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  1. jwj1701

    Our studio workhorse....

    I gotta be honest I didn’t even know guild made basses.
  2. jwj1701

    New Fender models

    My mistake.
  3. jwj1701

    John Paul Jones !

    Seen this before. Awesome
  4. jwj1701

    New Fender models

    Squires now up to $599. Fender and inflation have certainly cured my gas. If y’all can afford them more power to you
  5. jwj1701

    Josh Allen

    Best performance in a losing effort that I can remember. I’m now a fan of Josh Allen. Not the the Bills, but Josh Allen.
  6. jwj1701

    Rams play KC in the SB?

    I used to like you Edibis
  7. jwj1701

    Rams play KC in the SB?

    May be unfair but it’s just dumb luck. Not like the league planned it
  8. jwj1701

    Rams play KC in the SB?

    That just means it’s time for a loss.
  9. jwj1701

    Rams play KC in the SB?

    It might be fun. If they have one like that Monday night in ‘18 and the Rams win again
  10. jwj1701

    Meat Loaf dead @ 74

    The original booh is one of those classic “must have albums” imho. RIP
  11. jwj1701

    NGD!! PRS Silver Sky SE content!!!

    if I were buying this would be the color I’d choose as well. Maybe the green. At any rate. Congratulations
  12. jwj1701

    Looks like Fender raised prices again.

    Since I’ve gone back to the bass Ibanez is an appealing option. And I’ve already done that with SR400QM. (Haven’t taken a snap yet though)
  13. jwj1701

    Looks like Fender raised prices again.

    Yeah and a few months ago when I was complaining everybody defended Fender…just sayin’.
  14. jwj1701

    For All The "GET BACK" Beatles Fans....

    I don’t know if controlling is the right term, but maybe it is. It didn’t seem anybody was really there to work at all. Somebody has to do/start something. John and Yoko were rarely on time. As the 2 strongest personalities I thought it was clear who wanted to be a beatle. Just 2 cents.
  15. jwj1701

    A Late New Year's Resolution

    Yeah good luck, But wait until someone CUTS YOU OFF IN TRAFFIC or the next Covid conversation starts. But good wishes nonetheless
  16. jwj1701

    New PRS Silver Sky SE shipped!

    Well there is a nice looking green one to buy
  17. jwj1701

    Will I die if I buy another pie???

    Listen closely. There is no such thing as enough pie. Someone has lied to you. Slap them. Especially the media.
  18. jwj1701

    New CS Strat

    That is a looker. Congrats
  19. jwj1701

    Snow in Alabama.

    If you were going to say south Alabama I might have fainted
  20. jwj1701

    Favorite Star Trek episode

    So true and it comes to mind when the question is asked.
  21. jwj1701

    Favorite Star Trek episode

    That is the best one I think. Lots of favorites though. Tough call
  22. jwj1701

    Snow in Alabama.

    What part of Alabama?
  23. jwj1701

    Betty White, RIP

    Is it time for a golden girls marathon yet? RIP
  24. jwj1701

    Ugliest headstock contest