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  1. Dougeryb

    How do I get these out? (landscaping)

    I had a stubborn and extra deep 4x6 post that needed pulling. Yours are a lot heavier and set from time, but this might work. I used a 20lb sledge on all four sides to loosen the post, then drilled a 1" hole perpendicular (angled up a tiny bit) to the post at ground level (about 2" deep)...
  2. Dougeryb

    Putting weight on a strat

    Lead tape for tennis or racquets or golf tape? You could layer it and cut to size for cavities. I've used it on tennis racquets and this tape is pretty solid.
  3. Dougeryb

    Thrup’ny Bit

    100,002 for good measure!!
  4. Dougeryb

    Thrup’ny Bit

  5. Dougeryb

    Yet another Polarizing Poll- guitar vs amp pt.deux (2)

    When I first started playing bass guitar in a band, I paid about 3-400 for the Peavey bass then swapped to Yamaha bass. About 7-800+ for my first bass combo amp, then upgrade to the Peavey Mkiii bass head and 2x15" JBL cab. I needed some serious wattage!
  6. Dougeryb

    Taking Requests: What Jazz Song?

    Here is a highschool percussion ensemble version:
  7. Dougeryb

    Taking Requests: What Jazz Song?

    Stan Kenton's Intermission Riff.
  8. Dougeryb

    Rituals of a Bygone Era

    Was just doing the "routine" and was thinking... "We used to have Nat Geo, Readers Digest, Sunset, etc. to read while doing your business". I havent seen a magazine or newspaper in the restroom in ages. Kind of miss NOT having the entire worlds library and encyclopedia at your...
  9. Dougeryb

    Setting up your Stratocaster.

    Not for myself, i just go by my own liking. But... If someone asks me to set up their guitar without a clue to their preference, or Im selling one, I will set it up to brand recommended specs.
  10. Dougeryb

    Let’s measure the hate for this pick guard

    Not for everyone, but I like it.
  11. Dougeryb

    Which of these 3 would you get?

    Barring any misaligned parts, major cosmetic issues, all of those weights are fine to me. That being said, the one with wood grain and color that appeals to you is the one I recommend.
  12. Dougeryb

    Monoprice indio guitars

    I've never played one but:
  13. Dougeryb

    Locking Tuners

    I like the Schaller from the back of headstock view, but the Kluson and Gotoh look better from the front. I like the Kluson.
  14. Dougeryb

    Mad Magazine

    The folding back page was always one of my favorite things.
  15. Dougeryb

    Anyone else in the tinnitus club?

    My first band in highschool... We practiced in a small basement with no hearing protection. The drumers crash cymbal was right next to my right ear. My hearing hasnt been the same sinced. What recently made it worse was using power tools (gas, two stroke). I couldnt find my hearing pro, and...
  16. Dougeryb

    Immigrant Song funked up

    Was about to drive an icepick in my ear from all of the really bad Fleetwood Mac covers I've been hearing as background music in shopping centers lately... This is a really good, refreshing cover of a classic. Nicely done! +1 on the strobe being too much... Made me feel a little ill after 10...
  17. Dougeryb

    Unpopular Albums That You Actually Like

    In through the out door is still one of my favorites.
  18. Dougeryb

    Unpopular Albums That You Actually Like

    CODA... although it was a "Post" Led compilation, it was arguably one of their least popular albums. I really dig "Walters Walk". The guitar on that track really drives with a raunchy, crunchiness.
  19. Dougeryb

    Frugality Check...Which Cell Phone Are You Using ?

    Love that phone. Perfect size in my opinion.
  20. Dougeryb

    Fender Prices

    I dont know, but if they made guitars out of 2x4's and plywood right now, they still wouldnt be very cheap lol!
  21. Dougeryb

    Fender Prices

    Lumber prices are through the roof right now, and I wouldnt doubt that Fender is having trouble with the overseas supply chain for parts and finished guitars. Taking all of that into consideration, I'm surprised they didnt raise prices even more!