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    Japan 54 VS Classic Series 50's?

    Any ideas on differences between a Japan 1954 reissue limited edition and a 50's Classic Series strat? Thanks
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    Recently picked up a 2015 American Standard - Shawbucker in the upgraded Sienna Burst in a trade. Pretty cool. I've had a MIM HSS before and I much prefer the Shaw. I also really like the Fat 50's. I'm surprised how much position 4 sounds like position 4, even with the HB. After owning several...
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    American Special - my opinion

    Last week I asked for opinions on the American Special. Now I've got my own. Just for reference, I've had a MIM HSS, MIM standard, Jimmie Vaughn, Avri 54 and a Classic Series 50's. I absolutely love this American Special. The Texas Specials are better than expected. I like em. It DOES...
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    Mustang III V2 VS Super Champ X2 tone

    Does the tube factor of the Super Champ X2 truly shine through with significantly better tone in comparison to the tone you can get out of a Mustang III V2?
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    Do American Specials deserve the bad rap?

    When researching American Specials and their Texas Special pups, it's hard to find a lot of love for either. Is this really warranted or are some just repeating what they've heard? I totally get the logic behind the often heard talk of "go ahead and step up to a Standard". If I were in a shop...
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    Classic Player 50s VS new Special Edition 50s ??

    I played the green apple Special Edition 50s at GC and REALLY liked it!!! Any first hand knowledge on whether one has anything significant over the other in a CP50s VS SE50s comparison?????
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    Honey, I'm home! After losing my last Tele in a swap, I got myself swapped back into one this afternoon. Not at all what I was looking for. This thing sorta came outta nowhere and ended up being an easy semi-local swap with a super nice guy off a CL ad. What are the chances of that...
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    It's not pink!!!

    It's "salmon" :razz: :razz: :razz: NGD Classic Series 50s V 7.25 I like it!
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    After never having owned a fender until 8 months ago, I took the third step today in my journey to get to know them better. I believe I'm a convert 2006 60th Jimmie Vaughn with Fat 50's compliments of forum member BillK01 Spectacular guy to do business with. She's everything he...
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    NGD - count me in

    I own a Tele 07 MIM standard Thanks to Bowiefan and this forum for hooking us up. It was advertised as being as close to new as one could be. No exaggeration! Beautiful piece. Anxious to see how we hit it off. First date was a good one.
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    Tele cleans VS Strat cleans

    I've enjoyed my MIM FSR Strat so much, I've been on a quest to select my second Strat. So far I haven't picked one up that I really like more than the one I've got. A Classic Player 50's seems to be in first place, but I haven't been able to lay hands on one. The idea that maybe my second...
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    Who should be my second Strat?

    Loving my FSR HSS. Not being a fender guy, trying to learn the differences between Strat models is mind boggling. I'm so impressed with my FSR that I want to go to the next level but not in a position to take the elevator all the way to the top floor. In my uneducated perspective, right now a...
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    Vox VT or Mustang

    I seem to be narrowing my choices down to 2: Vox VT40+ or the Mustang V2 III I understand that's not an apples to apples choice. Not claiming to be right, but just to show perspective, if it were Vox VT 40+ VS Mustang V2 II, in my head Vox is winning by a pretty good margin. Everything I...
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    Classic 50s Strat question

    What differences would there be between a 2008 and a 2014 Classic 50s?
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    So what am I missing?

    A couple of months ago I got my first Strat (link below, pic below) an FSR HSS I understand it's a Chevy and not a Cadillac but it seemed like a great way to try one. Well, I really, really like it. It has me thinking I'm a Strat guy after decades of thinking otherwise. I've been...
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    THR10 software help

    Santa snagged me an "open box" THR10C that looked untouched and factory packed but I can't find anything with the access code on it. I've got the CD and I've got the license # but no card or anything with the access code. Their support is closed until next week for the holidays. Can somebody...
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    blackstar id15tvp opinions?

    Anybody have one? What do you think? How are the cleans?
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    Roland Cube GX40

    Any love for the newer GX40 Roland Cube? Seems to be about the only one left on my radar competing in my brain with the Mustang II V2 40.
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    Mustang question (not normal or bright!)

    OK, lets just publicly state right off the bat that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and save someone else the effort. I know there are a list of differences between the II & III. I get that. One that always gets listed is closed cabinet vs open cabinet. So......what the heck...
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    Super Champ XD - headphones

    What is involved in rigging a Super Champ XD for headphones?
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    Guitar to amp cable question

    Do you have a strong opinion on the type of cable you use from guitar to amp? Do you really get what you pay for going with a premium cable?
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    NGD: black on black on black

    FSR HSS My first Fender at 60
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    Trying to lock in on first fender decision

    Just another old Gibson guy lost in the woods here. I'm an absolute fender rookie. Don't know a thing about em, but trying to learn. I was wanting to try out a fender without really stepping up and breaking the bank. I just bought a Modern Player Tele not really having a clue what I was...