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  1. nutball73

    Strat-Talk South Carolina Jam, Dec. 10, 2022 — OFFICIAL THREAD

    After the fun of Euroguestock recently, I idly looked at how I would get to this. Unfortunately it looks like it'd cost me the best part of £1200 just for a couple of nights (plus 14 hours flight each way). Bit too much of a stretch for a pensioner, I'm afraid.. Have fun!
  2. nutball73

    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    I should be OK on the guitar - I think I can remember it!
  3. nutball73

    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    Restaurant confirmed for the evening - the same "All you can eat" place we used last time @s5tuart Booked for 7.30 - we vacate the studio at 6 so time for a beer or titivation...
  4. nutball73

    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    That was actually better than I remembered! I do believe the drummer is coming, but without Marc and Simon we can't really do a reprise...
  5. nutball73

    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    Any more takers for this? It's going to be a smaller gathering than usual, just 10 players. So if there are any UK/Europe based ST-ers who would like to joining our merry crew, please let me know asap - I'm finalising post-jam dinner arrangements! As already mentioned, anyone is welcome, from...
  6. nutball73

    Just Took My First Chemo Pill - felt horrible and got sick

    Ryan, Whatever you decide to do, I hope it works out the best for you. Someone mentioned alternative therapies earlier in this thread. I would just like to quote the Macmillan Foundation, who know far more about it than I do: "Alternative therapies, also known as alternative medicine, are...
  7. nutball73

    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    @Wrighty Shame you're on hols, but there's definitely no lower limit to skill - everyone can join in without fear of mockery; we've all been there at some point and the friends that are regulars are very supportive and encouraging. Stu, I'm honoured you'd include me with a player like @alainvey...
  8. nutball73

    Strat-Talk "Euroguestock" jam in London this September

    Ok I'm back for a bit - first post for ages. Life's been biting me pretty hard for a while! So who else is up for this then? @Wrighty ? Sorry I've lost touch with the other regulars. Don't be shy, everyone... Extra inducements - I'm happy for people to use my Les Paul Deluxe if you like. I'm...
  9. nutball73

    Roadside wait

    No affiliation, but take a look at Autoaid. Cheaper than both the AA and RAC. They use local breakdown recovery services and cover by the person, including family members and all vehicles owned by them. I've used them twice, once for a bike, and once for my wife's car. Both times arrived within...
  10. nutball73

    Suggestions for a good flanger?

    In the 80s I used an ElectroHarmonix flanger along with my Aria PE-1000. I maintain Andy Summers copied me :whistling::whistling: Totally unreliable, used batteries like nobodies business, but flanged great!
  11. nutball73

    Valeton GP-100 Review

    Your experience tallies with mine. I returned the unit after a few days as it was too much work to try and get the sounds I wanted.
  12. nutball73

    Why do some people hide their guitars serial number

    It's OK, I'll post serial numbers for my guitars, they're not registered anywhere so nobody will ever trace them back to me and find out where I live! :thumb: I just won't be able to prove I own them. Wait.. what? :confused:
  13. nutball73

    I took a shot at art this morning….

    Digital painting software has come on a lot these days. My daughter is an aspiring artist and she's now moved from traditional materials almost exclusively to digital painting. She's started doing fantasy portraits - here's one of a Kpop artist (they seem to sell quite well). "Painted" purely...
  14. nutball73

    Really ???

    It's so trendy to hate on Billy Joel, isn't it? Wierd how animated people get about it. Don't like the music, don't listen. It's not compulsory. Insert "Nickelback", "Barry Manilow", whatever...
  15. nutball73

    Nearly 2 years in, my first Covid test

    It's a sticky...
  16. nutball73

    Should I have changed the pots?

    Check your wiring. The odd short/missed link (especially ground) can cut the tone pots out of the circuit and this will cause funnies with your volume pot. Don't ask me how I know...:cool:
  17. nutball73

    It works for me! YMMV

    I realise that nobody picked it up to have a go at the jam - I should have made it more obvious that people should help themselves. Next time...
  18. nutball73

    It works for me! YMMV

    Have your wrists gone green yet? :D
  19. nutball73

    If You seal a rosewood board with something the dries like Boiled linseed oil...

    That's because it's a really, really bad idea. WD40 is toxic with lengthy exposure, as well as not doing anything to condition or protect the wood. Read the packaging if you don't believe me. As with some posts already: - having a dirty neck is not "cool", it's just unhygienic. So cleaning off...
  20. nutball73

    US Air Guitar National Championship

    Maybe they should combine them? I'd watch axe throwing at the air guitarists...
  21. nutball73

    It works for me! YMMV

    I have SST osteoarthritis (as you know, Stu). The best thing for me is regular exercises and ibruprofen overnight to stop me unconsciously clenching my hands. Not sure about the old magic bands, but the placebo effect is a strong one, so if it works for you, great! :thumb:
  22. nutball73

    Authentic? Too legit?

    My genuine Les Paul Deluxe Light has similar "cracks" at that point in the nut. I tried rubbing them down a bit and in the end decided to just ignore them. I suspect it's the way the binding and nut are cut, but I dunno. It's nothing to worry about as far as I'm concerned and points to it...
  23. nutball73

    I've got another damn ganglion

    I thought I had one on my left pinky. Went to the doctor and it turns out it's deformity due to arthritis, and isn't going anywhere. F and C chords in the first position are getting close to impossible these days, unfortunately.
  24. nutball73

    Clapton's Gibson vs Fender "Era"

    I briefly played with Tom in the mid-late 70s before he joined the Blues Band. He was playing a really beaten up Tele at the time. I remember thinking I didn't want him to scratch my new guitar!