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  1. Blue Beagle

    TC Electronic Spark Boost….

    Very good all round
  2. Blue Beagle

    Best Slash Solo Ever ???

    Tough to pick one but this is one of my favourite Slash solos and definitely my favourite GnR song (courtesy of Sophie Burrell):
  3. Blue Beagle


    It was a heart-in-mouth moment propping her up against the amp for a pic… If only they were more durable beasts lol
  4. Blue Beagle


    New (to me) Marshall JVM205H… Sounds absolutely glorious through my 212 loaded with Celestion V30s. Had a Marshall SC20H (mini JCM) but moved it on fairly quickly as I struggled to get the gain I wanted from it without a drive pedal. I replaced it with a Boss Katana MkII 100w head but to me it...
  5. Blue Beagle

    Would You Say These Frets Are In "Good Shape"?

    In no way, shape or form are they in good condition. You may have a case for a refund IMO.
  6. Blue Beagle

    Real Relics always are better than faux relics.

    Probably some nonsense about “earning the wear” etc…
  7. Blue Beagle

    when will these near-criminal PRS prices go down?

    I’ve owned a PRS McCarty 594 (the blue one) and a PRS SE 245 (the brown one), both from new. Neither lasted longer than a couple of months. The McCarty was just sterile to my ears and the 245 was just ‘fine’ without offering any excitement. Both solid, well built guitars but lacking any...
  8. Blue Beagle

    Guitar Porn... just for fun

    Fender Player Series Strat in FSR Shell pink Gibson Les Paul Slash Std in Appetite Amber
  9. Blue Beagle

    Guitar fail

    Man: “Ok here’s a song” “Fking hell, FCK!” “I keep trying to fkin shut the door because… Grab my guitar please” “Tell me it’s not broke?” Woman is easy enough to understand so I won’t bother with her parts!
  10. Blue Beagle

    What’s with Fender?

    When shipping thousands upon thousands of guitars a year, a couple are going to slip through the net. The beauty is that you can return it and get another should you encounter a problem. Such a small risk of being slightly inconvenienced is hardly a reason to not buy a new Fender. Ridiculous...
  11. Blue Beagle

    One word song title transference

    Falling away from me - KoRn
  12. Blue Beagle

    One word song title transference

    Love is only a feeling - The Darkness
  13. Blue Beagle

    One word song title transference

    The Rock Show - Blink 182
  14. Blue Beagle

    Incoming NGD

    And it’s great having a guitar that I feel safe leaving around on the floor, sofa etc without worrying about a broken headstock!
  15. Blue Beagle

    Incoming NGD

    Well, after playing my LP almost exclusively since buying it, giving this Player Strat a go after unboxing it today really felt like coming back “home” after playing Strats from the very beginning. LP is still No1 but this is a fantastic guitar in terms of looks, set up, fit and finish. I’m...
  16. Blue Beagle

    Question for Gibson Les Paul Classic owners

    What other brand has a model called “Les Paul Classic”?…
  17. Blue Beagle

    My Toneriders arrived!

    Got a tonerider PAF and installed it in a Player series Tele neck position. Sounded great.
  18. Blue Beagle

    Incoming NGD

    Think I’ll leave the guard, I like the contrast! Yeah the saddles on my old one were Graphtec
  19. Blue Beagle

    American Pro Strat Question

    Here’s the one I had in Sonic Gray That pic is reflective of how it looked in person.
  20. Blue Beagle

    Incoming NGD

    Fender Player Series 2019 FSR in Shell Pink, due to arrive this week! Bought one of these exact models a couple of years back on Reverb (fitted with Graphtec saddles) and really really really regretted selling it ever since. Best Strat I’ve ever played. Hopefully as they both came from the...
  21. Blue Beagle

    Is Skid Row not a popular band anymore?

    Great debut album… Youth Gone Wild, 18 and Life, I Remember You are timeless. 2nd album was ok. SB left and then they have just kind of existed since.
  22. Blue Beagle

    Fender Mod Shop now available in UK and Europe!

    You’re building an Am Pro with a couple of tweaks for an extra few hundred £££. Nah.
  23. Blue Beagle

    Ok, so this floyd rose 1000 decided to stay in tune 🤷 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    FR1000 are the Floyds that most guitar OEMs use. The fine tuners can feel a little rougher when turned but other than that they are excellent. It’s the FR Specials and Licensed units that don’t have a great rep (although I’ve had a few of each and never had a problem).
  24. Blue Beagle

    A bit shocked, surprised, and ticked off!

    You do realise that Squier pickups would never be in the Fender factory?
  25. Blue Beagle

    Remember? Guitar prices when you were 16?

    2007: An American Standard Strat was about £750 Now looking at £1600 for an Am Pro