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  1. Handsome McClane

    NGD: Brand new Meteora

    That is beautiful. Happy NGD!
  2. Handsome McClane

    I done gone and done it... NAD

    Very nice. Congrats!
  3. Handsome McClane

    Help me choose a pickguard colour.

    Agree with the tortoise.
  4. Handsome McClane

    Christmas Tree Is Up

    Went and jammed with my buddies yesterday, came home and the S.O. had put up our tree. She wants to decorate it today.
  5. Handsome McClane

    Current amp lineup

    Guitar: Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket Vox AC15C1 Supro 1606 Super Blackstar HT Studio 20 Bass: Gallien Krueger MB115 combo Fender Rumble 40
  6. Handsome McClane

    Fender US Lonestar Strat

    Weird. I owned a '96 for a while. Got nothing for you as far as pickup placement though.
  7. Handsome McClane

    Do you actually not like positions 2 and 4??

    I love that cheesy '80s chorusy clean from position 4 like on Robert Plant's Big Log. Use it usually when I play clean and I have a Strat strapped on. Position 2, not so much.
  8. Handsome McClane

    Did I ................

    Yes, maple remains better than rosewood. What kind of question is that? Guessing you missed Fender's announcement that all the 2023 guitars will only be available in Antigua though.
  9. Handsome McClane

    My American Standard Stratocaster turned out to be an American Series Stratocaster

    My '06 Tele is an American Series. Best sounding and feeling Tele I've ever played.
  10. Handsome McClane

    King Charles visits York and has eggs thrown at him.

    So do Lancasters always pay their debts? :) I wouldn't mind pelting some public figures with eggs myself.
  11. Handsome McClane

    Worst/Best strat you've ever played?

    Best was a brand new silver Strat Plus around '94; one with the Lace Sensors. I was trying to make a trade for a Princeton Chorus amp and the guy at the store had me plug in with the Strat Plus. It was the perfect Strat and I was in total awe. No way I could have afforded it though. Worst, I...
  12. Handsome McClane

    What have you accomplished this week?

    Been sick. Missed four days of work (unpaid). Haven't picked up a guitar in a week and a half. Still not feeling quite up to snuff.
  13. Handsome McClane

    Fender USA Question

    What don't you like about the red one that the black one has? I'd only do it if it felt or sounded specifically better than the one you already have.
  14. Handsome McClane

    Fender conversion just started

    That's a beauty. Congrats!
  15. Handsome McClane

    What is the deal with wanting Nitro?

    This could totally be in my head, but I think nitro wears and fades with time while poly is more like it's encased in plastic and thus will take longer to age. Neither is better than the other IMO.
  16. Handsome McClane

    Can you ID this vintage acoustic guitar, please?

    Not an expert, but I think there might be a problem with the headstock. 😉
  17. Handsome McClane

    Guitars you have no desire to own (but feel you should)

    Based on significant past experience, anything with a Floyd Rose/locking nut. Strat trem does me just fine. Anything with a Bigsby. Haven't owned one myself but one of my friends bought one a few years back and it's just a wall hanger because it won't hold tune. Other than that though I'd...
  18. Handsome McClane

    Excluding Medical Issues, What Is This Thing With Weight?

    About a decade ago I was bedridden for about five days after playing a 12.5 lb bass for two hours with some friends. After that I went on a lightweight equipment purge and got rid of all my heavy stuff and got all light. No more amps or cabinets over 50 lbs, no guitar over 8 lbs. The lighter...
  19. Handsome McClane

    Refinished 1999 MIM Standard Strat

    I like it. Far better than the yellow. Nice job.
  20. Handsome McClane

    Did a little bit of restoration

    Looks nice. Love those old Aria Pro IIs. Great guitars.
  21. Handsome McClane

    For those with more than a couple of guitars, what is your string change methodology?

    I usually favor 3 or 4 guitars and then one will fall out and another will take it's place. So I am usually maintaining 3 or 4 guitars probably restringing one every two weeks or so; I'd guess I average about 10 hours a week playing. When I pick one up that's been out of circulation, I'll play...
  22. Handsome McClane

    Booshy NGD

    Oh man. Fingers crossed for you. Looks like it got bashed pretty hard.
  23. Handsome McClane

    OH NO

    Ha! I saw both Loverboy and Foreigner at a Day on the Green in Oakland back in '82, along with Iron Maiden and The Scorpions. Foreigner was easily one of the worst bands I've ever seen, and I didn't expect it at all. No energy, just going through the motions. Pretty sure they were the headliner...
  24. Handsome McClane


    That was enjoyable.