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  1. Twelve8

    The view from here

    Captured this photo at the local park last night. Poser!
  2. Twelve8

    Eric Clapton in Hyde Park tickets

    One thing for certain is I can’t wait to get back up north and pick up my guitar :)
  3. Twelve8

    Eric Clapton in Hyde Park tickets

    I had no expectations of him and he left me feeling super impressed. I didn’t think I knew any of his songs but it turns out I knew most of them. Great voice and decent guitar chops too. Would happily go to a Steve Winwood headline gig now :) He didn’t sit in with Clapton unfortunately...
  4. Twelve8

    Eric Clapton in Hyde Park tickets

    It was as good as it was warm! A few thoughts; Holy surf green Strat tone, Steve. Clapton seemed to enjoy himself more than usual and played really well. Gary knows a groove when he hears it. Santana is a lot of fun. I’m so glad to be sat down! Hope you all had fun :)
  5. Twelve8

    Euroguestock – making band videos that look and sound good

    Quick tip on this: some cameras / camcorders are limited in video duration. For example, my Canon 200d (which is a DSLR camera) can only record 30 mins of continuous video. I believe this is to do with the memory type / structure. If you're doing this for the first time, check in on the camera...
  6. Twelve8

    Anyone interested in tutorials on Making of Eurguestock audio/video?

    I'd be interested in seeing your workflow as I'm learning the ropes with video editing myself. I'm currently using Adobe Premiere CC. The synchronise function is a god send!
  7. Twelve8

    Looking for a certain kind of vintage strat sound

    Sweet sweet tones. Yea, 60s style low output. Definitely not Texas specials. The amp / your fingers also play a big part of course but it’s a starting point. I found the tone you speak of with “60s hand-wound” but they came on a guitar out of the custom shop, can’t be bought off the shelf...
  8. Twelve8

    How do I record and edit etc on YouTube ?

    Yes you can do that. Record the video on your phone using the built in camera. One you’ve done that, you’ll need the YouTube app. Download it from the App Store if you haven’t already. Log in to your account using your google account details. Click on your profile picture (yellow arrow) and...
  9. Twelve8

    Facebook Marketplace

    I tried to sell my Laney CUB 12R on Facebook marketplace. I got banned because their algorithm decided I was trying sell bear cubs. At least i got a LOL out of it.
  10. Twelve8

    Clapton documentary on BBC TV

    thanks for the heads up :)
  11. Twelve8

    recording guitars in PC

    Pretty much agree with @nicksmith on this one but I'm a massive home studio nerd so that isn't in the least bit surprising. A couple of things to consider before you go down that route. What spec computer/laptop do you have and is it Windows/Linux/Mac? If you're computer isn't up to spec...
  12. Twelve8

    new material - mix #1

    First up; nice tune man. You're output is relentless, I wish I was that prolific with my music writing! The bass sounds great on my studio monitors but agree it is lost in the mix on my phone / laptop speaks (when isn't it?). The bass sounds quite clean? You could look at adding a little...
  13. Twelve8

    A Little Shuffle

    Nicely done. When do we get videos of the upright bass? :)
  14. Twelve8

    Little Wing Intro

    appreciate it, thanks for taking the time to watch :)
  15. Twelve8

    Wicked Game. Pure Strat

    this is really good. well played, well sung. A lot to like!
  16. Twelve8

    helters vids

    really digging the st176 video. Was that one of the challenges that I missed?
  17. Twelve8

    Cinnamon Girl

    Nice video & well played :)
  18. Twelve8

    Dire Straits

    another great video BM. I like it a lot :)
  19. Twelve8

    The view from here

    Just some random flower thing form the Botanical Gardens here in Sheffield.
  20. Twelve8

    GASing for BASS

    There’s always the mustang bass which is short scale...
  21. Twelve8

    Jam 93

    thank you! I'll catch up on my listening time later today :)
  22. Twelve8

    I can't take Joe Bonamassa seriously

    Those newsletters seem a little OTT. To be honest, my inbox is baron as I actively avoid newsletters / email subscriptions at all costs. As for him as a guitar player, I've put him in the same box as Robben Ford. The box is labelled "Incredible talent. I wish I could do that. Boring".
  23. Twelve8

    Jam 93

    Holy lead lines, Batman. The first track is so cool. Some of those runs were endless in a tasty-hitting-the-good-notes kind of way. I’ll save the 2nd track for later.
  24. Twelve8

    The Titanic: The top-secret mission behind its discovery

    Didn’t know that. I’m currently sat in a meeting room about 200m from there.
  25. Twelve8

    Belated B-Day present

    Happy belated birthday :)