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  1. Polarbear

    NGD - Ibanez RG

    Best thing is I haven’t actually put any money into it. Free epiphone SG, swapped for the Line 6 Pod and now this.
  2. Polarbear

    NGD - Ibanez RG

    So I'm continuing my trade journey with this Ibanez RG350. Picked it up today after swapping my Line 6 POD500X which I rarely used. It has super low action and currently set up in e standard with a blocked off trem, but I'm thinking of putting it in Drop C and using it for some brutal stuff and...
  3. Polarbear

    Skate Punk

    Best genre ever.
  4. Polarbear


    Sounds small but good for what I need. Plays ok, needs action lowering a lot....
  5. Polarbear


    Good to just Chuck it in the back of the car and go to the beach. It’s great for the price/size.
  6. Polarbear


    I found this Washburn Rover in a junk shop yesterday for £40. I obviously haggled and managed to get a fiver off. Gave it a good clean up and new strings last night. Nice little travel guitar for when I’m away.
  7. Polarbear

    What are you listening to right now?

    Mac Miller.
  8. Polarbear

    McLaren 600LT Vs. Guardrail

    Could’ve happened to anyone, just because it’s an expensive car doesn’t mean the driver is an idiot. Probably likely, but not judging.
  9. Polarbear

    Haha! Never.

    Haha! Never.
  10. Polarbear

    Scary Music

    I see her point, but... its amazing.
  11. Polarbear

    Good to see another Dean player here, Ron!

    Good to see another Dean player here, Ron!
  12. Polarbear

    One word song title transference

    Since You Been Gone - Rainbow
  13. Polarbear

    Funny but not funny....nearly death by chocolate

    "Wolfe said that it's unclear how the people fell into the chocolate tank." Really? Clearly fell in trying to get some.
  14. Polarbear

    The biggest/best (guitar/amp/effect) deal you got or missed out on...

    This Charvel. I still think about it
  15. Polarbear

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ventura Highway.
  16. Polarbear

    Ankle Surgery!!

    Thanks for all the wishes guys! I’ve dosed up on pain killers and we went outside today. Took me a little while to get downstairs but he’s out!
  17. Polarbear

    Ankle Surgery!!

    Thom ouch! I managed to take a very assisted shower today, never felt so clean! 6 days without a shower is disgusting!!
  18. Polarbear

    Ankle Surgery!!

    On the 4th season!
  19. Polarbear

    Ankle Surgery!!

    I feel like I’ve been in the same spot for months. Going to try and attempt a shower today maybe now that I feel a bit better. Miss PB is currently cleaning the flat, I feel super useless!