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  1. RavenPOL

    Night Court reboot

    ‚Crime story” is a classic. Song also. But nothing beats Joe Cocker’s „With a little help from my friends” from „Wonder years”.
  2. RavenPOL

    Night Court reboot

    Playing on nostalgia note - I'm going to get myself "Northern Exposure" Blu-Ray package. Anyone remember that? Times, when TV was high culture?
  3. RavenPOL

    Zen Hippopotamus

    Ups. I meant the speaker cabinet - nickname etc.🤭 Sorry.
  4. RavenPOL

    Zen Hippopotamus

    This amp, well, it speaks to me. Nice hippo. Chillaxed. Happy birthday!
  5. RavenPOL

    How much do you like 3-color sunburst on a Strat?

    With black pickguard it would be perfect.
  6. RavenPOL

    Night Court reboot

    Melissa Rauch is great. Loved her in BBT.
  7. RavenPOL

    How much do you like 3-color sunburst on a Strat?

    You're from Italy, not far away, I ride a Ducati. You're polish enough! Forza Italia!
  8. RavenPOL

    Fender 60s Road Worn Relic Stratocaster Custom Shop Equivalent Upgrades

    Surely Fender Europe CEO knows the best way of relicking guitar is to scratch off serial number. Avoid.
  9. RavenPOL

    How much do you like 3-color sunburst on a Strat?

    Nice Ultra. Ale i tak wolę z czarnym :D
  10. RavenPOL


    HNAD! And remember, if you sell all your Strats, especially to keep a LP, you will be automatically unsubscribed from this forum. It's a system thing.
  11. RavenPOL


    AVII - they're coming. First shipment (1957s, 3TSB 1961s) april 2023, rest of 1961 colours (OW, FR) in june 2023.
  12. RavenPOL

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Yeah, that Tele saved you. You've got some nice chimken in that Kentucky, I say! Welcome!
  13. RavenPOL

    Why own more than one strat?

    I think you need to familiarize yourself with Lewguitar's Silver S..y thread. After approximately 1300 posts we sort of agreed, it is a specific model. Sort of. Oh, and, yeah, Lew didn't make it though. Sort of.
  14. RavenPOL

    This kid has a lot of talent beyond just guitar playing.

    Cut me some slack here, man. I try to read forum and participate while at work, between patients. Doing my best. Of course, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus should hit the list, sorry.
  15. RavenPOL

    This kid has a lot of talent beyond just guitar playing.

    Guys like him, Kingfish, even the little Ellen playing bass, give me hope for my son to grow with some decent music around. Currently my 2 years old son is listening to The lady in the balcony Blu-Ray, every day. It’s good Clapton’s descendants are on their way.
  16. RavenPOL

    The good old stereo system !

    Vinyl is a celebration. Of music. Of free time. Of living in the moment. Love it.
  17. RavenPOL

    Finally something is making sense.

    If a woman has a cat - run. If she has multiple cats - run in zig zacs.
  18. RavenPOL

    The good old stereo system !

    Seems to have phono stage. Why disconnected at all? Bored of vinyl? Shame! Shame! Shame! (GoT kind) How dare you? (Greta Thunberg style)
  19. RavenPOL

    New Band Names

    Scotty and the Relics
  20. RavenPOL

    Trying to decide - inexpensive amp questions

    Hearing aids with headphones are a bad idea. Suddenly.
  21. RavenPOL

    new guitar amplifier day

    There's some serious hearing loss to be acquired with this set. PLAY IT LOUD! Congratulations.
  22. RavenPOL

    Trying to decide - inexpensive amp questions

    OldRocks have you considered headphone amp? Fender Mustang Micro is really good. About 100$. Or do you need an actual amp for gigging/jam sessions?
  23. RavenPOL

    Starcaster body fitment with a mim neck

    Correct the title, it is a little bit misleading.
  24. RavenPOL

    New classic Vibe!

    At least up until 2019 which is a production date of mine MIC CV 50s. Also blonde. The pickguard is not periodically correct, but it's a nice twist in the look. 1-ply white is a little boring, but I like it. Neck looks nice.