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  1. velvet_man

    Heavy Metal Memories...

    Great work, guys! That was awesome! 🤘
  2. velvet_man

    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    I felt the That was my reaction to the second night openers, too! The first night is perfect, though, because I was already planning to go see the Pantera tribute, and I love the Mammoth album. The last time I saw Metallica live was on the St. Anger tour, and no one was into any of their new...
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    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    I thought the same thing about the solo, but that's about what I expect from Kirk these days. I'm excited about the album, though. It's going to be called 72 Seasons, and James said it's about the first 18 years (or 72 seasons) of life and how that shapes you for the rest of your life. So it...
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    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    I knew the song as soon as you played the opening descending chromatic riff. I must have listened to this song 5 or 6 times now since I discovered it yesterday morning. It's got a great Kill 'Em All kind of vibe to it.
  5. velvet_man

    My friend Scott.

    Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great friend and a hell of a musician. On a positive note, you guys all sound great on that track!
  6. velvet_man

    We lost a valuable member - Au revoir Ryan !

    Rest in peace, Ryan. You will be missed.
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    Question about powering board.

    There's a picture of the Voodoo here You can see in the box on the top that all 8 can be set to 9v, or 1-6 can be set to 12v, and 5 and 6 can be set to 250mA. There are jumper switches on the bottom to change the settings as needed. Outputs 7...
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    Question about powering board.

    I have 8 pedals on my board. I originally powered them with a daisy chain, but it was noisy in some places. I replaced the daisy chain with a Voodoo Pedal Power 2. It has 8 outputs, so it's the only thing I need for my board, and there's no more noise no matter where I play.
  9. velvet_man

    Amp/tube help needed

    I would love for a proper amp tech to look at this, but that's not really an option unfortunately. The one amp tech around here that people vouch for originally told me I would have to leave it with him for about 5 weeks. I tried calling him again today, and his voicemail message now says that...
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    Amp/tube help needed

    Giving this a bump in the hope that someone with amp knowledge can help me out. I've asked this question on the Marshall forums, and someone suggested I test the screen grid resistors or the cathode current sensing resistors as either of those could have gone and caused the lack of voltage I'm...
  11. velvet_man

    Imposter syndrome

    Oh I get pretty intense imposter syndrome any time I think about joining one of the ST improve challenges and hear the other great players on this forum. Also, when my band plays a show with other bands and I hear the other band's much better guitarists warming up, it hits hard. EDIT: I should...
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    songs that got you misty when you were a kid (under 21 for this query's purpose)

    He's definitely mumbling a lot in this performance, but there's kind of a cool story behind that. This is the first time he ever performed the song. The lyrics weren't even completely written at the time, so he had to improvise a lot of them during the performance. He didn't even want to...
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    songs that got you misty when you were a kid (under 21 for this query's purpose)

    This one made the rounds on mp3 apps like Kazaa when I was in high school, and it had a strong effect on the people in my friend group, though we were all kinda weirdo misfits.
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    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    Man that third one was itching my brain, but I couldn't think of it. I had that album back in the day (on cassette!) but haven't listened to it in forever.
  15. velvet_man

    On or off when powered up, pedal axepert info needed.

    I've never really thought about this before, but is there a reason why my Boss DS-1, Maxon OD808, and Fuzzface always turn on automatically when I plug my pedalboard in (even if they were all turned off when I unplugged it last time), but my tuner, wah, delay, reverb, and EHX Big Muff are always...
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    Rolling fretboard edges

    This guy may be a bit of a goober, but this tip works amazingly well and I've done it on all of my guitars now. It's the cheapest and easiest method I've seen, and it works.
  17. velvet_man

    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    We got a pair of winners! That didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.
  18. velvet_man

    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    Right decade and general genre, but this band never got nearly as big as Alice in Chains. I never noticed how much the intro riff sounds like the one from Them Bones before!
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    Rolling challenge ... name that riff

    Here are a few riffs from songs my band is thinking of adding to our setlist. Disclaimer: I'm recovering from surgery and haven't been able to play in long enough that I lost my calluses, so this is a little rough, but I think they should still be recognizable.
  20. velvet_man

    Is my neck twisted?

    I had a neck I picked up pretty cheap from China that twisted a bit. I noticed it when some notes would choke out, but the surest way to "see" it was to capo the first fret and hold down the string at the other end of the neck where it meets the body, just like you would for checking relief...
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    One of my current projects.

    Great work! It looks and sounds fantastic! :thumb:
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    Greetings from Alberta

    Welcome! Nice looking collection! :thumb: I lived in southern Alberta for 6 years before the ocean called us back to the coast. Aside from the harsh winters, Alberta was great. I'm actually heading back there this weekend for a little getaway to Jasper, which is still one of my favourite places...
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    I think I just attended my last ever concert – and I'm really bummed

    I thought this was going to be a rant about current concern ticket prices, which has kept me from going to most of the recent shows I really wanted to see. I had a similar experience at a gig my band played recently. We showed up on time and did our sound check, and everything sounded fine on...