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  1. Triple Jim

    Cartoon a Little Too True?

  2. Triple Jim

    Warmoth Lead Time

    I ordered an unfinished custom neck from Warmoth on September 22nd. It was shipped November 4th. That's six weeks + 1 day. It's a little longer than the old 4-5 weeks they used to quote before the pandemic, but only by a week or two. Being unfinished helps a lot of course. From the...
  3. Triple Jim

    Live Hendrix Red House at Royal Albert Hall

    I hadn't seen this one, and it's an interesting version:
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    Musician's Friend Stupid Deal - Zoom H1n Recorder

    I have one and it's a really nice little pocket sized stereo recorder. I've used it mostly to record live music at shows, but it will do overdubs so you can have fun with it at home too. It's on sale for a penny under 80 bucks.
  5. Triple Jim

    Apparently Ceramic Isn't Popular in NC

    I didn't know about this until today. Ceramic isn't popular among guitar players or anyone else!,_North_Carolina
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    What Day Is It? Don't Trust GMA to Help!

    I work at home, and all the days of the week are about the same for me, so I often have to think about what day of the week it is. Early this morning I was trying to remember if it's Tuesday or Wednesday. Just then Good Morning America really confused me by putting this on my TV screen. I had...
  7. Triple Jim

    Difference Between Eminence Alnico Red Fang & Ceramic Red Fang (10" or 12")?

    I you've heard them in person, side by side, please post the differences you noticed. Thanks! Edit: It looks like references I found to a ceramic Red Fang 12" may be incorrect.
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    Guitar Center Web Site Today

    Here's what I got: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.f83d717.1609245882.1349a1f9
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    Christmas Carol Idea

    Fresh from a PM from my daughter:
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    It's Been a Long Time since I Had As Much Fun as These Guys Had

    Chris Ingram and Artur Manezes really had fun toward the end, and it reminded me of a few times when I was jamming with a friend and we just got into it. Not on this level of course.
  11. Triple Jim

    Innovative Crate Guitar Amp at Guitar Center

    I thought this was pretty clever of Crate. You'd never guess it's actually a 20 watt tube amp.
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    Improve by Not Looking?

    After all these years I discovered something that I think helps my playing: Not looking at my fingers. I've been working on a complicated (for me) turnaround for a few weeks and have been slowly getting better at it, but a couple nights ago I tried it without looking. I immediately played...
  13. Triple Jim

    Monoprice 30W Tube Amp Stack on Sale

    I just noticed they're $100 off with free shipping at the moment. They appear to be very similar to the Laney VC30.
  14. Triple Jim

    Strange Planet: Forming a Band

    One of my favorites...
  15. Triple Jim

    Sound Check from Popa Chubby Show Last Saturday

    Here's the sound check from the show at the Blue Note Grill in Durham: Sound Check Note the Gibson Moderne reissue from the '80s at the left. I asked him about it before the show and he played it a little for me. It sounded a lot like an early LP. I was waiting for him to use it in the...
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    Lovers of Stout Might Like This Photo

    I make a batch about once a year. Here is 15.5 gallons of stout fermenting.
  17. Triple Jim

    Anyone Get a Warmoth Custom Body Lately?

    I ordered a custom Warmoth body with clear finish on October 1st. From the information on their site it looked like I could be pretty sure to get it before Christmas, but not by much. I just got an email from them saying it's being shipped. It seems a little scary that it's being shipped so...
  18. Triple Jim

    Korg 0.1 Cent Accuracy Tuner Pedal "Stupid Deal" Today - 40 Bucks

    I don't think this has been posted yet... Musician's Friend Stupid Deal is the Korg "Pitchblack" tuner pedal. From reading the manual, it appears to be more accurate than most, with a 0.1 cent accuracy. I'll find out how good it really is, since I ordered one...
  19. Triple Jim

    Popa Chubby Signature Guitar by Eagletone

    Translated from French...
  20. Triple Jim

    Guitar Solo Faces Make A Lot More Sense When Guitars Are Replaced With Giant Slugs

    Probably old, but I hadn't seen it before.
  21. Triple Jim

    New Neck Completely Changes GAS

    My '76 Strat's frets have worn out, so the neck needs a re-fret. I decided to buy a custom neck for it and try out some interesting things while I'm re-fretting the original. Then when it's done I can put it back on and stick the new neck on another body. I wanted the new one to have a 24.75"...
  22. Triple Jim

    USA Custom Guitar Sale on Flame Maple Necks

    I just ordered a USACG neck, and in the process Susan pointed out that the base price is usually $210 on custom necks, but at the moment flame Maple has a base price of $179. You have to phone the order in to get the sale price. I couldn't find any mention of it on their site. I ordered a...
  23. Triple Jim

    I Need to Stop Watching Craigslist

    I recently posted that I need to stop checking CL, and this morning I think I may actually try to quit. A 4x12 Peavey cabinet for $80! I had to tell myself that I don't need a huge, heavy speaker cabinet taking up room, and even so I still feel agitated. Maybe someone else around here can use...
  24. Triple Jim

    I May Not Find the Bargains, but My Wife Does

    My wife likes to visit all the consignment shops, thrift shops, yard sales, etc., that she finds. She called from a nearby Ruritan thrift shop to ask if I wanted this thing for $6 that had been sitting in the shop for a long time. I looked it up and said I did. When she brought it home I...
  25. Triple Jim

    Modifying Vintage Stagger to Tame G String - Ceramic Pickups

    I bought a set of Guitar Madness ceramic pickups for the Squier Strat I recently put together from parts ($14.55 shipped for the set of three). ( ) I like the pickups a lot, but they have the typical "vintage stagger", causing the G string to be...