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    Good backing tracks?

    I have some burned on cd. but mostly I import them into recording software and play along with them while I record so I can play it back and hear my mistakes and also hear the things I really liked.
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    Low watt amp club

    Nice selection of amps there lakehaus. Which is your favorite of the group?
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    Health Issues :(

    Once again, thanks everyone. I just wish they would find some meds that had better results and less side effects.
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    Keep in mind that when you look at most speaker ratiings they are putting out close to or over 100db @ 1 watt. So speaker efficiency makes a huge difference, much more so than the wattage. One band I was in the guitarist upgraded his speakers and the increase in volume was incredible - and it...
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    Health Issues :(

    Thanks everyone for the good friendship I've found here. I just wish they would find some answers so I knew what I am dealing with.
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    Health Issues :(

    I have a few problems going on. I have trigeminal neuralgia and my doc thinks I might have MS too. On top of that my blood pressure has been going crazy and they can't figure out why. They keep trying new meds and the side effects are worse then what they are trying to fix.
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    Health Issues :(

    Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been around much lately. My health has been an issue lately and I've been spending more time in the hospital or doc's office than at home. With a little luck I'll be back to as close to normal as I can in a few weeks.
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    Finally, I really nice day!

    I was just looking at the 10 day forecast, looks like the cold is coming back again.
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    Whatw ere your first effects?

    Heck, most people I knew didn't have more than one pick! I remember a few times we were "jamming" in the very early days and someone would forget a pick and no one would have a spare.
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    Favorite recording software?

    Thats pretty trippy, sounds great!
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    Finally, I really nice day!

    I just came back from sitting by the lake with my old acoustic. What a great day to be outside with a guitar. I found a nice quite place where no one was around and just sat there and played by the side of the lake. It felt good to be out of the house and enjoying some sunshine for a change.
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    Fleetwoodmac Back Together...And on Tour!

    I'm sure it won't be a bad show, but like others said it won't be the same. Plus when you think about the fact that the tickets will probably cost over $100 each I'd rather wait and get the DVD in the show gets good reviews.
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    Great deal on 5 string bass!

    GC has the 5 string fender squire jazz bass on sale for $199. I picked one up a few days ago and I am loving it. The neck was a lot wider than my 4 string, but with my long fingers I think it feels more comfortable. I only spent about 10 minutes on adjusting it to my taste and she is playing...
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    Finally, I really nice day!

    I don't know about where you are, but today we are having a beautiful day, nice and warm for the first time since last fall. Blue sky everywhere I look and a light breeze, time to tune up my ole "front porch guitar" :)
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    killed a Leprechaun today...

    I always imagined them as tough to chew, but maybe in a stew..... :wink:
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    Whatw ere your first effects?

    Its interesting how you can guess when someone started playing guitar by the type of first pedal they got. Some of us started with original big muffs and small stone phase shifters when there were only a few companies even making effects pedals. The choices were pretty slim back then compared to...
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    Problem with hanging guitars on the wall...

    +1 I used the same thing when I built my custom stand.
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    Funny Guitar Pic

    That looks like one heavy ugly guitar. The size of that body has to add a lot of weight. Two strings, must be playing AC/DC :wink:
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    anyone know this 12AX7?

    From what I'm finding it appears to be a raytheon tube. Not as good as the old RCA gray plates I got before from an old organ.
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    favorite beater guitar?

    I remember friends taking P90's out of their SG's to replace them with Mighty Mite pickups, what were they thinking?
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    Favorite recording software?

    I guess I'm the only one trying to use Linux as a recording platform. I'll have to search some linux forums to see what others are using.
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    Whatw ere your first effects?

    Thats quite a list of first pedals, I was happy to be able to get one pedal when I first started.
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    The online jam thread

    Yes, anyone is welcome, bring in the new blood!
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    First song you taught yourself?

    Mine was "Train kept a rollin" - the aerosmith version. I learned it on bass.
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    Fender Jazz Standard Five String?

    I ended up getting a squire jazz 5 string, they are on sale for $199 and I found one that played better than the fender 5 strings, so its mine now.