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  1. SpeedKing

    How good is a Fender stratocaster Sunburst Red RI 1957 MIJ 2006?

    That's why I've written reissue as 'reissue' however they are pretty accurate visual replicas of the specific year in their designation (ST54, ST57, ST58, ST62, ST68, ST71 and ST72 etc.) so you can use those years to check for visual identifiers. As an example the ST71 has one string tree...
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    How good is a Fender stratocaster Sunburst Red RI 1957 MIJ 2006?

    If it's supposed to be a Japanese 'reissue' model then there are several things that don't add up. No strat made before '65 had a neck plate stamped with the Fender 'F' and the Japanese are reasonably accurate in their 'reissue' models. Also anything up to '59 should have an 8 hole single ply...
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    We lost a valuable member - Au revoir Ryan !

    As others here who knew him far better have already said the measure of the man was how he faced the negative issues in his life that confronted him. While he will of course be missed his legacy is that he has become through his example and his humanity a small part of the lives of many other...
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    1973 AmVintage II Strat. Crazy price!

    Just go find yourself a used MIM Classic Series 70 and pay an awful awful lot less.... Mine. Same woods, same finish, same scale length, same vintage radius, same tuners, same plastics, same dots, same bridge spacing. In fact the only differences I can see are the supposed higher quality...
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    Yup, that sure is pretty..
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    The Japanese Strat Appreciation Thread

    Well the factories need the right machines, the components need the right quality materials, the product (as a 'reissue') has to be researched properly to ensure it is as authentic as it can be so in fact I'll stick to my original statement.... Well designed, developed and manufactured.
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    Is Deep Purple in the same league with Led Zeppelin?

    This post may as well as be titled where and when did you grow up, what media was available to you at the time and so became part of your upbringing and what sort of personality do you have and thus what sort of music do you enjoy most as a result? The whole idea though of which band is best is...
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    Help me date this Japanese Strat

    I'm not sure I've ever seen one without the OCB part of the decal but the Japanese did some weird stuff back then. It does have the two right 'errors' present to make me believe its a domestic but genuine Fender or at the least a rebadged Squier. It has the 'wrong' wide pre '63 12th fret dot...
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    I Got My First Strat and Metal Shards is Coming Out of the Whammy Bar Hole

    Is it a new guitar or used? If new be aware they should come with a tiny spring in the hole to help keep the arm where you leave it whilst in use and hold the arm firmly in the hole whenever .... these can end up failing in the hole and need replacing if so. $2.99 or so should get you a bag of...
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    Only in the lineup in 1983, MIJ JV, ST62-85 LPB.

    Well nearly. I'd go for the correct screw pattern to fit in with the pre '63 'wide' 12th fret dot marker positions.... like it has now. So same screw pattern as it has just in mint.... with aged white covers and knobs.
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    Can’t resolve Sitar sound on open b

    No, what you're doing is just right if you're going front to back (from the body side to the headstock side) and trying to go lower at the back of the stroke... although some do slightly widen the rear (headstock side) of the slot to prevent any binding as the string moves through it. Go easy...
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    Live Performances You Never Get Tired Of

    Opening track on a genuine contender for the best live Rock album ever....
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    Only in the lineup in 1983, MIJ JV, ST62-85 LPB.

    Lovely looking guitar... but it's crying out for a proper mint guard. I had heard that in some years nitro finishes were available but I don't know the details. Only on the top end (or top priced) models I guess but it's not been so in every year I think.
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    All Big-Head Fender Stratocaster Models

    Possum Killer! You still out there? What is your 4 bolt '71 tribute made from ... Musikraft neck? All vintage specs? I don't remember a NGD thread for it.
  15. SpeedKing

    NGD: Fender JV Modified ‘60s Stratocaster

    What's the string spacing at the bridge please? 2 1/16 'import' style or the 'vintage' wider spacing of 2 7/32?
  16. SpeedKing

    Who is your Guitar Hero

    Blackmore. Also loved all sorts of other guys and gals over the years from Lita Ford and Bernie Torme to John Williams and Julian Bream, Hendrix, Randy, Peter and Eddie but my love of Blackmore's guitar over the years is now a part of me. Blackmore.
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    NGD - Mocha Ultra

    HNGD. That's a very very attractive guitar.
  18. SpeedKing

    Iconic Rock Songs of the 70’s

    " Live In Concert '70/'72' was my first Purple album.... Speed King, Child In Time and THAT Wring That Neck after John Peels's introduction name checking TheOutlaws 'You Keep A Knocking' from his Meek days "and Ritchie plays some astonishing guitar in fact" he says. Blackmore then does exactly...
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    NGD Fender Dave's Guitar Shop Limited Edition '62 Reissue

    Question. 'splashy' in just what sense of the word?
  20. SpeedKing

    All Big-Head Fender Stratocaster Models

    There probably aren't many but Fender would certainly make you a strat with a maple board (so a maple 'cap') right from the point they switched to Rosewood boards in '59. It's just that you'd have to pay them a fair premium for a 'special order'. From somewhere round '66-'67 the maple board...
  21. SpeedKing

    All Big-Head Fender Stratocaster Models

    Yes they would however, the white one is a 'tribute' to a specific Blackmore strat (as are they all) and in this case his white '74 that he played as his main axe from about '79 - '87 and that was fitted with the Schecter F500 pups in the mint '59 -'62 guard was one of the first of his strats to...
  22. SpeedKing

    All Big-Head Fender Stratocaster Models

    It's actually a Squier Affinity from 2014 but yes it's a maple cap neck. I bought it used and less than a year old because I love a maple cap and the previous owner had already changed the decal to the '68 - '71 Fender style ... I have to confess it's part of the reasons I bought it when I...
  23. SpeedKing

    NVGD 1962 Strat

    Sweet guitar and thanks for both the video and answering a question I've had for a while... no, the 12th fret dot markers didn't get closer together with the introduction of the first veneer boards in '62. Must have been later for some other reason ... change of source for the rosewood sometime...
  24. SpeedKing

    Does it really save money to build your own partscaster?

    I built a 'tribute' to Blackmore's one piece neck 3tsb '71 'Machine Head' strat with the oversized Blackmore trem arm for about £1,000. All vintage specs and everything but the neck and electrics genuine Fender new parts. New genuine Fender 'replacement' 60's body, new Fender Pure Vintage pat...
  25. SpeedKing

    Squier Affinity -- what's the lowdown?

    The cheaper the guitar the lower the QC generally but I have to say I loved my thin bodied (but Alder) maple cap with large headstock '14 Affinity so much I ended up modifying it in every way and it plays and sounds as good as anything else I own now. Granted that's with a nice very well cut...