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  1. Strategizer

    Why own more than one strat?

    I keep the guitar count low because I share a house with growing kids and my toys don't get enjoyed with the same regularity a semi/pro player or retiree's might. So I favor variety over duplicates at this point in my life. However... if my situation were more accommodating, this would probably...
  2. Strategizer

    New classic Vibe!

    I've got an '08 CV '50s Strat that has a little flame on the neck as well. Nowhere near as prominent as yours though. I've heard many of the early necks were quartersawn, too. Mine is. Nice find! HNGD Oh, and I'm positively in the "no pearl pg" camp and don't ever plan on leaving. But you must...
  3. Strategizer

    Trying to decide - inexpensive amp questions

    Just because it hasn't been said... a used-market Line6 POD variant and a small keyboard (flat response) amp wouldn't set you back too far. (ducks to avoid detritus thrown)
  4. Strategizer

    How about a group hug !

    Must have mistaken it for the Fiore... 😋
  5. Strategizer

    Why do so many people believe they need all the sustain they can get from their guitars?

    For styles that don't pack a zillion, or even twenty, notes into a run. For that last big outro chord that's left ringing in your studio recording. :P For folks who like the timbre associated with an instrument that rings out that long (applies more to acoustics, ime).
  6. Strategizer

    How about a group hug !

    If I leave these two to "hug" in a dark room, will a Silver Sky pop out?
  7. Strategizer

    So who actually loves the Strat bridge pickup sound?

    It's been a while since I peeked under the hood, so I couldn't speak to thickness. It's only as big as the footprint of the pickup. I got the plate from Fralin. Unfortunately I didn't see any specs such as steel gauge, etc, listed in the product description...
  8. Strategizer

    So who actually loves the Strat bridge pickup sound?

    I did not enjoy my bridge pickup sound until I put a steel plate under it.
  9. Strategizer

    5F2A-type amp build in pictures

    As long as it sounds good and you're not redplating you're 👌🏼 One of the things I like about tubes. As long as you're in the ballpark you're in business!
  10. Strategizer

    Treating myself to a fuzz pedal. Tell me what you like.

    You're not the only one. Generally speaking, if any one device has more than 2-3 knobs I'm out. Channel-switching amps for example give me the heebie-jeebies. tOo MaNy kNoBs o_O
  11. Strategizer

    One word song title transference

    Full Circle - Collective Soul
  12. Strategizer

    5F2A-type amp build in pictures

    No, I haven't calculated it. Might be fun to do sometime! I was just repeating that spec from Rob's page. I've read a fair amount of his material and I trust the guy. If you're seeking to understand why there such a difference in output between the two modes of operation, my understanding with...
  13. Strategizer

    5F2A-type amp build in pictures

    Thanks for the compliment! Building the cab was a lot of very fun work. I made many mistakes but learned how to hide them well, so I think that makes me a true woodworker now! 😜 I'm not so skilled that I dared attempt 1/4" fingers like most guitar cabinets have, though... I CNC'd the PCB. I...
  14. Strategizer

    Made a Pizza

    For folks like me with diabeetus, cauliflower crusts and the like make for lower-carb options that are easier to manage post-meal. My digestive system is s-l-o-w and when I eat high carb/fat/protein food combinations I can still be managing the after-effects of that meal on my blood sugar 4-6+...
  15. Strategizer

    5F2A-type amp build in pictures

    Edges rounded over. After test-fitting a makeshift baffle and amp chassis I could tell that the clearance between xfmrs and speaker chassis would be tight. So at this point I decided to cut the curves into the top and bottom face panels. It turned out to be a very good choice. Applied a couple...
  16. Strategizer

    5F2A-type amp build in pictures

    I say "5F2A-type" because it's a 5F2A Princeton preamp, but as you'll see it's not an extremely faithful reproduction of the Fender original. Rather, it's my twist on it in design and style. The short summary is that I made everything from raw components, from designing and milling the PCBs to...
  17. Strategizer

    Another NGD post brought to you by PAS

    I must have hit the ProAudioStar used sale right at the tail end of it last week... I went back a few days after ordering this Paranormal Cabronita Thinline Tele to pick up a CV '60's Custom Tele and nope, no used Squiers to be seen anywhere. At any rate, my Tele arrived! Like many others'...
  18. Strategizer

    GAS for Tele just went up a notch

    I have a Squier Paranormal Cabronita Thinline Tele arriving tomorrow. I'm hoping it'll be a welcome distraction from my boring ol' Strat. 😅
  19. Strategizer

    Ouch! Just got stung by GAS.

    I'm saving for a higher-end guitar right now but these heavily discounted CV's at Proaudiostar are beginning to erode my resolve.
  20. Strategizer

    Mini-me NGD!

    I use JST connectors on both my strats & various pickguards so I can make quick swaps. I join all grounds on the body side to connector black wire, jack input to red. Then do likewise on the mating connector on the pickguard side. Works great! These are like the ones I've got.
  21. Strategizer

    I Love Modded Strats. Show Me Yours!

    My MIM Fender (left) with SSL-1's loaded. The bridge pickup has a steel plate installed. Squier CV 50's (right) with a Wilkinson overwound humbucker. This pickguard has a rotary switch on it that selects between series, parallel, or split coil. Currently, the MIM Strat has Bootstrap alnico 2...
  22. Strategizer

    First mod you make...

    I buy mostly on the used market when I buy at all, so the first 'mod' is usually setting the action and intonation properly. 😅 If that's not a satisfying answer, the next mod is usually a wiring or pot/cap change.
  23. Strategizer

    Squier PU Swap

    Short answer? Bootstrap.
  24. Strategizer

    DIY parts finding issues anyone else experience this

    I can tell you one reason why. Thanks to the market situation created over the past couple years, manufacturers are experiencing part shortages and crazy lead times on their orders (my industry is seeing 52 weeks +), so they're turning to the open market to buy electronic components to keep...
  25. Strategizer

    I need some input on a possible neck swap.

    Any fine file with a flat edge will do for filing down fret end protrusions. The Fret End Dressing File looks like it would be good for that since it's also narrow (smaller coverage area, fewer "oops" moments). Tape off the side of your fretboard, leaving as little wood exposed as possible to...