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  1. elduderinoTF

    Strat-Talk South Carolina Jam, Dec. 10, 2022 — OFFICIAL THREAD

    Really excited for y'all! Wish I wasn't so far away.
  2. elduderinoTF

    I am a broken man.

    Other way around is correct. Migas, great tacos.
  3. elduderinoTF

    I am a broken man.

    I think we've had this argument before. Tostadas are just a flat crispy taco. It makes no sense.
  4. elduderinoTF

    Beat Farmers

    This is great.
  5. elduderinoTF

    Christmas movies

    Watched it last night.
  6. elduderinoTF

    I will admit...

    You on the shrooms?
  7. elduderinoTF

    Can you identify this woman?

    I see Barbara Bush
  8. elduderinoTF

    Is turkey in the same league with chicken?

    We fry in hog lard. You can use it several times over.
  9. elduderinoTF

    Flying Half Full

    I dig that song, but it's not my band. It's @apm1991 's band.
  10. elduderinoTF

    Flying Half Full

  11. elduderinoTF

    In case you haven't met our new rhythm section

    Flying Half Full kickin' azz.
  12. elduderinoTF

    Jimi’s Flying V on Kimmel Tonight

    @Scott Baxendale , you and I now have something in common.
  13. elduderinoTF

    Jimi’s Flying V on Kimmel Tonight

    I got to hold it when I went to the Hard Rock in London. I've got a picture somewhere.
  14. elduderinoTF

    Brain Care As We Age

    I can't handle them like I used to.
  15. elduderinoTF

    Happy birthday, @electgumbo!!!

    Exactly what I was thinkin'.
  16. elduderinoTF

    Happy birthday, @electgumbo!!!

    Wear that toad Gumbo. Happy birthday!
  17. elduderinoTF

    Did Your Folks Influence Your Musical Taste?

    Nah, I ain't that sharp.