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  1. Polarbear

    NGD - Ibanez RG

    So I'm continuing my trade journey with this Ibanez RG350. Picked it up today after swapping my Line 6 POD500X which I rarely used. It has super low action and currently set up in e standard with a blocked off trem, but I'm thinking of putting it in Drop C and using it for some brutal stuff and...
  2. Polarbear


    I found this Washburn Rover in a junk shop yesterday for £40. I obviously haggled and managed to get a fiver off. Gave it a good clean up and new strings last night. Nice little travel guitar for when I’m away.
  3. Polarbear

    Ankle Surgery!!

    Hey team, I’m 6 days into my 14 day period with a non weight bearing cast. Just had a brostrum Gould (ankle ligament reconstruction) and it sucks! I’ve been fine until this morning but having to keep my foot elevated is making me go stir crazy as I can’t do anything! Anyone got fun stuff to...
  4. Polarbear

    NGD and Action Help

    I picked this up from a mate last night for a great price, but the action is super high. I’ve tried to put picture the best I can but could anyone help me getting it lower? Is it a case of truss rod adjustment and or a saddle shave? Of course keeping it 80s Fender. They sound so good.
  5. Polarbear

    Visited Abbey Road Studios

    So, over the weekend a guy I’ve know on Facebook for around 10 years came over from the states to visit Abbey Road for one of their lectures. He invited me along and very kindly paid for my ticket. First time meeting him was awesome and having a wander around the studios was mind blowing...
  6. Polarbear

    3 Examples of Your Perfect Strat Tone.

    Just 3… here’s mine
  7. Polarbear

    I’m not saying Fender stole my idea but…

    I mean… I should at least be sent something.
  8. Polarbear

    Thumb Pain

    I’ve always struggled with thumb cramping when I’m playing the chords that requires the thumb to angle like this. Has anyone had this and if so, how did they overcome it if so?
  9. Polarbear

    New Free SG Day!

    Saved this little guy from being firewood today. The “seller” was giving it away as it has a broken string… I’ll take that anyway thank you very much. She threw in the fender stand too. Result. I’m going to have fun with this.
  10. Polarbear

    Jimi Hendrix Artwork

    This just came into the art gallery I work at. It may have to come home with me one day... absolutely love it!
  11. Polarbear

    Anyone in need of a laugh?

    Saw this on Facebook marketplace today. I don’t understand.
  12. Polarbear

    Am I the only one that hates clean humbucker tone?

    Surely I’m just going senile? But I don’t like a standard humbuckerler clean tone, they just sound so lifeless and plain to me. strat or tele all day.
  13. Polarbear

    For Fans of Mike Ness/Social D

    I stumbled across this today, grab a coffee and watch as it’s fascinating. definitely love this band even more.
  14. Polarbear

    Post a Picture of You & Your Guitar

    As the title suggests, we’ve seen so many pictures of guitars not being played! So post up some cool pictures!
  15. Polarbear

    Gary Moore

    10 years ago the world lost Gary Moore. A guitar player that I will never forget first hearing and one that I will always regard as one of the best ever. Thanks, Gary. This solo, to me is the greatest of all time.
  16. Polarbear

    Another NGD!

    So my time with the Jem Jr didn’t last long, and my original target Dean was still sitting so I sold the Jem Jr and picked up my new Dean MLF in Transbrazillia Burst this morning. I’m giving it a full going over currently as it’s been sitting in his workshop for god knows how long.. the frets...
  17. Polarbear

    Getting a guitar from another country?

    Help. Long story short, there’s a Dean V that’s waiting for me in Norway. This guitar is going to be a gift from a buddy over there, just need to actually get there (after covid). a friend of mine and I have decided that we’ll either road trip and drive, or just fly. Of course driving will be...
  18. Polarbear

    NGD Ibanez Jem Jr

    Here we are! I traded my gold Dean Hardtail for this Jem last night, in hopes I can use it for trade bait for my Dean ML. But I’m slowly falling in love with it, which isn’t the plan! :rolleyes: But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s great. I would have loved it with gold hardware and...
  19. Polarbear

    Guess my new guitar...

    All will be revealed tomorrow but let’s play a game! it’s white, has a floating tremolo and a thin neck. winner gets bragging rights.
  20. Polarbear

    Bittersweet Sales?

    Has anyone ever had that sale of gear that you regret constantly but it ended up well in the end? I remember selling my Dean ML years ago to fund my strat project (which I still play daily) but I waited 4 years to buy that Dean so I’ll always miss it. But as I have my strat, it was worth it...
  21. Polarbear

    Top 5 Guitar Players?

    Yo! Everyone has their top 5, but who are your top 5 player according to influence, like what players influence you the most? For example, mine are... Dimebag Darrel Hendrix Kim Mitchell Alexi Laiho Richard Studholme who has the biggest influence on your playing these days?
  22. Polarbear


    Just to prove that my strat is not Daphne blue like you little swines think. My phone finally picked up the true colour...
  23. Polarbear

    Something I’ve been working on tonight

    I’ve been noodling all evening while watching tv and actually played something that didn’t sound like noodling. So I expanded on it and this is what I have so far. Calling it Juniper as that’s what I was thinking about... juniper berries.
  24. Polarbear

    Way Volume Drop

    Morning all, finally picked up another wah last night but unfortunately there’s a big volume drop when engaged. I’ve put it before other pedals and after, but still there’s the drop... Can anyone tell me why? It’s just a run of the mill gcb95, but my old gcb95 didn’t have the volume drop...
  25. Polarbear


    I saw this on Facebook marketplace for a great price this morning so I went to pick it up! I wanted a cheap kick about acoustic for camping, beach days and general tomfoolery so my Fender can stay in the house. not a bad guitar at all, sounds nice and bright and plays super well. I’ll upgrade...