ve pretty much seen it ALL now……..

    Well played good sir, and a fine opening salvo to you. Now, if you'll kindly allow me to counter your offer...
  7. StratSounds

    King Charles visits York and has eggs thrown at him.

    I also need more information as I hadn't heard about this, but I'd say that an egg flying through the air in Britain might meet the very definition of a British free range egg!;)
  8. StratSounds

    Tremolo „arm tension“ springs

    I've never purchased any of those little springs. I bought all my strats used except the very first one and the little spring wasn't around back then. I should grab a few and try it. I've always just used plumber's tape, which works for me.
  9. StratSounds

    Boomer bends

    He's a 20-something year old dude. He was kidding around, saying $#it just to get a rise out of people. Watch the kid play and then tell me if you really believe he wants guitar music to die. 🤣 I only discovered these guys a few weeks ago when a friend told me about them and I quickly ended up...
  10. StratSounds

    Boomer bends

    Here's one from the new album by the guys who apparently coined the term "boomer bends". If you ride it out til the solo near the end, there are some big time boomer bends in there for ya. Heavy little number, good stuff. The "visualizer" on this one is just freaky as hell too.
  11. StratSounds

    Boomer bends

    Those guys only recently came to my attention and I wholeheartedly agree. It's cool stuff, unreal playing.
  12. StratSounds

    Do you refuse to respond to threads with polls?

    Polls are almost always more interesting than a lot of the re-hashed crap on here these days.:p
  13. StratSounds

    ‘Y’all ready for this?’ Can Britain resist America’s fast food giants?

    It’s probably a good time to start buying stock in British toilet paper companies. Cha-ching!!
  14. StratSounds

    In today's edition of "Light Weight Guitars"...

  15. StratSounds

    Just shoot me

    I think I finally figured this thing out. I hadn't seen a friend of mine's son in a number of years, not since he was a little kid. When I saw him next, he was 17, and he had a man-bun. I didn't see him or his dad again for some months after that, but the next time I did see the dad, he had a...
  16. StratSounds

    I've actually seen John Mayer!

    Yeah, that's the one. I should probably listen to it again or watch it again too, it's been awhile. Condescending might be too strong of a word. I just remember Albert calling him "Little Stevie" and the stuff you mentioned about younger players, the "skinny little kid" comment, etc. Knowing...
  17. StratSounds

    I've actually seen John Mayer!

    The Iceman! No kidding, the name Albert always makes me think of one of those two, King or Collins. John Mayer is a great player and all, but I'm not sure Albert King would've even taken the stage with him. If you've ever seen the footage of Albert King playing with Stevie Ray Vaughn, or heard...
  18. StratSounds

    I've actually seen John Mayer!

    Albert King died in 1992 so it definitely wasn’t him.
  19. StratSounds

    Those of a certain age will get it.

    Oh damn, dat ain't right! 🤣
  20. StratSounds

    Band name

    I wanna start a black metal band that does country music covers and call it Girth Brooks.
  21. StratSounds

    Opinions on fretboard….

    The red in that one reminds me of my Martin’s fretboard. If you’re looking to be told not to buy it, you came to the wrong place.
  22. StratSounds

    Tremolo on a Tele?

    Ahh, ok, thanks. I can see it now. They look a lot like screws, but I guess that doesn't make any sense thinking about it. Thanks man. Interesting design.
  23. StratSounds

    Tremolo on a Tele?

    That was going to be my question as well. From the photos, I'm having a hard time envisioning how the spring tension for the trem works. So Eric, are you saying that each of those long screws that goes through the ferrule holes has it's own small spring around the screw? I can't see the springs...
  24. StratSounds

    In other news…

    I'm suing because Samuel Adams beer isn't actually brewed by Sam Adams himself, may he RIP.