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  1. StratoStrummer

    Heavy Metal Memories...

    Wow awesome playing and sound and everything Great really Well done guys!
  2. StratoStrummer

    Made it into the newspaper yesterday...

    I shall be glad if you can share some generic information or links on this research Thanks
  3. StratoStrummer

    Made it into the newspaper yesterday...

    I definitely would like to know more on the subject.
  4. StratoStrummer

    Made it into the newspaper yesterday...

    Wow Very intersting
  5. StratoStrummer

    Which Big Muff Pi do you like best?

    I have an old ram's head and I like it very much. I want to post some pics here soon and share some samples. However, the triangle reissue seems like a great pedal. I watched some videos and found it has the right (for me) balance of sweet singing mellow and rude grit. I think I will buy one...
  6. StratoStrummer

    Timing problem

    First, thanks everybody for replying and sharing your knowledge. Some of what has been enlighted here is well worth serious study and practice. Then, yes you @Alex_C and @Dadocaster are very probably right. I am just starting learning to read and often hurry to play and record something than I...
  7. StratoStrummer

    Timing problem

    I have been in a band for several years. Nothing professional but we never had timing issues. The drummers were always very good, better musicians than any other member. My problems began when I sat down with some tabs and books and told myself: you have been improvising deep purple solos for...
  8. StratoStrummer

    Timing problem

    Ok now I have three strategies to focus on my issues: back at work. And an idea for my next purchase. Thank you
  9. StratoStrummer

    Timing problem

    I have a problem with playing in time. If I improvise, I can follow the beat. But if I play an exercise or a solo from a song, I go off time. I practice with a metronome, I play with backing tracks, I try to practice at slow timings... I try to tap my foot when I play... So far nothing seems to...
  10. StratoStrummer

    Random pictures!!!!!!

    Napoli, earlier today
  11. StratoStrummer

    Epiphone Strat model S300 9r S310

    Here's the Gibson people talking about the site. Reported offline in May. Seems like a new version is expected hopefully.
  12. StratoStrummer

    72 x 72 x 3

    Good job I sometimes feel the need of ambient music and look for this exact feel. Thank you
  13. StratoStrummer

    NGD Fender Player strat tidepool blue

    Let's say it together. 1 2 3 Oooo aaaaah
  14. StratoStrummer

    Too old to be new, but hi, y'all

    Welcome mate
  15. StratoStrummer

    Epiphone Strat model S300 9r S310

    I have an S310, rosewood fretboard, hockey stick headstock. It still had the label "s310) on the back of the neck. Epiphonewiki was a great site with info on these guitars. Unfortunately I just discovered it is offline now... sorry I wished to help.
  16. StratoStrummer

    On With the Show - Motley Crue

    No really. A couple of days with Blippi looping in your living room and you will change your mind. Really. Believe me. Very nice playing by the way. Definitely I will check this album by a band that, as often, I don't know if not by name. Great sound and awesome trills. Being able to trill...
  17. StratoStrummer

    Could These Be 57/62's?

    Sometimes one will want a particular pickup. For example a Fender pickup. Maybe a 57/62, because he knows they are great. Now, on the used market he will found many selling this pickup, but there's no brand, no label, not even a product code to be sure that he is buying exactly what he wants. He...
  18. StratoStrummer

    Could These Be 57/62's?

    Yes... Then let me re-write my previous post: There should be a reason behind the opposite of this lazy and arrogant behaviour.
  19. StratoStrummer

    Could These Be 57/62's?

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was some marketing strategy. In my limited experience pickups are one of the main things the average first-strat buyer will think about changing. So I have would expect some care in branding these product. Do you think it is just laziness?
  20. StratoStrummer

    Could These Be 57/62's?

    There must be some reason behind this. My opinion is yes, these probably are 57/62. My favourite, enjoy!
  21. StratoStrummer

    Dado's low budget recording discussion.

    Great news. Looking forward to listen
  22. StratoStrummer

    Random pictures!!!!!!

    Grand Funk Closer to home, inner sleeve picture
  23. StratoStrummer

    First strat

    Can I disagree on this? You should buy now the best guitar you can afford. It will make the difference. You will not regret it. Even if with that money you could get 2 cheaper guitars, I say go now with the best one even if it is at the top of your budget. You will appreciate the details and the...
  24. StratoStrummer

    Strat Slidin' new member

  25. StratoStrummer

    The myth of bedroom volume

    Ok but come on, I am sure you can come out with a few more ideas.