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  1. nickmsmith

    Candy Apple red classic vibe strat for $250

    That is a great deal. Especially since affinities are selling for not far from the same price, for a much worse guitar.
  2. nickmsmith

    Year of the Cat - Al Stewart

    Love that song. And Time Passages from him.
  3. nickmsmith

    We lost a valuable member - Au revoir Ryan !

    He will be missed, for sure.
  4. nickmsmith


    I’ve only had to return one thing I’ve ever ordered from them, and it was a factory dead pickup. Overall, not too bad. Sweet water does inspect their stuff better, but with a great return policy, it doesn’t matter as much to me.
  5. nickmsmith


    Yep! Always go with the best price, imo. They both have great return policies
  6. nickmsmith

    Is turkey in the same league with chicken?

    There was a local sandwich shop that used to sell their ham on their subs. It was incredible. You’re right.
  7. nickmsmith

    Is turkey in the same league with chicken?

    Heck no. But you’re right, deli sliced turkey is better than deli sliced chicken. Outside of that, chicken is better in basically every way. More tender, better flavor. I’ve never had a piece of carved turkey and said “this is amazing!!” And I’ve had a lot of carved turkey. Positives for...
  8. nickmsmith

    Can you please convince me that I need a Strat?

    If you expect a Tele sound and can only appreciate a Tele sound, then most guitars will disappoint. A Strat has a different sound. If you are looking for a different sound to supplement what you have, strat is the way to go. Both types have very unique sounds. That’s why they’re both legendary.
  9. nickmsmith

    Beginner Acoustic Electric

    Yamaha, Breedlove, Guild, Seagull, Recording King all have some great guitars at good value. Really, there are tons of brands putting out good “beginner” guitars.
  10. nickmsmith

    What is the deal with wanting Nitro?

    It’s more like the way they originally did it. And to many, vintage style equals better
  11. nickmsmith

    Refinished 1999 MIM Standard Strat

    Looks great to me. Would buy that.
  12. nickmsmith

    Real fender Strat or fake strat

    The two string trees, truss rod plastic hole, neck tinting, combined with the logo look like nothing I’ve ever seen from Fender. Looks like a reissue style logo, and those don’t generally have the plastic truss rod hole and never have 2 string trees with the small headstock. I’d be extremely...
  13. nickmsmith

    Is there really a difference?

    Maybe if they were forced to sit in a room and listen to just you and your guitar, and to spot any tiny difference in sound. But in any real, functional situation, no.
  14. nickmsmith

    HOT single coils

    Unpopular opinion.. but I have never been disappointed with the Tex Mex pickups on my strats or Teles. I still have an old set of Dragonfire Texas blues on a Strat, and they sound great too. Grumpah’s set that he made for me, will be my favorite though, for the foreseeable future. Lots to...
  15. nickmsmith

    1998 mim strat information

    Looks like a classic series 60s neck. They had the heel truss rod adjust and the tinted necks. Good news for OP is that these necks are more upscale than a MIM standard neck. Looks like they changed the nut to black from the stock white one.
  16. nickmsmith

    Rose Pickups is shutting down.

    The issue is that he took the money. He stopped winding because it seems he overextended himself and took more orders than he could handle in the promised timeframe. Then shut down business and stole the money. His complaints aren’t incorrect, his business plan for dealing with it, seems pretty...
  17. nickmsmith

    Rose Pickups is shutting down.

    Seems like waiting/impatience was the smaller issue here. The bigger issue is that the maker kept the money, shut down, and never delivered the goods, effectively stealing from the patient and impatient buyers who already paid for his product. His gripes are legitimate, theiving his customers...
  18. nickmsmith

    Humbucker in Single Coil space, reasonably priced?

    eBay guitar madness pickups. Honestly, I have a generic Asian hot rail in the bridge of one of my Teles, and a SD lil 59 in the bridge of my Strat.. I like the cheap pickup way better.
  19. nickmsmith

    Doing a wellness check on Guitarmageddon

    That really stinks. How old is he? I always thought of him as in his 40s or so.
  20. nickmsmith

    Doing a wellness check on Guitarmageddon

    Sorry to hear this!!! Thank you guys for doing something cool for him. He is royalty here.
  21. nickmsmith

    Is Deep Purple in the same league with Led Zeppelin?

    I love the Machine Head album, and Jon Lord and Blackmore are legends, but still.. no.
  22. nickmsmith

    Mic cable recommendations for live sound. Reliable but not boutique priced. Think workhorse.

    Hosa has really been great for me. Guitar and mic cables. I’ve not had one fail, and I have used their quarter inch cables for years.
  23. nickmsmith

    How many of you buy guitars on credit/make monthly payments?

    That’s a smart way to operate. And how I have, for 99+ percent of my purchases. Credit can be a true test of willpower and of financial stability, and credit cards exist because people don’t have these things, in large numbers. Credit used wisely can be an awesome thing. Used poorly can be life...
  24. nickmsmith

    How many of you buy guitars on credit/make monthly payments?

    I did once. I got free financing from PayPal for my vintera jag. It was a no-lose situation. It’s when interest/not making payments on time get involved, that problems arise.
  25. nickmsmith

    The prospect of winning the Powerball…

    You can choose to live however you want though. It’s just that people who have self control and money smarts don’t often play/win. A smart person could get the best financial advisor in the region, keep a few million around and put the rest away for safe keeping, and live exactly as they like...