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  1. tonyw

    Dusting Off The Cobwebs

    Havent been onto strat talk for about 4 +years, alot of other projects taking up my time but thought i would pop in and see how the joint was jumpin' Last time i was on i was putting together a Baritone strat, that ended up being a nightmare because i got too smart with the wiring, so i cut...
  2. tonyw

    Project 2 La Azúcarmama "The Suga Mama"

    My Interpretation of the La Carbronita single pickup The body and pickguard are now done, the body is Alder and is a replica of a 1965 telecaster. I have done a quik mock up with the T.V Jones Powertron + Pickup and the Wilkinson half cut bridge. I need to drill control holes from the cavity...
  3. tonyw

    Project 1 Ol'55 Esquire

    A 52 style tele Swamp Ash body completely routed to spec and ready for a Vintage Amber clear finish. Hard work on the Swamp Ash because the grain has alot of pores in it and requires alot of filling sanding and sealing. This is going to be an Esquire single pickup. Mock up with the...
  4. tonyw

    Rory Gallagher appreciation society

    I love this guy "Off The Handle" classic!!! YouTube - Rory Gallagher - Off The Handle
  5. tonyw

    Just gave myself an uppercut and told myself NO MORE GUITARS

    uh-oh another guitar just happens to be finding its way home to my house this time from Germany. Its a "Watkins Rapier 33" early 60's U.K built strat like guitar and was designed and produced by one Reg Watkins. How ironic this was my fathers name. :grin: pic of it
  6. tonyw

    Dont know wether to laugh

    Dont know wether to laugh or put this dude in to Ebay :roll: Stealthtone Stratocaster Stacked Humbucker Pickup - eBay Guitar Parts, Parts Accessories, Guitar, Musical Instruments. (end time 01-Sep-10 15:46:05 AEST)
  7. tonyw

    Repeat after me NO MORE GUITARS!!

    Well maybe one more :) :?: :roll: shes going ta kill me kill me kill me :twisted:
  8. tonyw

    Just A Minute

    "Just a minute" taken from a recording sound check. Strat through a a Vamp2 into the desk and on to disk, drummer is on an electric Roland Kit, just a sample. Just A Minute
  9. tonyw

    Mandolin or am i losing it with age

    Always wanted a Mandolin, always pick them up in the shop and have a paddy on the swing pipe session, love the sound and texture of these chirpy little critters. My 55th Birthday was on Thursday so i browsed the net for a present for myself :grin: and up popped a vintage electric Mando on...
  10. tonyw

    Meet The Hound Dog

    One of my fav all time bluesmen was Hound Dog Taylor, he got his sound from 4 pickup Teisco and Kawai (took over from Teisco) guitars cheap amps with ripped speakers, but his guitars always had that 4 pickup configuration that i was always wanting. His best known guitar was Kawai's lookalike of...
  11. tonyw

    Piece Of *^$# Project

    I got this on fleabay last night for around $25 US :roll: i either have delusions of grandeur and my skill and sourcing cheap guitar bodies is way up there or i just wasted $25 on a piece of junk that will become a test bed guitar for my elctronics :neutral: either way should be alot of fun...
  12. tonyw

    Lefty for a Righty

    I have been offered a left hand squire strat for a reasonable price, (dont know if i even want it) and i was thinking about playing it upside down with the bottom E on the treble side, anyone got one of these playing reverse with a sound clip maybe, i dont want to string it up like a righty just...
  13. tonyw

    Made Up My Mind

    This was the 4th track recorded on the Stompin Ground session, another 1 take effort. As with the other tracks the strat is in one channel (left) and the ASAT all dirty in the other channel (right). The reason the ASAT and the Hot Rod Deluxe were kept dirty was to oppose the strat and the Boogie...
  14. tonyw


    Another song from the Only You, Destiny session. This started as a riff that was jammed on and heres the result a bit of a footstompin blues rocker. I made up the words as i was singing the tune, well everything was made up as we jammed through it and again 1 take only. Was never meant to be...
  15. tonyw

    Dragged Out My Old Friend

    This original experiment was to set this guitar up once after completion and play it for 12months doing nothing to it. I opened the case to my 1st guitar build "Netty", and there she lay covered in crud looking a bit worse for wear. I had played this guitar for 12months from my finished...
  16. tonyw

    Best tonewood for S type guitar is?

    Cardboard :twisted: YouTube - Video 4 Big Bobs carboard s style guitar, now i have seen it all
  17. tonyw


    "Destiny" another blues/rock ballad recorded in one take on the Stompin Ground session and was originaly meant to be a demo but ended up on the CD Stompin' Ground. I left it off the CD i thought there were too many holes in it and big enough to kick soccer balls through but was persuaded to...
  18. tonyw

    Rory Gallagher Interview about his guitars

    Very interesting read about the great mans thoughts on his guitars Rory Gallagher Interview
  19. tonyw

    Only You

    This tune was originally on a demo that Columbia records got all excited about and were ready to sign me up but i wasnt ready to be signed up to their terms so it amounted to nothing. The tune then got lots of interest in Europe then i eventually signed to a label out of Missouri with an...
  20. tonyw


    Going to be pushing 110F or 43 Celcius today, code red catastrophic bushfires alert for all of Victoria, I would be getting out of the bush NOW!!
  21. tonyw

    The need to slide

    I play alot of slide and i have been hearing in my head a Les Paul Special Jnr single P90 or a Gretch Corvette like Rory Gallaghers with a P90, so i was going to put one together but now it seems its going to be this, all i maybe have to do is the wiring to how i like it and a set up, maybe swap...
  22. tonyw

    What Are You Doing On New Years Day

    nearly 1pm New Years day here in cloudy Melbourne, took it easy last night a huge storm passed through about 10:30pm andi was at home probably the 1st time i wasnt out playing in 20years. Got up early and started work on a customers guitar its an old Parlour guitar and i have been carefully...
  23. tonyw

    New Guitar, New Amp, New Recorder

    I had forgot all about this track but some mention of new recorders and new amps made me see if i could find it and dig it out, all along it was sitting on soundclick :roll: i dont pay much attention to what i have on the net after i post it The day i finished my 1st strat construction...
  24. tonyw

    Star Queens

    Another track i have dug out of my cupboard that was originally meant for the Room With A View c.d that still remains unreleased. I will get around to finishing it one day A true story about my misspent youth growing up in the tough Steel city of Newcastle Australia. I used a Zoom 505 and...
  25. tonyw

    Kahler trem

    Anyone have or has used the Kahler trem? i was thinking about putting one on a solid one piece build i am doing. Good or bad trems?

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